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Nicole May 3
You're the ** in my favorite song
You're the rhythm
That drives me along
Gotta turn you up to turn me on
It's magnetic I get it
I don't want it to ever stop.

Addicted to you to you
There's nothing that I won't do,
Won't do to see you
I'm so addicted to you, to you
I only really want to,
Want to be near you.

I'm the light on at your place
I'm a bird on the wire
As hard as I try
As I try to forget you
I can't get you out of my mind.

I need you like a candy
I need you like...
Addicted to you,
There's nothing that I can do,
About it.
Amanda Apr 1
He was a magnetic mystery
She liked him that way
The things she didn't know
Unable to drive her away
I couldn't stop myself from titling it this rotfl

Written 8-18-15
I am magnetic, and I am alive
I attract what I need in order to thrive
My mind is a magnet - an incredible power
And creates my desires hour by hour

My focus is sharp, strong as fine steel
I know my emotions, what I want to feel
My end result I can clearly see
Which is drawn magnetically right to me
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angel dust Jan 6
i yearn to know
                  what you are

      i can sense some of you
      it isn’t enough anymore

i like the way your knuckles
                 when you speak

                                             the way your
                               eyes grow when
                    you ask me

the way you run your fingers
through your hair
before you tell a story

                        i want to know more of you...

             i can’t help but wonder
how close should i allow myself?

                                        something about you
                      pulls me in

you are
  the moon
i am
     the ocean

a force,

my body and mind have
        into you

                        and i need
   your authentic, organic, uninhibited

the unknown entices me
                              freezes me in my tracks.
annh Nov 2019
White nights, grey days,
Phosphorus and gin;
Graffiti-laden pavements,
Diamond rain and paraffin.

Chalk dust reveries,
Aerosols and spit;
Zero-hour freeways,
Magnetic parapets.

City high, city low,
Monoliths in drag;
Silent spaces, dwelling places,
A hoody and a bag.

Freestyle evangelists,
Salvation strikes a pose;
Train tracks, kitchen hacks,
The rapture and the snow.

'I'm laying down, eating snow/My fur is hot, my tongue is cold/On a bed of spider web/I think of how to change myself.'
- Fever Ray, Keep the Streets Empty for Me
We are magnetic
But you put out fires
While I attract them
Yet somehow
I can never
swaggmaster May 2019
life smears ache quick
though lusciously repulsive
the storm lathers you bitter
with a thousand tiny licks
of mad honey worship
this was constructed through magnetic poetry
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