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Odd Odyssey Poet Jan 2023
Life is a magnet;

Attracting what we like

Retracting statements;

Only after society's pushback

Hearts sometimes made of iron;

Irony seeing a hard life through soft eyes

As people are meant to be deep oceans;

But a man swims shallow— afraid to cry

Deepened by the weary of provision

Yet not provided a listening ear

She calls, "why won't you come near"

He's a magnet, pushed in a corner by fears

         ...trapped in society's magnetic fields
GaryFairy May 2022
One day you will turn around and see something that scares you into submission. It will be your polar opposite. All of those bad thoughts that you don't admit, are alive inside of your polar opposite...and they don't hold anything back. The first thought that comes to your mind will not be acted upon...your polar opposite always goes with the first thought. Bad people will see the light, and good people will see what the bad people used to see.
Thomas EG Mar 2022
I finally accelerate and you sense it, pulling back before I can try to satisfy this thirst

The plotting smile in your dark eyes is mischievously magnetic and I lunge forward to steal one last kiss

But one more is never enough, with you

And goodbyes are so hard even when our hello is still so fresh.

How am I expected to pass your heart over to summer?

Your lips, your hands, your salt? Who am I to just let them go?

We are two bodies, becoming one, irrespective of the distance between us

If I am, then we are. If we are, then I'm okay.
Falling x
Raven Sep 2021
Kiss me, hold me, feel me, feel it...
This intense throbbing aching lust of love.
Am I too alluring?
Can you feel me inside of you?
******* you relentlessly.
How hard are you?
Is your mind awake?
Can you feel a hole being drilled through it?
Am I passionate?
Am I seducing you to these pleasures that you cannot resist?
Irresistible, faint to the touch.
To satisfy, you cannot resist the urge.
It's pushing through every promise and memory you've ever had.
I'm not like the others...
You've loved, you've ******...
But have you had your earth shaken like a magnitude of an explosive volcano that boils to the top.
A flaming ridden peak of desire that never burns out.
It's aching.... you're about to explode.
Don't, feel it linger instead ......
Are you breathing heavy?
Are you shaking, I swear you have never met someone like me before.
Call me baby...
Don't love me too hard, I might just leave.

It's just a mind ****.
Playing mind games with you...
Michael T Chase Feb 2021
Does measuring the particles ever tell me what consciousness is?
Wouldn't it be the unique combination of elements, for we know that DNA determines the difference between a dog and a human, from a fur tree to a butterfly.
DNA is made of elementary compounds.
Is there any way to express the allness in one thing?
Life, this all, and consciousness, which even plants have, how can it be deciphered into one essence, when it requires a joining for it to happen?
Could it be in this joining that life takes place - the magnetic attraction of love?
Mitch Prax Dec 2020
Our love
was magnetic-
two hearts that
were doomed
to repel.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Just entered the garden of eden
And vibrant
Also unchallenging and eerily void of imperfection

Like spring buds innocent
Before petals wilt
Faced with disappointment in the seasons

Lips a deeper shade of scarlet than forbidden fruit itself
Sweeter than sinful apples dangling from the seductive tree

The measure incomparable

Anything outside this sanctuary irrelevant

Temptation beckoning soul with an invisible sultry finger

Indulgences vary
The magnetic pull remains the same

Why would a tree grow here if we were not meant to dine on it's tantalizing treasure?
It is a little ironic that I, being an atheist, would post a poem with this title
Sarah Strack Sep 2020
Its amazing how we pass time
In our own beings so that
Matters more than the next
And the freckles on our hands
More pull than magnetic
Of planets spinning with hushed
Which may soon gasp the cursed
Of our corrupted souls
we are so caught up in our own lives, we forget the bigger picture
Nicole May 2020
You're the ** in my favorite song
You're the rhythm
That drives me along
Gotta turn you up to turn me on
It's magnetic I get it
I don't want it to ever stop.

Addicted to you to you
There's nothing that I won't do,
Won't do to see you
I'm so addicted to you, to you
I only really want to,
Want to be near you.

I'm the light on at your place
I'm a bird on the wire
As hard as I try
As I try to forget you
I can't get you out of my mind.

I need you like a candy
I need you like...
Addicted to you,
There's nothing that I can do,
About it.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
He was a magnetic mystery
She liked him that way
The things she didn't know
Unable to drive her away
I couldn't stop myself from titling it this rotfl

Written 8-18-15
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