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Andrew Rueter Nov 2019
Burdened hands
with bird in hand
burn in demand
to burgeon man
he lays still
reading the playbill
drinking his DayQuill
unable to change will
burdened hands crave ****
burdened mind shame filled
burdened time grave hill
burdensome brains spill.
NeroameeAlucard Aug 2018
There's that stinking
Sinking feeling
In the pit
Of my brain

"You're a burden.
Dead weight
Carry your load
You're better off
Being nothing
But vapor in the air"

I've run from this feeling
By writing
Escaping into the page
Expressing sadness, lust and outrage
Into these words Instead of a shameful display
But how can you run from something
That follows you night and day?
Try as you might to escape...
Hillary B Apr 2018
there’s a few things I carry
despite not having a need
tiny things hidden in my pack
but they don’t bother me

a fossilized shark tooth is my favorite
given to me by a child

next is four different lipsticks
all roughly the same shade

a rock shaped like a triangle
I found on the bay

two pairs of gloves
one brown, one black

a limited edition Dum-dum pop
picked up from my bank

a button from my jacket
I still need to fix

three pens
one black, two blue

still the most useless thing I carry
is my love for you
colzzmacdonald Apr 2017
O sweet melancholia
                                                  ­          Why do you taunt me so?
                                                Why do you look for me in still waters?            
When I am willing to be happier than ever
The escapism from your clutches
Never seems to materialize
The ache that dwells within a sombre mind
A heart that is pure
Dwells there
You cannot haunt the fearless for long
As quietly
And predominately
I will turn my back on you
One day I will exculpate your haunting moods
And in that day...
..... I shall be vindicated ~
There will be freedom from you
Ski Apr 2017
I give up the crown I've been wearing
Shifting my chin up high though it's a bit light
Spreading my hands wide just to cover sight

I rather be a tree rather than a Queen tonight
Swaying my wings through the wind quietly
Dancing with the darkness in the pale moonlight

I picture myself swimming across the sea
Got full of my own tears as a company
Serving those eyes a show as you can see
Should've sent this one as well yesterday but still got no mood so here it is. Have a blissful one ahead, blessed souls.
Michael Amery Apr 2014
The fleeting peace of softly playing music and oncoming dreams.
Too soon I will wake.
Too soon we will pick up our burdens & stumble on.

— The End —