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It was a gray afternoon
We were on our roof
Deep in our conversation
Like we often do after school
I told you I was feeling down
That I was alone
And I have no other friends
You chuckled
Because you have a lot
While I only have you
You said it's okay
That just because you talk to
them everyday
Doesn't mean they're your friends
You said you only have few
I told you that you'll forever be my friend
You said "thank you"
And you needed to come home
I said "good bye"
You said "take care"
I watch you as you leave
I've never heard from you ever since
I should've known that would be our last conversation
I should've known that just because you were my friend
Doesn't mean I was one
Just because you see them everyday, doesn't automatically mean they're your friends.
Arianna Nov 2018
I have missed sitting beside you
In the smoky gloom
Until the 2's and 3 o' clocks of morning
Sharing presences
Over drinks
And daydreams.

And I love how the hours disappear
Nodding off
In the spaces of space-outs
Of us both into our thoughts that,
In their content and caring silence,
The timeless strength of our friendship.
For my best friend. :D
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2017
By the way.
I'm not doing anything later.
If you don't have any plans, why don't you throw on some sweats.
Your favorite ponytail and we'll find something on TV.
A little Netflix and chill.
A little takeout and random channel flipping.
A stimulating conversation about old times. Inspiration.
Our dreams. What we hope to be.
I'll call you soon as I settle in.
Hop out of the shower.
Nitpick about the way that you've been on my mind.
The smell of incense and cocoa butter rubbed smooth on your skin.
It doesn't have to be anything spectacular.
A moment filled with the click of heels.
Just the simplicity of a moment filled with you

— The End —