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Jade Louise Aug 2018
I sit under the moon
And the night takes hold of me
It steals me away
Until Dawn
It hands me back to the sun
And I will rise for daylight

But in between
Being taken by the night
And being given to the day
I will dream
I will see this earth's
Brightest and darkest moments
And I will see everything in between
I will see it in my dreams

And then I will rise
And I will live in the sunlight
Only to be taken by the night again
And see all the world's color
I see it in my dreams
Every night
Danielle Rayn Apr 2016
He hides in the shadows
blinded by her light
she pretends not to see him
pretends she's forgotten
but he knows
she'll never forget
the nights she spent in the shadows
the nights she spent with him
her light is artificial,
white and blinding
he knows she is lying
to herself, to everyone

she want's to be in the shadows
she wants to forget the light
but she stays where she is
and so does he.
Awesome Annie May 2015
She must be my purest truth, a trickery of light. The part of me that has to stand, screaming silence into the night.

I prefer my silhouette, as my reflection is a disguise. Something waiting to spill out, darkness shaded through my eyes.

She walks with me and whispers doubt, this extension of my being. Never having to pay much mind, to the heartache I keep leaving.

Keeping all my secrets, she mimic's every move I make. Struggling with my sanity, and how my minds about to break.

I am light while she is dark, this Shadow next to me. Merging with my identity, becoming this contradiction that you see.
Vernal Equinox arrives,
a lush middle ground
fresh with turning,
on the fulcrum
of dark and light,
awakening dynamic gaian breath
and ambitious harmony.

Dancing in and out
of shadow,
darting into
waxing shine,
on the verge
of the continuous,
here at the thresholds fray,
off the precipice we go,
cliffs that drop into the burn
of the suns growing presence.

Fire moves into water
like flourish,
Water moves into fire
without extinguish.

The paradox of love
is alive,
with night and day
seen as equals.

In this colossus of rebirth,
the resurrection of winters death,
blooming out of earthen richness,
with the enormity of natures becoming.

On this brink of passions catching
in the Eastern sun rising,
with balance kept in the approach
of spring rains rolling in,
like tears of tender joy;
a drenching
and vaporous

Mind is lost on winds of change
meandering amongst the grasses,
the feet hug the ground like roots,
the spine lifts like spontaneity,
bringing the heart to blossom
in it's ribcage branches,
pulsing aromatic swells
moving outwards
in veins of pranic rivers,
with gushing love,
turning the blood etheric
and unbound by the body,
in some natural suffusion
where earth and sky meet
in endless inter-change,
and all is complimentary here,
and everything is reaching,
to kiss the sky,
in gratitude.

— The End —