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tina lombardo Mar 29
Gaining points
Gaining characters
Gaining clothes
Being champion
Killing time
Learning skills

Making friends
Playing online
Playing all the time
Killing time
Gain new roles
Gain champion
Gain new skills
Help with stressed
Help with anixety
Help with depression
Gaming is life for some
Your gaming is just fine
But some time you just need your time
Christian Simon Nov 2020
The controller in my hand.
The power of life and death
In my fingers.
An imaginary world:
Somehow more brutal than this;
Somehow more entrancing than this.
Somehow, somehow.
A minute gone,
An hour,
A day.
A lifetime
Or enjoyed?

Virtual friends
Living virtual lives.
Scared to open the shutters,
Scared of the sunlight.
Smoke hangs in the air;
A nourishing vapour.
(Despite best efforts)
Reality becomes a backseat driver
Lurking in the background
Impossible to ignore.
Isaac Spencer Sep 2020
Atop the tower
          A mage
     With storm in hand

And inside their mind
          Glass, sand
     An empty sky

A clap of thunder
          Hot light
     With no remorse
Alexis Janelle Aug 2020
Thirty hours non - stop,
My weary eyes on a rectangular screen,
Trying all the guilt trips,
And it failed me to cease,
Just one scroll on,
But then I lied,
All these funny memes,
I lost the track of time,
'Thirty minutes more' i say,
It adds up the duration,
It adds up the lies,
I've never been better,
I am deteriorating myself,
With my gadgets, I became a freak.
Sanjali Aug 2020
Oh, hello there adventurer!
Won’t you check out my wares?
I have everything you need,
If you got coin to spare!

You want potions and spells?
I even got ingredients to brew.
Some steel? Bah!
I got arrows too.

You want some bargain?
Use enchantment or a spell,
Or chug a concoction
It’s not like I can tell!

Now, don’t be shy
I’ll buy everything from you!
Those -stolen- borrowed goods you got?
Friend! I’ll take them too.

Ah! You’re broke.
Well then, off you go.
Guards! Thief!
It took all the sweet rolls!
Dedicated to the npcs
manlin Jul 2020
cw: domestic abuse

Despite being a girl,
I’ve always liked
video games
with the

bright colors,
stories, and

I used to prefer books
as I had more imaginary freedom
over the characters and scenery
until I learned my mom was screaming for him to stop.

But really,
the sound effects in video games
are amazing.
I feel like I’m my character!

Moreover, the music
for this game
makes me feel like
I really can save the world.

If I can save
their world,
then why can’t I
save ours?

I’ll study well,
make a vaccine,
save endangered wildlife from extinction,
solve world hunger.

I want to be a nameless hero
just like my favorite characters
who do it simply out of responsibility
instead of fame or fortune.

If I just
my bedroom…
Can I really do anything

if I can’t even
my mom
from one man?

"Save the galaxy by…"
My character chimes.
I’ll do it this time.

I’m done being a little kid.
I’ll save her.

No book
video game
or class
has taught me how to save my mom.

The feelings
are returning now.
Dread, agony, and disgust materializes
as I recognize my face in the mirror.

There is no character theme
if I disregard the sound of my mom crying.
Instead, I observe the boring figure in the mirror with no sharp angles or colors.

He left when I was deep within the pool of self-loathing,
claiming he’d get himself something to eat
as us women haven’t prepared food for weeks,
shelves bare.

When I leave my room for the first time in days,
my mom greets me with a smile,
pretending like she wasn’t just crying.
“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Sweetheart,” she says, voice wavering.
I can smell him on her.
“Do you mind making him food to eat?”
“No.” I reply as I peer into the empty cupboards.
Amber Waddy Jul 2020
I've been known to share dank memes,
press F in the chat and Pog for sick plays.
I can even AYAYA when the mood takes me.

I'll tell me friends I'm malding when I mess up,
even ree down the mic at my pepega team,
or Alt + F4 when lag forsakes me.

I hang with the 'fellow kids' like a Chad,
But some days I'm not feeling hypers,
FeelsGoodMan or even pepeD.

Sometimes I want more. More articulation,
more pontification and eloquence.
Let my deeper thoughts run free.

For now I'll just 'same' and 'big mood'.
But just know that I am more,
cause saying WeirdChamp irl is pretty XD.
No matter the splendor
of the sights;
give me truth.
Distractions are rarely that beautiful in essence.
Lizzie Jun 2019
Whether I'm in a crowded room,
                                        or alone with you....
                                                          It never seems to be enough...
I guess it shouldn't bother me as much,
                                                           ­ this feeling of loneliness...
I'd grown all too familiar with it growing up...
Never fitting in,
       always the one being left out of parties and social gatherings....
This feeling of loneliness is something I'd grown accustomed to,
                     but i never expected to feel it from you....
I thought you'd be different,
      I know how much your gaming means to you and I get that,
                                                           ­                                         I really do...
I just need someone...
Someone who's always going to be there,
                                                            sure­ there'll be distractions,
      but nothing that's so self emerging and addicting that in that moment and time nothing else matters but winning...
I just need that constant reassurance,
                                       that you're not going anywhere,
                                                       ­                            that I'm ok...
All i want is to be ok..... Not Alone......
        I want, no, I crave that comfort, like a warm blanket and cozy socks,
       curled up at a window to watch the rain as it pours down outside...
God I feel so alone.....
Tommy Randell May 2019
The night had begun in earnest
The promise of victory remote
Any hope like flesh in a furnace
Any outcome way out of control

Hell bent on a win we were gamblers
Forgetting the risks in denial
No chains of fate could handle us
Only we were built for survival

The Rules of the game unwritten
Set out in graffiti and neon
Our strategy a bad work of fiction
No one would choose to rely on

But the game must go on regardless
No matter how hopeless the end
We Gamers we know what the score is
And upon what reputations depend

This morning it all seems a farrago
We were beaten by gin before we began
That we took part at all was bravado
Without a gallon of coffee as a back-up plan

You non-gamers won't have a clue
What on earth all the fuss is about
But I promise for us it was true
It was ****** there in the slaughterhouse

It was War & Peace, it was hell
A bloodbath of politeness and manners
It was farting as loud as a bombshell
It was Valhalla with mirrors and hammers

It was Fire and Ice, it was legendary
It was The Ride of the Valkyrie on soundtrack
It was **** on the iPad, incendiary
We are regrouping for another attack

The first casualty of war is truth
Marriage is a fog of confusion
That the enemy is weak I have no proof
But I will honour the call to arms and duty
SITREP /ˈsɪtrɛp/  noun INFORMAL
"... a report on the current military situation in a particular area."
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