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No matter the splendor
of the sights;
give me truth.
Distractions are rarely that beautiful in essence.
Lizzie Jun 2019
Whether I'm in a crowded room,
                                        or alone with you....
                                                          It never seems to be enough...
I guess it shouldn't bother me as much,
                                                           ­ this feeling of loneliness...
I'd grown all too familiar with it growing up...
Never fitting in,
       always the one being left out of parties and social gatherings....
This feeling of loneliness is something I'd grown accustomed to,
                     but i never expected to feel it from you....
I thought you'd be different,
      I know how much your gaming means to you and I get that,
                                                           ­                                         I really do...
I just need someone...
Someone who's always going to be there,
                                                            sure­ there'll be distractions,
      but nothing that's so self emerging and addicting that in that moment and time nothing else matters but winning...
I just need that constant reassurance,
                                       that you're not going anywhere,
                                                       ­                            that I'm ok...
All i want is to be ok..... Not Alone......
        I want, no, I crave that comfort, like a warm blanket and cozy socks,
       curled up at a window to watch the rain as it pours down outside...
God I feel so alone.....
Tommy Randell May 2019
The night had begun in earnest
The promise of victory remote
Any hope like flesh in a furnace
Any outcome way out of control

Hell bent on a win we were gamblers
Forgetting the risks in denial
No chains of fate could handle us
Only we were built for survival

The Rules of the game unwritten
Set out in graffiti and neon
Our strategy a bad work of fiction
No one would choose to rely on

But the game must go on regardless
No matter how hopeless the end
We Gamers we know what the score is
And upon what reputations depend

This morning it all seems a farrago
We were beaten by gin before we began
That we took part at all was bravado
Without a gallon of coffee as a back-up plan

You non-gamers won't have a clue
What on earth all the fuss is about
But I promise for us it was true
It was ****** there in the slaughterhouse

It was War & Peace, it was hell
A bloodbath of politeness and manners
It was farting as loud as a bombshell
It was Valhalla with mirrors and hammers

It was Fire and Ice, it was legendary
It was The Ride of the Valkyrie on soundtrack
It was **** on the iPad, incendiary
We are regrouping for another attack

The first casualty of war is truth
Marriage is a fog of confusion
That the enemy is weak I have no proof
But I will honour the call to arms and duty
SITREP /ˈsɪtrɛp/  noun INFORMAL
"... a report on the current military situation in a particular area."
Brawlstarsmann Mar 2019
There are things called chromebooks, and they are like laptops
but they have one small difference,
they can fit in your bag,
they can run offline,
they can by used by schools,
they can be monitored,
they are cool
they are lightweight
they are good-looking
and most of all
they are fun to use
this is something close to my heart, so I like it
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2019
At the age of 10,
I enter a world manipulated by a smooth console
with knobs to weave myself into a different skin
level up with every ****,
and move with a certain skill.
At the age of 12,
I open a world stacked on my shelf.
Some world lying there parched like the desert,
accumulating dust and letting its texture fray away.
Whereas some lie there with their syllables
paving roads to adventure
and intoxicating the air with its tropic odor.
At the age of 14,
I scroll myself into another world;
where vision is pixelated
and lighting is perfect.
Instagram and Snapchat are the societies that exist,
ranking your position with the followers you keep.
Endorphins are the taps you receive
and filters are what you apply before you leave.
At the age of 16,
I pick up the VR goggles
and sleep under lucid rainbows
and a different constellation.
Everything is under my control,
the timezone;
a stimulation that feels so real.
At the age of 18,
I meet people of different hues,
discovering new worlds in them.
With different nations weaved on their skin,
and composition of carbon, nitrogen, spice and sweet ever so different in them.
Karliah Dec 2018
Just one more round I said,
Halfway through the third,
Like a domino in a rally
Am I part of the team?
Am I next in line?
Am I to stand or do I fall?

Like a domino in a deck
Will I be played?
Will I be laid?
Will I be noticed at all?

Like a domino on the table
Do I fit in?
Do I join up?
Do I answer the call?

Like a domino shuffled around
Can I adapt?
Can I settle back in?
Can I hold back the gall?

Like a domino in the box
Should I feel safe?
Should I like the dark?
Should I welcome the pall?

©pofacedpoetry – Billy Reynard-Bowness (2018) – all right’s reserved
The game of life......
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
The sheer beauty of you will
had made the Earth tremble
And managed to bring unity
to a divided race of

Behind you, the sheep would never stray
we would follow, conscious that we may
never return

The battles were long,
the battles were hard
And to you, a debt we can never to pay

For what you stood for was true unity
For every race that thrives in this world
and beyond

Within your sight, you would make it all right
You came, you strived, you conquered and you

Which I still can't believe...
Which I still can't accept...


With everything that the perils dealt,
I never truly sat down and told you
how I felt

You brought me the light
You brought me the rain
You brought me the hummingbirds
And now you brought me pain as
a causality

But I know that your sacrifice will never
be in vain, as now we are strengthen by
that chain of unity, of the power in being
different and proud

We're equals who stand strong on the
same ground


I can't tell you how much I miss you
How much I want to see your face,
and your heart and your smile
And I dream of us together
when we shared that last night
Even though I knew it was a final,
final goodbye


Thinking of all the times we had, I didn't know
what to do, and then I realised how I was lost
without you

By your side, I could take on every world
and beyond. It's still so hard to accept that
you're truly gone
a light that we need
a beacon of hope

I know you want me to live,
and it's hard to cope


I regret not saying this to you more
As I think of the times we had before
I will always remember you
I will always love you
No one can ever deny you your dues,
your service, your strength has made
you a monolith
I will carry on your legacy forthwith

Having a little nerd moment here lool.
Mass Effect is one of my favourite games - a true guilty pleasure.
One OST that stuck with me was the piano piece known as 'I Was Lost Without You.' It's so beautiful to listen too. So sweet yet haunting and intimate and tragic. A true masterpiece.
Have a listen here:
So here's my tribute poem to it, and this poem is a spoiler so warning to anyone who hasn't played the earlier Mass Effect games!
Please let me know what you think, it's a poem where I'm pouring my heart out to a lost love... Please let me know if it's cliche anywhere.
And let me know if I should do more tribute poems to games!
Love you guys so much!
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Truly Lustful Jul 2018
The Stage is set,
As they all leave their fountain,
Mindless hunks of flesh,
Coming down from the mountain.

And now the Curtain rises,
As the first one falls,
A flourish of death,
My one true Protocol.

Our performance begins,
As they blossom to life,
Once a pointless mortal,
Now true art in the afterlife.

Watch my Puppets Dance,
One, Two, Three, Four!
Sprouting, blooming into beauty,
Now this, I truly Adore.

Smiles, Everyone, Smiles!
Don't scorn me with those blood soaked eyes,
Your misery is my masterpiece,
Together we can harmonize.

I've outdone myself this time,
There is almost no more art to be made,
I've reflected on my pieces,
And I'm not done I'm afraid.

I cannot be good, I MUST be perfection,
As they all break out into a brawl,
From far off in the distance I whisper,
This is your curtain call.
It's about Jhin from League of Legends, he's my favorite champion and his voice and attitude inspired this piece. :)
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