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Shay May 6
In a place of absolute bliss

I can sense your arrival
Unlike any other

I can see you approaching with a glisten in your eyes

You have evolved
Yet another height

Never to be expected by many

Your smile the purest form
Like that of a child

Your strength inconceivable
How tall you’ve grown

I see you
I see me

For it is me that has mutated to the essence of the authentic self

Untainted by the world
Yet from this world

I can see your glisten
Radiant as the stars in the galaxies

Unknown to men

Illuminating beyond all beliefs
As I stand and leap forward to gaze into a closer look

Let me see you
Let me see me

Now I’m captivated
In hypnotic state of soul

Never to be released

For this is all I know.....
All I ever want to know.
Trust the process
Clearing our eyes of residue left from the lies we perceived as reality. We must move forward.

Internally destroyed.

Nothing of fact was real.
I feel betrayed and you should too.

The first breath free of the grasp of lies

Is utterly pure.

We must enjoy this for a brief moment.

Destiny awaits.

Reaching out to us. We all hear it's beckoning in a different form.

What I here is this:

You exhaust yourself on the past


It's inconceivable to think you can last

Empty of purpose and full of old hatred

Value you hold, is very little


Console, and become a tittle

A part of some collective release

Wander into the depths of your caverns

In search of peace

Unearth all you find there

For the world to have a Saturn

May they follow without tear

Or we perish

No set leader

Just all a merish

Reconcile yourself into selflessness

Be fearful of what you do not know

But brave in the endeavor of finding it.

Develop a thirst for learning that is unquenchable

Be ravenous for service to others








Now we're free

There are Seven lessons to achieve.
Abby Dec 2018
I am quiet today
and loud tomorrow  
I love nature today
and technology tomorrow
I love death
and I hate death
I am who I choose to be

I am on no 'life's road'
There is nothing linear about me
I am growing
Upwards, downwards, sideways
Round and back again
To a different place

I am this

I am myself
because that's what I choose
I am my natural self
when I choose to be it
I am who I choose to be
when I choose to be it
If I am acting
I am choosing to do it
and therefore being myself
I am who I choose to be

I am time taking
I take my time
I choose to take my time
I choose to be who I want to be
And feel what I want to feel
In my own time

I am what I have achieved
I have achieved so much
I am what I have experienced
But I am what I choose to let be an experience

I am a flexible perfectionist
I am a girly tomboy
I am a thoughtful risk taker
I and confidently emotional
I am a paradox

I am brave
I am strong
I am scared
I am happy
I am devastated

I am not shy
I am not quiet
I am not loud
I am no label
I am who I choose to be

I am all of these things
when I choose to be them
And none of these things
at the same time

I am a diamond
with a hundred facets

I am who I am
This is me

For now
Colleen R Jul 2018
The first time I loved and lost
The wound bled so much I cauterized my own heart
Blended pain with pain and hoped maybe I would turn numb to it all
First loves always hurt the worst

The second time I loved and lost
The ridges of my scars scared me
Id run my fingers along their gruesome edges and realized that I would never be beautiful and unblemished again
Second loves leave the worst scars

The third time I loved and lost
I went to war
Hid those scars beneath armor, pierced my blade into my lover’s chest
Retreated into the dark abyss and told myself  that this was growth - I survived.
Third loves leave carnage behind

The fourth and final time I loved and lost
He handed me a flower from the garden
Ran his hands through my unruly curls
And called those **** scars of mine art
In this story, I lost to a man who loved me first

My armor sat collecting dust for years, and even if it wasn’t my happily ever after, I learned to plant peace instead of war

Fourth loves leave only flowers
A tribute the boys who loved and left behind. Each one leaving a mark on my soul.

To the fifth I haven’t met, please be gentle.
Kambria Keelie Jan 2018
I'd never leave a night without my favorite men.
Jack, made me feel ambitious and protected.
Jameson, warmed me when the nights were too cold to bare.
And lastly, Jose, I'd never have a dull moment when he was around. He always knew how to lift my spirits when life was out of lemons.

I'd leave them all for you in a heart beat, but you've opened yours to me only to reveal a love as cold as the ice cubes in my honey Tennessee.

Where is the nearest liquor store? My men and i have much catching up to do.
astro eyes Dec 2017
you are a rose.

with both thorns and soft, red petals.

you are blooming.
trinity Aug 2017
I look into a mirror
And though i don’t always like what i see,
There’s still a flicker in my eyes
And i’m glad that i am me.
Inkveined Jul 2017
I should hate you
I should want to destroy you
Like you destroyed me
I should want to **** you
One day at a time
Like you killed me
I should want to
Forget every moment
Every millisecond
Since our lives intertwined
But I don't hate you
But I don't want to destroy you
But I don't want to **** you
But I don't want to forget
I want to keep the scars
So that I can trace them
So that
Whenever it's tempting
To throw myself
At someone else's feet
Begging for affection
For love
I'll close my eyes
And quietly remember
Every time that I felt worthless
Every time that I felt ashamed
Just for being me
All because
I wasn't good enough
All because
Someone else was better
All because
You cared more about your future
Than about our present
And I will make sure
That you are the only one
Who gets to say
I slammed the door in her face
Shoved her aside
Kicked her away
And she let me.
In other words, old news-ancient. And it wasn't worth it. -from my archives-
John-Chris Ward Dec 2015
I thought,
because my eyes were open,
I was awake;
but little did I know,
because little did they speak,
so little did I learn...
from those before me.
I once was blind, but now I see.
Now, I never wish to sleep.
The Lord made me a lot of things,
but not a sheep.
Shackles and chains,
may ******* my brain;
But my soul shall be set free.
Money, Cars, Clothes...
That is property, seize and take, as you please,
But I wholly belong to me
Typically when I write these notes, I address you (you, being a collective noun). I do this because I want to have a conversation. I want to have a discussion. I want to make you think, not think like me, but be more self-aware. I want you to be more conscious of yourself, your surroundings, and the role you play in your surroundings. In order to do that, I must be honest, I must be honest with you, but to be honest with you I must be honest with myself first. That's what this poem is, me being honest with myself. It's a scary thing to be honest with yourself because you know all your secrets, but for personal growth; you (at one point in time) must face yourself and your truths head one. You have to step into the ring and take the bull by the horns. This poem is about life, enjoying life and living life. Not just surviving and making it to the next day. It also represents that awakening moment, realizing not everything's about you, and stepping outside of yourself, but also holding on to who you are and your identity as a person.

— The End —