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dmperez Feb 2017
me ignoring you
    ignoring me.

mojdeh Jul 2016
Once upon a time I rememeber a face & heart
A plain girl with an ordinary face
Not beautiful as much as  others are
Her eyes was full of lights
Somepeople may call  It love
Someother  may thinking that she had  a hope In her heart.
She sat  lonely on her chair.
She had  a sweet smile on her face
Her black eyes was   the shiny pearls
Lighting like a beautiful black dress

She was  shy & hide her heart
In the most hidden parts
She was an angel without wings

She was  there to drew her world not like others
But like her own
But then a storm came one day,
There was a place  where love then came.
She was not that  girl anymore.
Love put Itś spells on her
Something was changed she knew It well.
Love put Itś spell on her

— The End —