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my eyes are drawn
to two seagulls
perched contentedly on
a ****-caked lamp post
nothing decorative
lacking flourish or accent
a simple narrowing pole
coloured inexplicably green
with gently domed cowls
that gulls and pigeons
seemingly frequent
marred by a combination
of cream brown white
for all i know
it could be
their own faeces
in which they stand
or it could be
weathered and aged
built up and dried in place
for days
for months
for years
perhaps even decades
never to return
to untarnished days
perhaps if the bulb blew
or the lamp failed completely
it might be restored
while it is repaired
but there is no
guarantee of that
and yet the birds
could not care less
they'll pay no heed
to that which is less
than perfection
treating this evidently
well-favoured resting place
the same as they would
an unmarred branch
protected amongst tree tops
or a dainty bird-bath
amidst the flowers
of someone's quaint garden
Frannie Sep 2022
Sometimes the journey feels too long, too hard or too risky, but in our toughest moments we find impossible, incredible and unimaginable strength!  Trust that you will make it through! Always remember that light can only shine its brightest in the darkest of nights. Storms are temporary but strength can last forever 🤍.
anthony Jul 2022
once a rubberband
stretched beyond capacity
now a bungee cord
MuseumofMax Nov 2021
A beautiful mind
Creative and strong

They fight so hard
But she won’t make it long

Everyone is against her
Or so it seems

I wish I could help her
I can hear their screams

trying to get out
But no one will let her

The demons keep them locked away
With no shelter

But somehow I’ll find a way
Whether it’s night or day

I’ll keep them safe, away from the harm
If only in a small way

I won’t let them hurt you like they hurt me
And when the time comes
I’ll set you free
A letter to my little sister, she’s stuck in a bad living situation and unfortunately there’s not too much I’m able to do. This poem is to remind me and them that we will always have each other no matter what
Steve Page Jul 2021
Tell me,
how did you keep your heart?
how did you guard it under such relentless assault?
how did you keep it whole?
how did you keep it open?

'I had you.'
First question is lifted from the Black Widow movie.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
You are more resilient than you realize
Heart will survive though it may bleed
Sharp words cut your ego down to bone
Use them to strengthen and succeed

Turning pain to tools is hard
But it is better than nothing at all
The choice is yours whether to fly
Or succumb to wounds and fall
Use these injuries as building clockd
DeVaughn Station Jan 2021
I’m not remotely close to having control.
My fingers slip, but I don’t want to go down that hole.
Temptation at the tip of my nose
with her eyes opening up my soul.
My resolve is low, but I’m trying to make it last.
Sometimes in this race, I feel like I’m coming in last,
even though I stick to the goal, and I’m skating so fast.
I just wish to feel whole, but that’s evading my grasp.
It would be so easy to give up,
to lift up, the regret and hating the past.
Holding on is so hard, is this what
life leads to? The anger and grief bleeds through
my words, hurting him, her, and me too.
Is it sad to plead to the unknown when euphoria actually sees you
at your lowest? When you’re unheroic
and have never been stoic? When you’re unnoticed
yet devoted but you can’t keep focus
because you’ve lost all motive?
It’s sobering to deny the malice
but what if you’re too weak to avoid the chalice?
Will falling into euphoria break the chains on my talus?
Does happiness come from self-discipline and earnest effort, or does it stem from the abandonment of concern in the pursuit of euphoria?
Jennifer DeLong Feb 2021
Come sit by me
Listen to my story
You will then know
Why , I am the way , I am
Where my strength
Where my laughter
Reside in me
Why , I am so resilient
Why , I want more from life
Why , I am lonely
Why , I still have hope
That in me , I know
I have lived the pain
I learn and grow from it
If , I can still stand up
Then anyone can
With all the struggles
With all the ****
I have had to live with
from birth till now
If , I still breath
If , I still believe
then you can
I can show you
through my story
Can it be
© Jennifer L DeLong 2/2021
Juliana Feb 2021
You push me,
shout at me,
pull me around
like I exist as a form of playdough;
one which molds at your touch,
like you are my creator,
and I, just your masterpiece.

Like I am an object,
a toy,
some plastic, a bit of wire.

Even if that may be,
even if you reduce me to
be held in the eyes of a child,
is that all I am?
Am I not more?

Does a child not feel?
Not love?
Not play?

How is a child’s love any less than yours?
How am I any less worthy?

I am not a ball of dough.
I am not to be rolled around.
To be pushed;
to be shoved.

I will not let your words penetrate me.
I will stay guarded;
I will not unravel under the thread of your fingertips;
I will only be picked apart by my own.


Like the last breath of a flickering bulb,
those sweet sorrow seconds of a candle
right before the flame dies down.

I am a flame, and I will be fire,
and I will not be stopped.
yes i did just write an unironically deep poem about a personified bot it. yes that's just who i am.
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