Tina Jul 16

Trace, Trace, trace! Give me a trace 
Of his charming scent that once blew my way
And lounged on my nostrils. 
I have been blind ever since I lost my eyes 
To his spectacular sight. 
Grace! Grace! Grace! None has his! 
The midnight intruder trespassing my mind
A dream! He too feels.
My solitude is unholy and he is the Saint
To break this curse. 
Embrace! Embrace! Embrace this shattered heart
That once belonged to a zest chest 
Since I'm too cold to even move
Envelope my soul and carry me to your heaven. 
2:09 AM 
Tina RSH ©

I think I'm in love with someone. But I don't have the courage to tell them. Because I think way too low of myself and that for my mental health condition, I'm under the impression that I should forever isolate myself, love people distantly to stop hurting them.

Tum se hi meri pehchaan hai.
Atul yoon hi nahin bana main.

Tum se hi meri zindagi hai.
Aashiq tumhaara yoon hi nahin bana main.

Tum se hi meri khushi hai.
Pyaar tumhe aise hi nahin karta.

Tum se hi meri santushti hai.
Pyaar tumhe yoon hi nahin karta.

Har kavita mein meri tumhaari hi jhalak hoti hai.
Kavi bada main yoon hi nahin bana.

Har saans tumhaari hi yaad dilaati hai.
Zindagi ho meri tum yoon hi nahin kehta.


Fr­om you is my identity,
Atul originates from you.

From you is my life,
I am your crazy lover.

From you is my happiness,
I love you just so seriously.

From you is my satisfaction,
I don't love you just for fun.

Each poem of mine carries your imagery,
I have been a seasoned poet worshipping you.

Every breath reminds me of you,
I call you my life not just for saying.

My HP Poem #809
©Atul Kaushal
Nida Mahmoed Feb 12

Preserve your heart for someone who’s eager’
To make a home in the flesh of your heart,
Someone who’s eager to swim in your skin,
Someone who’s eager to have you completely,
Someone who’s eager to love you deeply,
Save your heart the broken!

By: Nida Mahmoed.

Nida Mahmoed Dec 2016

Keep close her in the Winter Breeze,
And her warm breath’
Will keep your soul and body warm,
With her quite mourning of sudden deaths,
And her humble celebrations,
Watch, as her desolate darkness,
Gives life to prolific rebirths!

By: Nida Mahmoed.

Nida Mahmoed Apr 2016

A moment which take my breath away,
Her eyes were the blue,
Like a deep ocean, to force me’
To drawn,
Her hair a thick and glossy black,
An adoring hand,
To force to think to hold them’
Forever and ever,
Her face into a level of flawlessness,
That mesmerized the entire moment,
I’d been captivated by the look of her’
From the moment I first saw her,
And I still found my synapses frying’
At that moment.

By: Nida Mahmoed.

— The End —