there is power in being a girl
but there's also sadness
                    ­        anger
and most of the time it's hard to find strength in being a girl
except in knowing that the sisterhood is rising,
we're coming,
a force to be reckoned with
and nothing to stop us

there is power in being a girl
and there is also inevitability
Broadsky Feb 11
I remember nights when I was so petrified, you'd sit outside the bathroom door for me as I'd shower. I remember nights you'd climb in my bed to soothe my sobs and stop my tears from wetting my pillow. I remember when you'd hold my hand and teach me to be confident with my shoulders back. I remember the nights of endless secret telling and shushes to keep quiet. I remember it all. Yet those sweet pea memories are slowly drifting away back to sea with the memory of who you used to be. I can't seem to get you to look me in the eyes anymore, I can't get you to hold me when I have an episode. I can't get you to spend time with me, your baby sister, and maybe its a big sister thing; growing tired of being your litter sister's keeper. I dont know. But I know there are no more nights of secret telling, there are no more nights of being held while I cry. There are no more nights of you sitting outside the bathroom door for me. There are none.
When do you know to let go?
Tori Sep 2017
I long to fly

Into the sky

But broken wings

Disable me.

I long to play

But here I stay

Wheelchair bound

Still on the ground.

Look in my eyes,

These grey blue skies,

You’re soon to see

Past broken wings.

My body’s bound

But my soul roams round

The sky of my mind

Where you will find

Imagination abounds

My soul roams round

No chains for me

For here I’m free.

So, though I’m o'erlooked

And my wings are all crook’d,

There’s more to me,

I’ve  a soul with wings
This is dedicated to my little sister who has cerebral palsy.
Hailyn Suarez May 2017
she's a jumping bean,
bouncing off walls,
breaking in her velvet muscles.

a princess crown encompasses her cranium,
eyelashes like butterfly wings,
fluttering in a breeze.

wearing tic-tacs for teeth,
a smile designed by blind men's hands,
construction of a masterpiece.

eyes aglow with eagerness,
bleeding aquamarine,
flooding my pupils with luminosity.

giggles like dandelion seedtips,
a supplementary appendage,
attached to my forearm.

she blankets me in gentle bear hugs,
curling around like pink yarn,
frayed at the edges.
written at the dining room table
Hannah Mar 2017
It is empowering to see
other women besides me,
unfolding their wings,
holding the key
to unlocking their dreams,
and fulfilling their destiny.
~ rise ~
f Feb 2017
Well girls,
we got all worried;
sitting at the edges of our chairs.
It was an urgent meeting.
Somehow all of us thought about the last words we would want to see flying out of her mouth.
In the end, we all screamed.
Some cried,
some were left speechless.

"This morning I received an email.
It said that we got a... GOLD!!!"
Oh gold, a majestic word.
A word that will make eyes shine and glisten ever so brightly.

Who wouldn't get emotional looking at how much our strength has grown in just a couple of years?
Who wouldn't be emotional looking at how much more we have achieved in just a couple of years?

Life still has to continue.
The news spread pretty quickly.
We saw a pretty face.
A face we all knew and loved.
A teacher who left.
A teacher who we missed.

We saw her.
The last time was "I don't even know when".
We saw her
through a screen.
Don't we all hate goodbyes?
I think I might breakdown when I seperate from my dearest ones.
that time would come soon.
Very, very, soon.
As soon as you know it.

I admit.
Sometimes I really dread attending the sessions.
But you know something?
There's this sense of belonging and sisterhood that binds us all together.
With that, how can any of us leave?

But one day, we all have to leave.
We all hope to leave good influence on those who would leave after us,
entrusting another gold in their hands.

We all worked hard in this together.
We suffer together.
We strive together.
We cry together.
We celebrate together.

All for one.
One for all.
The gold made my day.
tamia Nov 2016
i only knew i loved the stars
on that night in Batangas
my sisters and i rested our tired bones
on the dewy grass of a cliff,
we rested where the sea met the sky.

we looked at the stars.
"look, you can see the milky way right there,"
my oldest sisters said
as they traced the sky for me,
i saw it for the first time, in the dark
and i felt so big yet so small,
i learned to read the skies
from two people who knew how to
watch the world.

and i only knew i loved the stars
when i came to learn to see them
as i watched them
with the people i loved
beside me.
Batangas - a province in the Philippines
Dovey Nov 2016
It was a love
sweeter then
Because at least I knew
you couldn't leave me
How wrong
I was





and I'm alone.

When will I move on?
She's happy. She's happy, and I still can't stop writing poetry about it.
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