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May 2023 · 797
Soul Tie
kathryntheperson May 2023
You're my sweet addiction, my ******,
a constant pull I can't give in.
I thought I beat you and left you behind
but the scent of you still lingers in my mind.

Last night I dreamt of you and you seeped in
an addiction too strong, I can't begin
To shake the hold you have on me, it's all too real.
I'll give in and lose my will.

For three long years, I fought the urge,
to give in to the addiction, your endless surge.
feeling you again, it's all too clear,
the hold you have is still so near.

I remember the passion, our untouchable love,
our soul tie unbroken, ordained from above.
I see the truth and the cost it demands
to live in your shadow with bound feet and hands.

I'd still risk it all, my heart and soul
To fill this void and feel somewhat whole.
I know it's a lie, a fleeting bliss,
I'd be drowning again, lost in the abyss.

So I'll keep fighting you as long as I can.
I’ll keep you at bay, and push you away.
You're my addiction, my poison, my heroine,
I'll choose life for now, and let you go again.
does anyone know how to get rid of a soul tie?
Feb 2022 · 739
kathryntheperson Feb 2022
I feel like I have no other option
Like it’s the end of the world
and I’m not going to have time to find anyone else.

or I get out and realize that you’re better than everyone out there and that means I have to settle with you.

I stay because I can’t afford my home with out you and
I don’t want to be poor and go hungry.

it’s because I’m afraid of being alone and I don’t have any friends to comfort me

these are all very good reasons to stay.

but you’re a slob.
and you don’t listen to anything I say I could tell you a thousand times to put your things away but I will keep finding them in the same places do you just not care about what I say ? you say you are listening but are you even in there ?

you don’t make time for me.
but I make time for you
it seems like all the effort in this relationship comes down to me.

You’re not funny.
you can’t even make me laugh
your humor is childish and dumb
I smile so rarely.

You’re a child who doesn’t communicate.
when there is obviously something wrong and I ask you what’s the matter and you tell me it’s nothing but I know that it’s something so I ask and keep asking until you finally give in to my interrogations
why can’t you just communicate your feelings and thoughts I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall.

you get angry because I won’t have *** with you. I have low libido because you disgust me and deep down inside I know I don’t love you anymore.

I don’t want to marry you
I don’t even like you
but I’m too scared to leave you.
I don’t know if this is even a poem but this is how I’m feeling I can’t take it anymore
Dec 2021 · 89
My Carnival Mirror
kathryntheperson Dec 2021
I wish I could yell at you
And tell you, you are making a mistake
I could hold you and tell you its okay
I know you are scared and so lonely
you don't care about the decisions you make
you are to wrapped up in your own emptiness
and your hollow heart aches.
You don’t know a lot of things
but you know you are alone
But you are just so **** stupid,
I wish you could've known.
But you didn't and you don't.
Do you even care ?
about me; your own flesh and bone?
And what will happen because of these failures and flaws?
Was it worth it ?
The boys? The drugs? or The reputation you gnaw?
But the worst of them all
is The disappointment your parents had for you,
The sadness and suffering that you put them through.
I know that it hurts. But it just didn't matter.
There was just too much going on in your little mind,
you pushed all those feelings deep down inside.
Leaving me to deal with this dilemma,
but I can't run and hide.
I want to grab you by the shoulders and scream in your face But it's a one sided mirror and you can't see you’re replaced.
this poem is for little me
Jun 2021 · 5.9k
Fake Friends
kathryntheperson Jun 2021
will be quick to show you
just how much they don't care
when you need a hand on your shoulder
or someone to have your back
just watch how they quickly disappear
like a mirage in the desert heat
it's an illusion
they're cardboard cutouts
the truth is
they were never really there in the first place
so you can't blame them for being
this is for all of you
Jun 2021 · 2.2k
A Scared Flower
kathryntheperson Jun 2021
I'd rather live a lifetime alone,
because being a woman is so vulnerable.
We fragile flowers with beautiful petals
that everyone wants to pluck
it doesn't matter what the flower says
if their mind is already made up.
I could never trust another man
and god knows, I don't want to.
When all they've ever done is take from me
but for some reason, never you.
You took me by the hand
and asked me if it was okay,
you put me in the light
and for the first time I felt safe.
But, I did what I do best,
I went and I pushed you away,
so I'd rather live a lifetime alone.
because I can't trust a predator as prey.
Jun 2021 · 3.6k
A Frequent Conversation
kathryntheperson Jun 2021
my voice has grown tired
screaming for attention
my cries falling off what
seems like deaf ears.
I know you hear me.
I know you're in there.
I shake my fists at your face,
wanting so badly to hit you,
so that you might notice my display.
I want to grab you by the shoulders
and shake you senseless,
then maybe you'd hear my plea.
and I wouldn't feel so helpless
If you'd stop and look at me.
my voice has grown tired and quite horse
and still you remain quiet
so I wait
and I wait some more
and still; I don't hear a word.
so I curl up on the floor
and grieve everything I have heard.
please won't you listen..
Mar 2021 · 1.6k
My Vows to you
kathryntheperson Mar 2021
I have touched a thousand times
but I know when I feel your love
you are the only one to ever touch me
in this way I've never felt before.
To be yours
I'll give up who I've been and who I was
for who you are
and who I will become.
You surrender to me your strength
and are as gentle as a dove
I am your fragile flower
and you protect me with all your love.
I will always bring you up
and cherish you for the man you are
and the man that you will become,
I will be the foundation
for what you build
until thy kingdom come.
I will always be yours
and you forever mine.
Together til the end of time.
in this love called: love
my knight and king,
your flower queen
together we'll conquer the world
just you and me.
I love you <3
Jan 2021 · 953
The Time King
kathryntheperson Jan 2021
Her biggest desire is time
she just wants to feel like a priority again.
like royalty again.
Everyone is busy
it's who you make time for:
It's who you prioritize and make feel important.
a woman like her
is down for you.
sticks by you.
prioritizes you.
She's busy too but she always makes time.
She's out in the big world
doing big things
and regardless
she still always made time for you
whether a knight by her side or not
she will conquer.
Jan 2021 · 377
Sun and Moon
kathryntheperson Jan 2021
You are my fire
my forever flame,
my match, flare, and muse.
I am your picture
and you are my frame,
in the fair blue skies of June.
you are my fall September rain
and my high summer moon
and I am your brightest sun
who sits tall at noon.
Like thunder and lightning
this love stays spun
beyond the old oaks grow,
and when the rivers don't run.
as night needs day
our love will stay
as it's only just begun.
Dec 2020 · 89
kathryntheperson Dec 2020
Doubt. You're a monster,
That I have to overcome.
you lie in bed and pillow talk with my loved ones,
your soft screams in their ears
I can hear you from across the room
you could be my motivation
or you could be my doom.
Doubt you're my Tinnitus
the constant ringing in my ears
no matter what I do you never disappear.
I could give you diamonds and gold
or the silk off my back
I could give to the poor
or win myself a plaque,
but even then,
I'm still not enough..
Doubt you are forever hungry
you are my crying child that I can not touch.
Oct 2020 · 62
kathryntheperson Oct 2020
I love you so much I can not take it
so why did I have to take your heart
and break it.
I am considering death
Sep 2020 · 115
kathryntheperson Sep 2020
Oh world you’re a crook.
A mean mean soul
life’s so short; there’s no time to get old.
Life goes in a blink
and then you die.
That’s just how it goes,
and I’m okay with that.


I have to work my life away
for a dollar and a dime
wasting seconds, minutes, and hours of my short and precious time
all to have “a good life”
just to make it, and to be okay
why can’t I live
without wasting my entire life away
on pieces of paper
an object only meaningful by man
why must I live
in this reality I can’t stand.
Sep 2020 · 451
Thick and Thin
kathryntheperson Sep 2020
I’m confused
I don’t know how to be happy
was I happier fat?
Or am I happier skinny?
I can’t tell the difference
it’s all the same
it doesn’t matter what I look like
the pain will stick to my hip
through thick and thin.
Is it my body? Is it my clothes?  
or the way I don’t like the rounded curve of my nose?
it’s none of those.
Aug 2020 · 94
The Unknown Ocean
kathryntheperson Aug 2020
I dip my toe in the water
Of this ******* merky sea
the unknown.
I flick the surface with my foot
watching the surface ripple and rock
it’s dark and I can’t see the bottom
but I jump and don’t think;
a head first dive into the unknown
and deeper and deeper I sink
will I ever reach the bottom ?
and if I open my eyes,
would I even be able to see?
I can’t go back
and I can’t foresee
I have to find a way
to find my feet
to learn how to swim
in this blacker than black;
the unexplored ink
of the world

I’m on my own now.
Aug 2020 · 3.5k
Why do you like me?
kathryntheperson Aug 2020
Why do you like me?
what a stupid thing to say
what you do in a day
no one could do in a year
so sit back my dear
and listen to why I like you this way
I like the way you flip your hair after you get out of the shower
and the way you kiss me a thousand times an hour.
I like the how you put up with me when I try to make you dance
and the way you giggle when I give you a small glance.
I like the way you hold me firm when the car takes a sharp turn
and the way we can just sit and watch incense burn.
I like how you make me curious and wild
and the way you make me feel like a child.
I like the special way you hold my hand when we walk
and how when we’re in public you don’t really like to talk.
I like the way your hands are calloused and rough on my skin
and how the passion in your eyes makes me feel within.
I like how you make me feel like a woman
and how you look at me when I’m cookin.
I like the way you grasp me so lightly as if you were holding a fragile vase
and how you kiss me a hundred times all over my face
So why do I like you ?
Oh love, what a stupid thing to say.
Jul 2020 · 167
What I Want To Hear
kathryntheperson Jul 2020
baby you’re stunning
and you smell like honey
and flowers and good.
Sweetheart you’re kind
and your mind is graceful
and magnificent,
and I don’t doubt
because I know you’re heaven sent.
I know you’ve been blue
and I have too;
I know you’ve felt fire
both inside and out
but your soul is full
there is no more drought
pour into me
and I’ll pour into you
together we’ll sprout
and grow to turnout
pleased and at peace
and live another day.
Treasure you’re joy
you’re charitable and gentle
soft yet strong
you’re perfect despite your imperfections and flaws.
Baby bring the heat
warm my heart, my hand, and soul
and if we shall fall we’ll land on our feet.
Jun 2020 · 281
kathryntheperson Jun 2020
I watch the time come and go
each tock on the clock
my heart sinks deep
like a rock in the river
I poke at my dinner
like a dead rat on the street
and then I retreat to my room
feeling sappy and sorry
and for this I don’t know
I’m supposed to be peachy
but my heart is greedy
a feeling I wish I could outgrow
my mind is somewhere else
it’s by the creek running around
just feet on the grass, on the dirt, in a tree
but I’m here
not in the somewhere I want to be.
Jun 2020 · 140
Songbird Crow
kathryntheperson Jun 2020
You trap me in your gaze
my rosy pink lips and blush cheeks.
You stop time in a summer haze,
your soul snatching up mine
as it lies all faint and weak.
His voice it plays
a strange and lovely song
the finest tones I did hear.
He’s a quiet soul
but his affections are not those of meek.
His eyes are burning, set in a blaze
whenever he looks upon I.
His eyes betray, the things he can’t say,
a love called love, thus this we can’t speak.
An intense echo drums the halls
and sends shivers to down to your feet.
Like a red rose in summer
that blooms in the day,
a majestical symphony performed
in silence.
warming the hearts of we;
we hearts of wind to flame changing,
night to day.
dedicated to Dylan Crow
Apr 2020 · 403
mouse and flame
kathryntheperson Apr 2020
Be careful little mouse
you are dancing with fire.
I have you under my magnifying glass
I decide weather you burn,
so I’d hold my tongue if I were you
your tricks have a way of making me tick
though there will be no warning
when your your life catches a flame
I will watch you squeal and squirm
with a grin upon my face.
so please think throughly about your words
and put them up and zip them away
if you’d rather not pay the price for your words upon this day.
I have the ability to crush a mans life with my fingertips
Apr 2020 · 61
I used to
kathryntheperson Apr 2020
I used to dream about all things that we could be
I used to dream about you and I by the sea
I know it’s been awhile but you’re still nice to see
I hope this makes you smile even though you hide it from me
past past past past
Apr 2020 · 61
tell me
kathryntheperson Apr 2020
Tell me what you require
so I can give you what you desire
just ask and you will receive
whatever you may need
and whatever you wish
I will pull from my dish
so just tell me what you please
so I can fulfill your needs.
But please don’t mislead me
tell me exactly what you long
And what my duty shall be
so I can sing it loud and strong
without mistakes in your song.
Tell me what to think
so my heart shall not sink
so my mind shall not wander
on things that will never be.
so tell me what you want
so I can be what you need
Mar 2020 · 119
do I care
kathryntheperson Mar 2020
keep it there,
keep it rare,
stay square,
don’t you dare.
I am aware I must beware.
in this love affair with a debonair
who is light and flare

I felt a tear
in past despair
but I can’t compare to then and there
only here and now.
do I care?
I do declare.
my mind is everywhere.
I wish I could just be unaware
in my underwear with out a care.
I’m almost care but I don’t know if I should
Dec 2019 · 140
kathryntheperson Dec 2019
The sound of passion
ones that spark,
the ones who light fires In your heart
the heat of bodies
together as one
those burning orbs that stare and dispise
The fire eyes that sink deep,
seep tears, and cry.
I wrote this poem in like 30 seconds
Oct 2019 · 573
Hidden Threat
kathryntheperson Oct 2019
My mind holds the key to
your heart.
But it's also a weapon.
Oct 2019 · 369
Empty Grip
kathryntheperson Oct 2019
You told me to wait
that you’d be back anew
I know i'm not that important to you
but to me you’re so much more than perfect.
But right now you’re not even worth it.
I'm losing my patients,
if I give you some time
will you work on it?
He's nothing like my family wants him to be.
The earth keeps rotation and still I wait endlessly.
If you find your way I’ll walk it beside you,
I text you: I love you
because I know that someday you’ll be back with me.
credits to lil peep
Sep 2019 · 146
Ocean Child
kathryntheperson Sep 2019
She was only an child
at peace with her piece of the world.
She was the breeze
savoring sweet songs
tasting freedom.

But the taste soon runs shallow.
Behind it leaves trails in her head
and pleasant paths in her heart.
Packing up keepsakes
she leaves without her piece of the world

The journey is strong
and she is brittle,
she holds the might of a fly  
her mind an ocean drive
swaying, rocking, and unpredictable.

She waits to find shore
but she is lost at sea.
Her head just above the waves,
her heart deep under the ocean.
Treading water with hope unsteady.

Her mind adrift
wandering down the trails in her head,
trails where she once found bliss in her freedom.
Now empty, dark, and alone
her heart weighs deeper.

Sadness is now replaced with hatred and resentment
towards the goblin who took her piece,
who took her taste.
She waits endlessly.
Hope that once was
is gone.
a short story of my childhood.
Apr 2019 · 520
Ash August
kathryntheperson Apr 2019
I can't write like I used to.
I've lost my spark, my fire
and now i’m left with ash.
I've lost my match,
my flare, and muse.
I ignored it for too long
the fire it made was big, passionate, and beautiful
but I let it turn to dust.
And since I lerk for my light
but no match will meet my satisfaction
no fire will ever be the same.
I've been gone for awhile
Apr 2019 · 261
kathryntheperson Apr 2019
I hunt for happiness
I have a hunger that runs deep
I prowl chase and pounce
still nothing

I feel as if i'm being watched
I turn around
I see nothing

I've come to realize
my head is hunting me
a ghost haunts my body
but doesn't take control
it just puts happy memories in my head
I take away sadness instead
I'm hungry for happiness
I'm going to starve
and end up dead
Maybe i'll turn into ghost too
Mar 2019 · 360
Mastretta tunes
kathryntheperson Mar 2019
The sound of his words smoothly rumble
like the belly of a car
And roll off his tongue
like the strum of blues
And though they don't always mate
And smoothly flow
I love to hear those, Mastretta tunes
Come and go
Mastretta: a Mexican car maker and design studio
Feb 2019 · 281
Once and Once More
kathryntheperson Feb 2019
I once wrote a poem titled:
Loving once, and loving once more, is hard.
Though now, I am no longer blind to my own happyness.
Loving once; is hard
Loving once more; is lovely
Finally i'm happy.
Feb 2019 · 247
kathryntheperson Feb 2019
Wisdom, a wonder
stupidity, a dread
The perception of both
deeply misread.
The more you know.
kathryntheperson Feb 2019
Wisdom is a rose
beautiful and bountiful
though its spines
cause woe and wounds.

Those who grasp at thee
wicked and wild thorn
will receive a
***** so painful
it will scar your mind
leaving behind,

The tales of the wise.
woe is wisdom
Jan 2019 · 148
kathryntheperson Jan 2019
I was your domino
you set me up and
watched as I fell
as if I were a game
you had me falling over and over again
you watched as I toppled over myself
disordering my mind
as you reassigned
the order that I should fall in
once again
you stood tall
as I fell at your feet
over and over again
Jan 2019 · 687
kathryntheperson Jan 2019
It was a mistake.
I shouldn't have seen you.
But my heart longs for you
my heart beats for you
the song my heart plays for you
was louder than the thoughts my head
my head Screaming
my heart singing
a clash of noise
I wish
would all f
I wish there were harmony.
Dec 2018 · 310
The Cigarette in You
kathryntheperson Dec 2018
Like a cigarette
you sooth my addiction.
the stealthy smooth smoke of you
infiltrates my rib cage
with a subtle burning heat.
But cigarettes don't last long
you will soon burn out
I wish it would have lasted forever.
Dec 2018 · 230
kathryntheperson Dec 2018
Kathryn is fire
she is warm
like a tender campfire
graceful and grand
as mesmerizing as she can be
you may never get to close
because fire is too much to handle
and too much heat
will send you screaming
send you away
I was too much.
Dec 2018 · 449
Oliver and a Rose
kathryntheperson Dec 2018
Spines cut, and petals soft
I was your delicate rose
a fruity vanilla scent
thrilling the bone
of my dearest Oliver Mccombs.
Blossomed so pure
I was beautiful, and gentle.
Though damaged
without my spines;
I was defenceless.
you left me weak
Dec 2018 · 451
kathryntheperson Dec 2018
A humble bumble bee
By the name of Timothy
Flies friskily through the trees
And sways smoothly with the breeze
For the wisping winds of winter
Are coming in a beat
So he must flee to be free
From the cold or he might freeze
So he flies to someplace warm
To a garden by the sea
Where a humble bumble bee
Can go to be a bee
Just a fun poem I wrote.
Dec 2018 · 592
Your Smile
kathryntheperson Dec 2018
I remember that hidden smile
you hid from the world
those slightly crooked teeth
that swift turn of your head
hiding them
embarrassed by your own smile

I remember that hidden smile
you hid from the world
but never from me
Your smile will always be the only smile.
Dec 2018 · 198
kathryntheperson Dec 2018
I remember a time
where there was an us
not just you and I
we are no more
Oct 2018 · 229
kathryntheperson Oct 2018
Below the pale faced moon
Beyond the daylight
And the sun at noon
in the darkness blacker than night
She lays on the floor
Curled up and drenched with sweat  

He Creeps in the mind of the mad
A ghost he is
Haunting her head

Her skin it tore, nails grow into a claw
Oozing blood from flesh that's raw
Pale gray face and sunken chest
Craving him she cannot rest
i cant move on
Oct 2018 · 193
kathryntheperson Oct 2018
Lets runaway
Into the blackness of the night
The darkness does not scare us
For our love is a torch
a never dying light
I want to run away with you.
Sep 2018 · 4.9k
kathryntheperson Sep 2018
I can’t move
my legs are pinned to my body
squeezing against my chest
my arms restrain to my sides
my hands pressing against my flesh
my eyes wide but i see nothing
the four walls of this confined prison
pinches my skin
and pushes my head into my knees
my breath is heavy
Panting i can’t breathe  
I choke on my own thoughts
my own breath
my heart pounds in my eardrums
I long to stretch my legs
and run far, far away
from this hell I have to call home
i have no room to run
Sep 2018 · 401
salty treats
kathryntheperson Sep 2018
I take a long drag off my cigarette
and look down at my mug
my coffee now warm
do to the slight breeze
that the fall weather brings  
I have myself a sip
and look at the vacant spot on my bench
“perfect” i sigh
as a salty treat
falls down into my mug
i cant forget
Sep 2018 · 177
моя любовь.
kathryntheperson Sep 2018
The bond forged between us
Is not one that can be broken
by absence, distance, or time.
as I would always belong to him,
so he would always be mine.
моя любовь - is "my love" in Russian
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
kiss me
kathryntheperson Sep 2018
kiss me sweet lemon drops
down onto the meadow
into the valley below
explore the curves
of her landscape
And what she holds to show
with invitation earnest
feel the breath of lips part
each movement
so precious so deserved
Each beat of her heart
an temporary ecstasy
that envelops every desire
Fantasies unravel thrusts at a time
bodies come close
close coming minds
utterly divine
*** in its prime
it all starts with a kiss
Sep 2018 · 257
The Storm
kathryntheperson Sep 2018
you are my story,
our time a storm
wild like wind and rain
to big to handle
to powerful to escape
it blows around me,
tangles my hair,
splashes water on my face
lets me know
i’m alive
i’m alive
but there are moments of calm
In every storm
and moments which
our words fork lightning for eachother.
to, nobody
Sep 2018 · 249
I'm in love with a mad man.
kathryntheperson Sep 2018
he feels sick
and often heavy
his mind is full of sand
he's living in a dream
a reality he cant stand
he scares me with his thoughts
and the conversations in his head
telling me he's happy
but wishing he was dead
i don't understand what goes on in his mind
i'm in love with a mad man
and i'm scared to call him mine
and he's madly in love with me.
Jul 2018 · 1.7k
alone in this crowd
kathryntheperson Jul 2018
It’s as if everyone knows me
But no one cares to know me
Alone in this crowd
Is there something wrong with me? I don’t understand why no one even cares to talk to me.
Jun 2018 · 712
blind love
kathryntheperson Jun 2018
lead me through the darkness
I can't see
All I can do is
trust you have me
But I’m tripped
And i fall
Love isn't blind
But when I love you, I can't see
i trusted him time after time.
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