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Shofi Ahmed Jan 4
I sniffed a smell of your rose.
Oh, you know what?
It’s enough to thrill the bone.
Just leave a scent in the air
and pop in, take your turn
into a new buzzing centre!
Ayesha Oct 2020
Hear hear! There's a buzzing!
No? There is!
Hear now! It's loud enough.
Do you do? You? No one?
Well, I do!
A strange magical battle—
Look! There's a hornet's nest!
No! Not the sun. The nest!
Do you see the queen?
Right here near my hand. Look!
Can't you see? No?
The noise? But it's all around now.
Look over that tree!
The tree! That old, dead tree, right there—
There, the golden sun hangs, reeking with honey.

Look! The sun is puking glitter!
Hear hear! The buzzing's piercing my skin.
Hear! All is wincing.
Oh, take them away! Oh do run!
Run from the hornets, what else!
No, they're right here!
Look! One bit me.
Another one. Here! Right here they are!
Run! They're here, I swear!
I am bubbling up, can't you see? All is bleeding.
Leave me. Just go! Believe me—
Oh do hear!
The buzzing, the needles, the stones!
The shrieking, the crumbling, my bones!
No, I haven't gone mad!
The stones! The stones. The buzzing—
—tell me I haven't gone mad.
Anxiety again.
Anna Jul 2020
Your love was like the buzzing of bees in the summer
I used to run from the rain, but if only I could stay
Under your stormy love, or inside your fireplace arms
Now that you're gone, I sit quiet
And I watch the lightnings eye naked
Delighting of every and each illuminated trait
It hits me in the same way, and I pray to believe
That the bruises you left are enough to make me feel alive
Parti sous la pluie.
SA Szumloz May 2020
They appear in the twilight
These green fairies that glow so bright
Buzzing into the hands of children,
Keeping their midday identities hidden
"When the sun rises, where do they go?"
Little ones asks me like I know
"I believe they fly to the sky,"
I say in reply,
"They stay in the clouds
Until the moon comes out."
They like what I say
But how do I know? I just pray
That I am right.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Kissin’ ’n’ buzzin’
by Michael R. Burch

Kissin’ ’n’ buzzin’
the bees rise
in a dizzy circle of two.
Oh, when I’m with you,
I feel like kissin’ ’n’ buzzin’ too!

Keywords/Tags: bees, kissing, buzzing, dizzy, circle, two, couples, coupling, attraction, ***, nectar, pollen, pollination
Whisperer Mar 2020
Anxiousness drooped from the ear,
Fastened by a clip.

An uncomfortable feeling instilled in the bones,
Making up your frame.

Disapprovingly true.

The buzzing won’t stop,
Willingness would fall,
Until it’ll all stop,
For once and all.
Nylee Oct 2019
I waited
It is live now
Buzzing with words
It feels nice
After long time
The storm begins
Bhill Aug 2019
Hummingbird, Hummingbird, buzzing around
So dainty and delicate with wings so unwound

How you can do it, with speed and such grace
Hovering and darting with a snappy fast pace

Seeing you land is a rare sight I think
Then I saw why you're frantic and gave you a wink

Your nest was well hidden, by the pine cone on the tree
Your secret is safe and I'll just let you be....

Brian Hill - 2019 #198
You never know what is right in front of you...
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
I remember
Under the sublime light
Moves of
The romantic mosquito

Welcome refused
Repeller on
Romance dead
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Buzzing
stopdoopy Feb 2019
It's two a.m. and I'm lying in bed
trying to get to sleep
trying to get to you
or maybe to things that used to be

I lie wide awake
looking into the darkness
my mind is static
blank but buzzing
with thoughts
with feelings
with memories

The window is open
my feet are sticking out
they're as cold as the tight clench of my heart at the thought of you
I cover to warm up
but the iciness remains
I had cold feet
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