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there's been a demand for my head
a phone call
with a sickly sweet voice
on the other side
how much am i worth?
can i determine it?
and who's willing to pay my ransom?
gotta thank HR and my business teacher for being an absolute angel
I hunt for happiness
I have a hunger that runs deep
I prowl chase and pounce
still nothing

I feel as if i'm being watched
I turn around
I see nothing

I've come to realize
my head is hunting me
a ghost haunts my body
but doesn't take control
it just puts happy memories in my head
I take away sadness instead
I'm hungry for happiness
I'm going to starve
and end up dead
Maybe i'll turn into ghost too
JKJI Mar 1
Leave me dead or numb
instead of hurting,
like skilled hunters do
when they catch prey.
I can't help but think
that if I could
I would tear away my skin
let the wild one underneath
breathe, set it free
let it loose to hunt
its enemies
Dani Jan 18
A land only nature has touched
A lion to its prey, clutched
Before that though
The Lion crept up real slow
Crouched down real low
He puts on a good show
Creeping and crawling
Absolutely stalking
His ***** orange coloring
Unseen by a prey so alluring
His big tufted paws are like a quiet breeze
Unheard by a prey totally at ease
His eyes focus, like a morning lotus
Finding the sun with such slowness
Silently stalking towards prey, not yet ferocious
A gleaming meaty meal ready to devour
Just another moment and little prey will cower
First a pounce with claws drawn out
Then a bit and a shake, making the prey shout
Now a *****!
Chewing prey up before its deceased
Drug across the land only nature has touched
A lion has won it’s hunt, quiet now, be hushed
Can you hear nature sing, the way she does
With violence and beauty no matter if lion or cheetahs
Now humans are different! Or is it really so?
The desire the same as a beasts hunt, reaping what we sow
A need to ***** and overpower
A craving to devour
devouring our **** driven, instinctual driven desires...
Mackenzie Jan 15
You got it from your father
I know you did
The way you treat women
As if we are just objects
You are a hunter
I am the pray
You got it from your father
He made you believe it was okay
To keep hunting until you got your ****
I know it’s hard but swallow this pill
As a human you are a disgrace
To touch me in each and every place
When I was younger
You felt nothing but hunger
A hunter hunts
You got it from your father
Who let you believe
Women are just like a piece of meat
You took my purity
You haunt my sleep
I hope as your son grows old
Your father will not stay in memories
Chris Jan 4
Velvet river slowly flowing,
As the autumn wind is blowing,
Just a glimpse of life it's showing,
Is taking you away,

Tired trees who's solemn sleeping,
Reminds a human soul of weeping,
And a brave, brave paw of rabbit leaping,
will make you into prey.

The green lanes of sunshine winding,
Golden light of city blinding,
The feeling of so gently sliding,
Is marking your own grave.

The rush and rumor ever stirring,
In the cauldron, reassuring,
That flame under you is burning,
Wherever you choose to stray.
This one is about the **** side of being free.
BlueInkDitty Dec 2018
Open your head and colour my mind,
I'm giving a hold, I'm giving my soul.
Hinder my life and take what I find,
I'm giving my all, drawing on your walls.
I'll be the flesh if you are my skin,
I'm singing your song, will you sing along ?
So fall on my body, if your words can win,
I will give you all, my rights and my wrongs.

You're walking with the hungry wolf,
Hunting me in my dreams,
The shark I love to be scared of,
Swimming in my streams.
And I'm feeling all your energy,
As another storm in my sea.

And I'm hiding still,
From a love that kills,
Within days,
And behind my gates,
Struggling without hate,
I'm the prey.
I can see your heart, we are the same,
I knew from the start I'd burn in your flames.
How can I stay away from your hands,
When our beginning may be our end.

You're running with the lion queen,
Tearing at my chest,
The tiger inside is raging,
Leaving me no rest.
And I'm feeling all your energy,
As another storm in my sea.

And I run and flee,
From the love in me,
But she stays,
And behind the doors,
You are hunting for,
I'm the prey.
Lady Ravenhill Dec 2018
Frigid wintertime
A northern, feathered owl floats
whilst watching the mouse
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Haiku 67
Lion you are,
All dressed in
sheep's garbs
fooling no one
but your own,
Mirror, mirror,
In woolen comb
a bleating roar
Trying to blend
when you were
made to hunt -
as the pride is
out waiting for
It's Tsar, to rule.
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