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The bridge you've built is toppled
Don't you dare act startled
You are where this started
Cry for mercy choking on the apple

The curse of you is cyclical
First compassionate, then cynical
You act as though it's typical
Body of desire biblical

In the body of water a body to love
Hunt like an eagle, drop like a dove
Or would you rather dive deep in the ruff?
Contemplate regal, incomparable stuff
Freestyle written in 16 minutes (got stuck trying to think of a rhyme for 'cyclical').
Jeff Lewis Sep 10
Tail twitch.
Cat crouch.
Haunches high.

…silly squirrel…

Tail fairly ***** now
(never understood…
won’t that announce
the cat’s about to pounce?).

that’s it squirrel…

oh yeah…

...silly rodent…

…stay right there...

don’t climb that tree…

…good squirrel...oh!..

you’re in SUCH trouble…

…weren’t a screen door in the way.
Watching My always-indoor cat fantasizing of his next great hunt, then I get his toy and let him **** some feathers on a string.
"They've taken her," it dawns on me.  "They've taken her back to their kind.  They'll **** her," I say worriedly in my mind.  I run after them and follow their trail, only by the scent of blood, defined.  I grow more worried as I get closer to their village.  Where will my friend be confined?  The houses start at the edge of trees.  I crouch behind one and watch mankind.  The people jest and tease my friend, tearing her clothes, ripping her skin.  Something grows in me, otherwise hidden.  They tie her to a post and speak a tongue long forgotten, cursing my friend as she stands humiliated on the wooden platform.  They laugh and grin.  With a torch in hand, they set alight the fire.  Around the pile of oil and sticks, dry straw is lined.  My heart wrenches in horror and disgust upon seeing their actions, malign.

My fur turns as red as the blood being poured, my horns getting larger and darker in color.  My fangs and claws grow as sharp as swords, my eyes burning, glowing crimson with hatred.  I crash through the houses and streets, grabbing and throwing those in my way, racing towards the fire before my friend is killed.  I reach for her ...... too late.  Her crisp bones and flesh turn to ash in my hands.  The human's deed has been fulfilled.  I lost the one I most adored.  Why would they do this?  I abhor humans and their actions.  They think with their hearts and never their heads.  I deplore their works of evil and violence, destroying the land, polluting our shores.

I cry out in sorrow, mourning my loss, and, in me, raging anger breaks loose.  I spout fire from my mouth, burning people's homes, destroying their fields until all is reduced to dust.  They suffered the same punishment they had used to ****** my only friend.  As I calm, my fur changes back.  I shrink in demeanor and my eyes turn pitch black.   I hunch over in pain from the attack.  I've been scarred by fire and what I've done, but the human's deed has been paid back.  Why all of this over a simple reason your people refuse to believe?  To be ignorant is no excuse.  Why won't you realize it?  Monsters have feelings too.

I will claim the name you've given me, become what you already see.  A monster that doesn't have any feelings, a demon that has been set free.  Then, only then, will you be correct in the way you think of me.  I didn't want to resort to this when it could've been solved diplomatically.  Forever, until the end of time, I will turn the tables and hunt you for all eternity, for you demolished my dignity.  You will fear me, now, more than anything else, and praying to your god of wrath won't do anything to help.  By my hand will you suffer greatly for what you have done to my friend and me.  All of this because you refuse to believe...

Monsters have feelings too.
kiran goswami Aug 24
We search for better stories
while writing about how our's is the best.
Amazing and brilliant
Her sight is sharp and is interacted
My deeper heart calling, "I surrounded"
Her talk is low but is understood
Her hair as the waves once up other downward

She walked as the dear coming to hunt
Not is hunted by she will hunt
All are amused and surely asked
Who is that smart, we must engaged
Get fiancé act or marriage at fast

The crowds get in struggle that will begin
But she goes and evaporates as the vanish
That is the end and the finish
the beauty one comes and says no word. all wants to know and have a look
Peter B Aug 17
I won't be happy,
until I **** the hunter in me.
Hungry hunter, he's hunting
having no mercy on anything.

Nothing matters to him more than the prey,
blinded by instincts,
born to ****.

I won't be happy,
I will not be free,
until I **** him,
before he kills me.
Your tone was like a blade,
that skimmed her skin.
Your words had cut deep,
stabbed her heart;
scarred her soul
and embedded itself into her memory,
playing like a loop in her head.
For your words are now ghosts that hunt her
in the darkest of times,
making her sweat smell like terror.
Selcæiös May 27
A pack without a leader
can be a dangerous problem to solve
because once the rest perceive you as weaker
that's an even bigger bullet to dodge.

But a wolf without a pack
that's a different story to tell
because he alone can choose where to go
and not be slowed by anyone else
Poetress2 Apr 23
Submerged to its' eyes,
Crocodiles hunt their prey.
It is very still.
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