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kathryntheperson May 2023
You're my sweet addiction, my ******,
a constant pull I can't give in.
I thought I beat you and left you behind
but the scent of you still lingers in my mind.

Last night I dreamt of you and you seeped in
an addiction too strong, I can't begin
To shake the hold you have on me, it's all too real.
I'll give in and lose my will.

For three long years, I fought the urge,
to give in to the addiction, your endless surge.
feeling you again, it's all too clear,
the hold you have is still so near.

I remember the passion, our untouchable love,
our soul tie unbroken, ordained from above.
I see the truth and the cost it demands
to live in your shadow with bound feet and hands.

I'd still risk it all, my heart and soul
To fill this void and feel somewhat whole.
I know it's a lie, a fleeting bliss,
I'd be drowning again, lost in the abyss.

So I'll keep fighting you as long as I can.
I’ll keep you at bay, and push you away.
You're my addiction, my poison, my heroine,
I'll choose life for now, and let you go again.
does anyone know how to get rid of a soul tie?
kathryntheperson Feb 2022
I feel like I have no other option
Like it’s the end of the world
and I’m not going to have time to find anyone else.

or I get out and realize that you’re better than everyone out there and that means I have to settle with you.

I stay because I can’t afford my home with out you and
I don’t want to be poor and go hungry.

it’s because I’m afraid of being alone and I don’t have any friends to comfort me

these are all very good reasons to stay.

but you’re a slob.
and you don’t listen to anything I say I could tell you a thousand times to put your things away but I will keep finding them in the same places do you just not care about what I say ? you say you are listening but are you even in there ?

you don’t make time for me.
but I make time for you
it seems like all the effort in this relationship comes down to me.

You’re not funny.
you can’t even make me laugh
your humor is childish and dumb
I smile so rarely.

You’re a child who doesn’t communicate.
when there is obviously something wrong and I ask you what’s the matter and you tell me it’s nothing but I know that it’s something so I ask and keep asking until you finally give in to my interrogations
why can’t you just communicate your feelings and thoughts I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall.

you get angry because I won’t have *** with you. I have low libido because you disgust me and deep down inside I know I don’t love you anymore.

I don’t want to marry you
I don’t even like you
but I’m too scared to leave you.
I don’t know if this is even a poem but this is how I’m feeling I can’t take it anymore
kathryntheperson Dec 2021
I wish I could yell at you
And tell you, you are making a mistake
I could hold you and tell you its okay
I know you are scared and so lonely
you don't care about the decisions you make
you are to wrapped up in your own emptiness
and your hollow heart aches.
You don’t know a lot of things
but you know you are alone
But you are just so **** stupid,
I wish you could've known.
But you didn't and you don't.
Do you even care ?
about me; your own flesh and bone?
And what will happen because of these failures and flaws?
Was it worth it ?
The boys? The drugs? or The reputation you gnaw?
But the worst of them all
is The disappointment your parents had for you,
The sadness and suffering that you put them through.
I know that it hurts. But it just didn't matter.
There was just too much going on in your little mind,
you pushed all those feelings deep down inside.
Leaving me to deal with this dilemma,
but I can't run and hide.
I want to grab you by the shoulders and scream in your face But it's a one sided mirror and you can't see you’re replaced.
this poem is for little me
kathryntheperson Jun 2021
will be quick to show you
just how much they don't care
when you need a hand on your shoulder
or someone to have your back
just watch how they quickly disappear
like a mirage in the desert heat
it's an illusion
they're cardboard cutouts
the truth is
they were never really there in the first place
so you can't blame them for being
this is for all of you
kathryntheperson Jun 2021
I'd rather live a lifetime alone,
because being a woman is so vulnerable.
We fragile flowers with beautiful petals
that everyone wants to pluck
it doesn't matter what the flower says
if their mind is already made up.
I could never trust another man
and god knows, I don't want to.
When all they've ever done is take from me
but for some reason, never you.
You took me by the hand
and asked me if it was okay,
you put me in the light
and for the first time I felt safe.
But, I did what I do best,
I went and I pushed you away,
so I'd rather live a lifetime alone.
because I can't trust a predator as prey.
kathryntheperson Jun 2021
my voice has grown tired
screaming for attention
my cries falling off what
seems like deaf ears.
I know you hear me.
I know you're in there.
I shake my fists at your face,
wanting so badly to hit you,
so that you might notice my display.
I want to grab you by the shoulders
and shake you senseless,
then maybe you'd hear my plea.
and I wouldn't feel so helpless
If you'd stop and look at me.
my voice has grown tired and quite horse
and still you remain quiet
so I wait
and I wait some more
and still; I don't hear a word.
so I curl up on the floor
and grieve everything I have heard.
please won't you listen..
kathryntheperson Mar 2021
I have touched a thousand times
but I know when I feel your love
you are the only one to ever touch me
in this way I've never felt before.
To be yours
I'll give up who I've been and who I was
for who you are
and who I will become.
You surrender to me your strength
and are as gentle as a dove
I am your fragile flower
and you protect me with all your love.
I will always bring you up
and cherish you for the man you are
and the man that you will become,
I will be the foundation
for what you build
until thy kingdom come.
I will always be yours
and you forever mine.
Together til the end of time.
in this love called: love
my knight and king,
your flower queen
together we'll conquer the world
just you and me.
I love you <3
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