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kathryntheperson Mar 2021
I have touched a thousand times
but I know when I feel your love
you are the only one to ever touch me
in this way I've never felt before.
To be yours
I'll give up who I've been and who I was
for who you are
and who I will become.
You surrender to me your strength
and are as gentle as a dove
I am your fragile flower
and you protect me with all your love.
I will always bring you up
and cherish you for the man you are
and the man that you will become,
I will be the foundation
for what you build
until thy kingdom come.
I will always be yours
and you forever mine.
Together til the end of time.
in this love called: love
my knight and king,
your flower queen
together we'll conquer the world
just you and me.
I love you <3
Poetic T Jun 2020
Origin of life's hues,
wading through times
Her hair was a rainbow of

Every strand empathy of natures
                             yearning to grow.
Maturing  beyond the seed,
                                   reaching higher.
Rings  showing the marriage of
                                         life and growth.

Vitality was her yearning
for everything
             was her breath.
Mother to all that that walked
                          upon her creation.
Gabriel Apr 2020
What if we met early
Two souls
Destined to be in a train station
At 9 am
knowing how I fell for your eyes
Fell once more
In a less heart broken time

What if we met
In a bar alley
when your interests
matches mine
we danced the night away
not as lovers
but strangers
that are  four swipes
late from tinder
To be something more
Than just a one night stand

What if this time
is the right time
How our scars
turn to lines
That form each others names
The words "I do"
begin to spill in our mouths
just waiting
for the right time
Poetic T Feb 2020
She was neve going to be in white,
              neutrality was never

going to be her hue.

She was telling the world a message..

Her gown, was onyx silk woven
                 like Cinderella had told the
arachnids  to create beauty in the night
            it fell entrapping on any who gazed

upon its woven radiance.

She walked down the isle and with each step,
                                at least five were captivated

in the webbing of her beauty,
                       walking beyond there view.

All entombed within the elegance
             that captured them.

She was the spider weaving a web of beauty
           that captured every eye.

And the man was her prey, he smiled
          lost in the moment of her captivation.

I do, I do,  and both were entangled
within the
                             eyes of each.

This moment was silk ropes tied to each others
         and now they'll weave them every step

                          they collect together.
Megitta Ignacia Apr 2019
Kamu masih boleh masuk,
atau sekedar memanggilku dari ruang sebelah,
boleh juga kamu tatapi aku tanpa kata,
ku ijinkan kau mengintip hari-hariku,
kalaupun kau tak pedulikanku,
pintunya tetap tak akan ku tutup

Satu yang tak kuijinkan,
jangan kau tutup paksa pintuku.
Aku akan tutup ketika ku mau.
Ini pintuku.
060419 | 11:00 AM
masih sakit,
aku sedang belajar ikhlas
Oooh! I love you
i know you love me
we deal to meet nearer

your home to go to marry
the winds blew and get waether stormy
we couldn't meet at any way

we deal on nother day
there was idle and revlot on that day
we couldn't meet again

the last deal was established
i found great party happened
the part was for her married

she said," i will marry my nearest neighbor
as no way to get my marriage be late more"
the deal time needs to be know the weathwer and ts conditions
Aaron LaLux Aug 2017
I can’t remember to forget you,
I can’t forget to remember you,

I can’t remember to forget,
I can’t forget to remember,

I can’t remember to,
I can’t forget to,

I can’t remember,
I can’t forget,

I can’t,
I can’t,


I remember,
you told me to watch Memento,
that must of been over two decades ago,

it’s interesting how we remember little trivial things,
from years ago,
but somehow we sometimes forget important things,
that happen moments ago,

Selective memory is a thing,
and so is selective amnesia,
I suppose in some ways my memories of you,
are kept inside me as personal mementos,

I miss you,
I miss the life we never had together,
I miss you massive fridge,
I miss our days in Bali,

I miss making love,
with you like you were the only person in the world,
and I mean that honestly,
because in those moments you were the only person,

the only person,
that showed me hope,
the only person,
that showed me love,

when I met you I was a street kid,
I had no money and no class,
but you took me under your angel wings,
and I will always remember that,

I can’t remember to forget you,
I can’t forget to remember you,

I can’t remember to forget,
I can’t forget to remember,

I can’t remember to,
I can’t forget to,

I can’t remember,
I can’t forget,

I can’t,
I can’t,


I know,
that you’re married now,
happily in fact,
and I’m not trying to mess with that,

please don’t take these words,
as an invitation of any sorts,
I wish you all the best this world has to offer,
because honestly that’s what you deserve,


I love you,
I can not deny that in any way,
but that love,
is so far beyond this physical plane,

I know how dysfunctional I am,
and I’ve given up all hopes in making a family,
so when I see that you are married,
I truly pray to God that that marriage for ever after progresses happily,

and actually,
I only wrote this to tell you that I finally saw Memento,
and I don’t even if you remember telling me to watch it,
I guess that’s part of what Selective Memory Loss is,

or rather selective amnesia,

anyways whatever I’ll just get back to what I was doing,
so that you can get back to what you were doing,
which is continuing to live this life and create this memories,
or erase these memories either way I hope you get whatever you’re pursing,

I can’t remember to forget you,
I can’t forget to remember you,

I can’t remember to forget,
I can’t forget to remember,

I can’t remember to,
I can’t forget to,

I can’t remember,
I can’t forget…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

author of multiple best selling poetry books.
erik lubbe Nov 2016
If I gave You a ring
Would you say
Is it real love
Love that bonds us
Yes has to mean it
So what do you say
A ring on the finger or a ring in a box you choose
I just want a new love
so pure & true
so beautiful it'll have me say "I do"
when he drops to one knee & give me that ring
my pupil shall overflow with tears of joy
cuz the journey of love has so much in store

what a dream, oh what a dream
so young but I crave consistency.
is it a crime to want to be loved all the time?????
why oh why must you judge me all?

Hopes of a family so large & so strong
unity and love in every song
so every little face resembles mine
& every little smile resembles yours
what a dream I adore

but only with you . ♥
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