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Eleanor Apr 2021
I will cut you out of the picture of my life.
I will take a scissors, to these complex memories and
hack your influence out.
It took me months to buy the scissors,
years to get to the shop
but I got here, I have them.
I will hear sharp snips as I cut across
the images that are burned in my mind.
No longer will my thoughts wander towards you.
No more, will I allow my feelings to be  
clouded by a person who dug their words  
into my lungs and shattered
my ribs, with boots made of malicious intent,
of careless incompetence, of clueless mockery.
I will use the scissors to cut your burning strings,
wrapped around these cheap candles.
A chord cutting spell. Dust beneath my heel.
The memories I cannot cut I will burn.
I'll light a match on the bridge you
You always said people never change, so killing current you’s influence
In revenge for past you’s violence is righteous, it is fair.
I'll sharpen their blade on the soul you hardened.
I'll rip up the pictures if I have to, claw you out.
I'd sacrifice that part of my memories,
I'd happily **** the old me entirely to take you too,
To cut you out of the picture of my life.
I won't let us be friends anymore.
Delyla Nunez Feb 2021
I wake up with nightmares of you.
Yet I desperately crave your touch.
Your voice.

I hate it.
I hate the thought of you.
Only because you broke me like he did.
If only you knew.

I love you so much though.
You are everything to me.
Which is the worst,
Because every day I love you and I wish I could’ve had the love I gave you in return.

My love,
My Sun and Stars,
My Second Chance.
Gone and I’ve lost twice.
I hate missing you.. it hurts and god I just wonder if you even gave a ****.
Misha Kroon Aug 2020
My phone vibrates a second longer when I receive a text;
And I had not realised how deep the scars he left had cut.

There is a familiar sense of dread in the deepest pit of my stomach,
Each time someone dares reach out to this hollow skeleton.

I have not spoken to him in 8 months,
He has not spoken to me in 6.
Been sitting in my drafts for over a year, and we all love vague!posting about ex’s

(I’ve actually gotten /some/ closure on this relationship now, but old wounds n that)
Piscean Dragon Nov 2019
I lay awake most nights
Wondering what happened to you.

How on earth did someone
So good
So kind
So funny
So sweet

Turn into such a pathetic,
Malleable *******?

I lay awake most nights
Wondering what happened to me.

How on earth I allowed someone to
Steal from me
Lie to me
Manipulate me
Guilt trip me

And make me question
If I’m somehow the villain.

I don’t have the will to sleep tonight.
I don’t know how to shake these ghosts.
Ex lovers
Ex friends
Ex versions of you
Ex versions of me

Ex people we promised
We would become for each other.
Alex Jun 2019
I look at the people who made me me
Not the person that I want to be
But this empty shell that walks alone
And can’t find a place to call home
I look at who I am inside
How most of me I want to hide
Like the scars that cover my midsection
And how people tell me they’re a sin
I hate that sadness that comes from pain
And I miss dancing in the rain
But now everything just feels the same
And I’m left wondering why I came
I hate the girl that I’ve become
And I know I’m not the only one
Because when I look at the people who made me me
It definitely isn’t love that I see
Why can’t you love the me you made me?
leah Mar 2019
You still might break my heart
You have a lifetime to do it.

- leah
Grace Frederick Nov 2018
If I told you I love you,
would that be enough.
If I told you, you are the only thing I think about,
would you give us another chance.
If I learned how to communicate,
would you take me back.
If I told you I loved you
would you say it back?
Zack gohins Nov 2018
Black star
Broken and
Staring into
The face of
Battling through
Shedding tears
for friends
Pitying yourself
Murdering your
Buying the
You are Limited
You are Broken
You chain me
Addicts are lethal lovers
female grinch Jul 2018
I'm still in love with him.
I'm sorry.
kathryntheperson Jun 2018
lead me through the darkness
I can't see
All I can do is
trust you have me
But I’m tripped
And i fall
Love isn't blind
But when I love you, I can't see
i trusted him time after time.
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