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Xallan 1d
You're folding up inside yourself
Afraid of your own flesh
You're deprived, emaciated
Cheekbones like craggy cliffs
Vertebrae like a mountain ridge
Hipbones like sharp rocks

You're a skeleton covered in tissue paper
Sallow, sunken, and gaunt
A member of the undead, stop there
Your sickness is infectious
As armies of your ideology invade
At the dawn of a new year of hope

You lost your reason
Stomach like an haunted cave
Joints like arthritic boulders
Shoulders like burned forests

Your hair and blood are thinning
I'd catch you when you faint
If I believed you were there
If I believed you were more than air
Do your muscles stand out
When they're exposed?
Because you can't even lift a fork

When you smile, your teeth
Consume your face with starvation
The gums have receded
From within their sockets your eyes
Stare with their mad zeal of apathy

You have the spindly fingers
Brought to life from a child's nightmare
With each movement
Your tendons dance revoltingly
Under that thin membrane

I think I could call you hideous
The way you hide under your limp hair
The way you spread your contagious rot
The way you refuse to live, you're
A repulsive idol inviting in
Tiny creatures that live in your closet
That crawl inside your clothes
Under your skin
Devour your appetite, your cheer,
They took everything I loved about you
Sky 3d
Shatter the glass, and see my reflection separated by shards.  Like I’m viewing myself through a kaleidoscope.

Writing “no” on the mirror with lipstick
Or rather screaming it
Can you scream in writing?
No vile words or forms of violence could express the uttermost disgust I have for myself
Fires don’t burn nearly as much as my rage
Knives aren’t nearly as sharp as my fingers
Poison isn’t a match for the words I spit
Not even pure hatred can measure up to what I feel
“Hate” is merely a soft, child-like term compared to what I feel
Not even the devil himself can compare

I would burn in this skin in flames for eternity if it meant that I could feel my body melt away until I’m bone.
Having a bad body day.  This poem is anger.
Thunder in my belly
Apple cider vinegar it is
Eyes water from the taste
But I don't care
I don't care about the pain
I don't care that I'm living on half dead
It's makes me skinny
It's all worth it
As long as I'm
Gemma Jan 28
I  attempted skinny dipping once. I was on a beautiful beach, with a former lover. I had a concoction of colourful cocktails coursing through me, too many that I couldn’t have completed that sentence, at the time, if I had tried!

I felt good, amazing even! I giggled and skipped, I breathed in the warm air, I glided towards the sea, I could smell the air getting saltier by the second, I could taste the ocean.

As I pulled at them, my clothes left me, They fell away with grace and floated off into the night. I am so feminine so free I thought! I almost felt as if when I reached the shore line my legs would leave me, a beautiful tail would form!

I would be a mermaid, I would dive in and it would be magic, I would splash and laugh, the moonlight would dance on the water, making my hair sparkle! I would glance back at the land and at my love, he would be raw with emotion, sad for my leaving, wonderment for the sensual, ****** siren I had become!!


On the way to the water, I kicked a small rock, fell to the floor like a sack of bricks and let out a noise I can only describe as a deep and gutteral mechanical whine.

As I lay there, disheveled and ***** on the sand I could hear in the distance, the heavy laughter of my lover.

I gained some bruising, I lost a toenail and my dignity.

I havent attempted skinny dipping since.
TD Jan 20
If I was a little skinnier,
If I was a little shorter,
If I was taller,
If I was stronger,
If I was curvier,
But what if I was less doubtful?

What if I was less criticizing,
Less negative,
What if I was more positive,
If I was happy with myself?

Would I rise above,
Would I learn to love myself and others,
Could I spread more positivity?

How hard could it be?

What if we were was less doubtful within ourselves?
mer Jan 16
jeans that are a little bit too tight
numbers on the scale that you have to fight
she wanted it badly, she stayed up all night
to her, the future seemed bright

online articles about low-calorie diets
no-carb, low-carb, high-protein try-its
she thought it was the perfect way
to lose that extra layer, so they say

she noticed it working on tuesday at noon
it was working, working so soon
she was pleased with the results it gave
soon it became less to eat and more to crave

she thought she had it all under control
who cares if she ate less than one bowl?
she never ate until she was full
soon she faded away and her eyes became dull
slr Jan 2
Are you're doing it in a healthy way?
Are you watching what you eat?

Yeah.. That's why I didn't have a bun with dinner.

What I didn't tell her is that watching what I eat means
watching what i would normally eat sit on the shelf
watching what i would normally eat go to others
watching what i would normally eat shrink off my body

She says I've gotten smaller
My coworkers say I've gotten smaller

I don't see it

When someone asks if I've eaten I just avoid the topic or say I've had enough

If someone is concerned I laugh and say "I'm back on my anorexic *******"
Sophia Dec 2018
if only i had a skinny waist
i'd be so much prettier
if only weight wasn't so visible
then i'd be happy
would i just find other
horrid reasons
to hate myself?
Kinsey Dec 2018
All I ever wanted was that hour glass.
To be pretty and normal like them.
To be the cheerleader
To not be the freak.

All I ever wanted was that hour glass.
A figure like my mom and sisters
To be long tall and desirable.
To not be like me.

all I ever wanted was that hour glass
But nature wasn’t kind to me.
A cups, a skinny waste and a round fat behind.
Are what I got instead.

All I wanted was an hour glass.
Not just 90 pound of low self esteem
And a round fat ***.
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