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I’m confused
I don’t know how to be happy
was I happier fat?
Or am I happier skinny?
I can’t tell the difference
it’s all the same
it doesn’t matter what I look like
the pain will stick to my hip
through thick and thin.
Is it my body? Is it my clothes?  
or the way I don’t like the rounded curve of my nose?
it’s none of those.
4 am
And the fog blankets the lake.
Critters wake
Crickets chirp
And fawns are alert.
On the surface,
A turtle's head
Emerges from the stillness.
The smooth reflection of
Moonlight is disrupted
As four wild youths
Run to the water.
This is where we belong.
Ronin Jul 1
You tell me
I’m not that skinny
My BMI tells me
I’m way too skinny
You tell me
My waist isn’t that small
The internet tells me
My waist is small enough for modeling
You tell me
Everyone has size 2
Research tells me
The average size is size 12
You tell me
I’m not enough
Yet too much

I tell myself
I’m not enough
Yet too much.
Jack May 18
To the women who tell me
That i shouldnt be insecure about my weight
but say
"hmm maybe you should fill up your plate".
(yes thank you.... i do try)
To the women who tell me
They'd **** to steal my figure
but say
"it would be nice if you were a little bigger".
(thanks I guess?)
To the women who told me more
my bones were all they saw
(thanks to you)
I dont feel at home in my flesh.
Taylor Mar 24
we are expected to be held
to a certain standard of living
in which we maintain our facades
and navigate the web of lies
the society has trained us to say
in certain situations that call for them
at what point did we decide
to care about what society thinks
who decided that skinny was good?
and blond hair and blue eyes was perfect
and a dark tan meant good health
that certain brands meant you were a high-roller
at what point did we start giving a ****
about what the worlds standards were
at what point did we lose ourselves
and become tiny pieces of each other
at what point did we become pieces of everybody else
its sad to see we are made of pieces of others
at what point did we lose ourselves
and forget who we really are
i forgot who i was finally
staring into the glare
of a fiery future of people
who are mindless drones
of society
lately I've been noticing everyone is losing themselves and becoming what society wants
Ella Grace Mar 12
Why aren’t your bones showing?
I don’t see a gap between your thighs
You shouldn’t wear that top
That shirt isn't flattering

Calories, calories, calories
Better start watching them
I think you’ve gained a few
Do your clothes even fit you?

Push past your limits
Watching what you eat is a good thing
Its fine to skip a meal
…Or two

What do I want to look like?
Well, I want my ribs to start showing
My thighs to start thinning
and don’t even get me started on my double chin

I hate myself
I hate my body
I just want to look like her
Why do I have to look like this?

Look in the mirror and tell me what you see
Be careful about the food you eat
Cover your body, nobody wants to see that
Just be skinny!
Antionicia Mar 6
every fiber of my being knows
that you will forever by my love.
i wonder if it's possible
for any one to love you
quite as i do.

our days draw closer to an end
and we've been saying that
we are just friends.
but i think deep down
we both know
that we were made to be lovers.
we were made to be a pair.

i found a home,
cozied next to your soul.
i know, in your arms,
everything will be alright.
in your arms i find
my own personal Promised Land.
Ethan, the one that I love, have loved, and will love
Mick Feb 25
I used to go digging for my bones
to plant an açaí in the plot.
I used to go fishing for my bones
in a sea of plastic waste.
I used to go hunting for my bones
to eat and eat and eat and eat.
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Ronin Oct 2019
the numbers on the scale
they define my worth
and right now, my worth adds up
to exactly

those numbers need to drop
until i am gone
erased from this earth and from history
there is no "skinny enough"

i can't give in
i need to reach
that sick, sick goal weight
though i already know
anorexia won't be satisfied
because there is no "skinny enough"

the ideal weight
is exactly
about my struggle with anorexia.
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