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noor Feb 2021
confined in my mind
confined in this 4 squared wall of mine
confined with chains
confined with no way to escape
confined till i take my last breath
till i meet my death
theres no way to really explain this
J Dec 2020
I'll wave,
creating shapes with my flame,
you'll mistake yes for no
speechless for shocked
sad for emotionless.
you'll feel the heat and
assume that I'm here to burn.
you'll never see the colors I am.
I'll never be able to tell you the scents.
I'll be confined in this little glass jar.
and then?
you'll ***** me out.
i want to be as good as everyone else. how cliche.
beautiful thoughts shouldn't be confined:
silence is experienced deep in the water;
soft yet strong, denying to alter...

spirits and fleshes are reluctant to combine:
now the time is slipping;
slowly the lights are also dimming...

unconscious about the belief:
dark, jovial and fragile feelings;
exploding inside and bleeding...

some like talking, some prefer to be quiet:
some show, some hide;
should confined explosions be dried?
- Aishwarya Kulkarni
Nolan Willett Oct 2020
Tallies on the wall.  
Doors that rearrange,  
In strange, entropic ways.
That dissemble and confuse  
To keep two locked in the halls;
The lights flicker, periodically-
They spot shadows on their peripheral-
Likewise in intervals.
They seem to speak,
But only mockingly.
They did not choose this fate;
The house chose them.
Some must be condemned-
Like Minos and the Minotaur-
For a terrible hunger to abate.
Another tally in the frame.
They’ve been this way earlier,
Though their recollection’s getting murkier,
While hands reach from plaster,
Reaching to claim.
They must learn to love the maze
The freedom in being confined;
At least their goal is defined-
After all, once you enter, you may never leave,
And are doomed to tread the lengthways.

Outside cars pass and children play pretend
By a for sale home overgrown,
Inconspicuous, yet locally it is well-known:
You never get too close
To the house that never ends.
Too quiet
Too dark
Too silent
Too far

Walls seemed to continuously cave in
I kept on hearing sounds nobody can
Then darkness came, fear started crawling under my skin
I badly want to scream for help yet I just can't

Anyone who listened to my story
They'll either listen or ignore me
Or even both probably
No one just takes me seriously

It's been giving me nightmares
Unbelievable fear of time is what I got
Knowing -ber months is coming may be other's time for celebrating
But it's months of nightmares and inevitable fear to me

Can't breathe
Can't laugh
Can't see the light
Please stop

I beg for someone to help me
Only one remained and believed me
Others left out of disgust or fear
One includes my parents, it saddens me

I need some ears to listen to me
Some open mind to believe what's happening to me
A person who knows what's it like to feel the fear I've been living
Someone I can truly talk to and give me understanding

But even so I already found that person by now
It still haunts me whenever I close my eyes
It's hard to live with it you know
Every now and then they'll pop into my thoughts and take away my happiness

It draws my tears out of my eyes
It gives me shivers down my spine
The fear I kept on feeling whenever I am confined
Not only in darkness but in my very mind

The riddle was not yet answered
This mystery is yet to be solved
And here I was waiting for its end
Hoping it would leave me alone and live my life again

But just how **** unlucky am I
No one seems to understand how I'm feeling
My parents would always avoid the topic if I ever start bringing it
I felt so betrayed and confined

I can't believe I see my own home as my prison
Yes we're all together yet I always feel alone
School was also not an exemption
Everything just felt so near but still so far like a different dimension

Laying on my bed
This very afternoon
Rain drops pouring down
Moments after 12 noon

Still so bright outside
Yet my room seemed so dark
Loneliness looming over
Happiness crushed like pieces of broken glass on the floor

Too quiet
Too dark
Too scared
Too silent

Please save me
My heart is begging
Please hear me
My mind is screaming..
EmperorOfMine May 2020
They were opened,
Revealing a world in constant motion,
Colored and coated with this commotion,
Gripped and grabbed by the chosen,
Opened, but blinded,
Taken and tried, ignited,
A time before, I didn't mind it,
But now I mind it

I was better together and intact,
But now I wonder if I have even my own back,
Always feeling so stuck in this reality,
Confined, is this how it's supposed to be?

Feels like a day that lasts forever,
Losing time, guess erase the never,
Where did my mind go, lost my sanity,
Could I do anything to finally be free?

Could it be any better, I always ponder,
Maybe this is a test disguised as a taunter,
I feel it's getting harder to clearly even see,
Feelings confined in things that used to be normal to me...
Ever just feel stuck in reality, as if all options were thrown out of the window, leaving you trapped in your own mind...?
Yasmine May 2020
Life is not race,
Pace yourself and appreciate ,

What you have been gifted.

And, breathe.
Faizel Farzee May 2020
We sit inside a timeless cacoon, with the realty of time exempt.
Is this not the time for us to personally evolve
To search our soul indepth.

No pressures from a lucid world
Just you and self respect.
Journey to the depth of ones mind
clean the rooms that were unkept.

A broken heart mends with self love
the reality of this we should accept.
Love starts with the person looking at you,
in a mirror their perfection reflect.

Speak to the parts we use to love
now because of life neglect.
your inner clown or inner child
break free, let yourself express.

If sadness is what holding you back
Dive into this forrest of sorrow, the hurt you have to inspect.
Like tears of anaethesia, away this sorrow will be wept.
a journey of self discovery
it can be worrying
but the journey we take
by reflecting in reverie
colette alexia Jan 2020
It is dangerous when I become left with my thoughts
Listening to time ticking away in the clock
Reminding of the time I have already lost
I feel tormented
To know the sun will rise whether or not I rise with it
To know you told me you loved me but never really meant it
Drowning in the creation you created me to swim in
How much of this pain stems from my decisions
Tell me will it get easier this life that we live in
Will I someday find the meaning that for so long has been hidden
Or does each second live just to tick on the clock
Each one inviting an unwelcome thought
It is when I’m left alone that a realize I’m not

But I know time was not made for clocks but clocks for time
And I know God does not live within its confines
If only I too could take a step outside
No rush and no hurry
no fast or slow or need to ever scurry
I’d laugh louder not longer because who could tell
If time wasn’t there to measure the length of the yell
And the whole world would hear what resounds in my brain
The laugh releasing thoughts bound for two decades
The ones that over time have made me feel insane
But without time, perhaps no insane would remain
Maybe I’d be alone finally, without the thoughts to invade
Maybe it would be nice
Only time can say
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