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Feb 2021 · 544
Butter Me Up
Flynn Feb 2021
You slid into my life,
easy as a knife through butter.
not like margarine,
of that I'm less keen
hanging out with you... ****** Nora
it's as easy as flowers via inter-Flora

You butter believe I'm here to stay

we're about half-way
and by this point, I'm sure you'll say
you wrote me a poem,
but I can't believe its not butter.
so come on Flynn...
Lurpak it in.
For the spirit of Valentine's, and the love of butter
Sep 2020 · 322
Flynn Sep 2020
En point across eggshells
I tiptoe terrified around the point
Tireless trying to despatch any drama
I slip as I dance, Audible cracks

It’s been like this for a while now
Heart palpations, perpetually on edge
Panic attacks more frequent
Wait... they’re entirely new

Careful attempts to communicate
How I feel, frightened for firing the kiln
What will it be this time?
Interruption of calm converse circadian

Gaslighting? Guilt-Tripping?
Derailing? Tone-policing?
“I don’t deserve to be spoken to that way”
You say, as I crumble

Endless excuses and appalling accusations
You revolting repertoire maims me
Standing shattered, ******* fractured
fragmented as the eggshell environment I navigate

suspicious of my soul, I ponder the point
I take medication now, dose has doubled
The months you spent convincing me
a counsellor captioned me manipulative

Lies. Ladles of lies.
Thank god I know now
I had a plan in place
A time and space...

Delicately detailing
Now with unsullied sharpness
From alpha to omega
My swan song
Sep 2020 · 77
Sleep Paralysis
Flynn Sep 2020
Dark dances in my head
Occupying my occiput
Visual representations
My worst fears realised

It won’t get off
I know what it wants
Dancing indelicately
I can barely breathe

It’s lips paint a picture.
Near renaissance
I am seduced
“I want to die” (I say in my head)

It slinks away
I can breathe
I wish this still only happened in my sleep...
Sep 2020 · 233
Flynn Sep 2020
How many chances will I give you
Perpetual motion. I take you back

You profess to change
Relief! Though a temporary shift

Breaking news!
I've taken you back. Beguiled

How stupid can I be
Like Newton's cradle, predictably broken

Repetitive maladaptation
Fictional diagnosis come non-fiction

How many chances will I give you
before I choose myself
History always repeats itself.
Anyone else brutally anchored by love, loyalty and emotions into toxic situations?
Sep 2020 · 255
Flynn Sep 2020
I stop to breathe
and I see beneath
Down to the right
barely in sight

paddling by
my side

That was all it took
My world, un-shook
At least for today
I know I'll be ok.
What are some of the things that unexpectedly bring you out of a panic attack?
Sep 2020 · 174
Flynn Sep 2020
Time to move on.
Yes, but what to?
I had searched and found my home in you.

What do I do?
Where do i start?
Where does it lead, but away from my heart.

Up in the air
chasing my emotions
Will I ever give up on these ridiculous notions

Of making it work
You've closed the door
what the **** am I supposed to do anymore?!!!
Sep 2020 · 1.6k
Flynn Sep 2020
There is no better teacher than pain.
No better coach than sorrow.
As long as you make it through
'til tomorrow.
Apr 2020 · 476
Flynn Apr 2020
The passage of time
Perception disconnected
By a mind consumed
Apr 2020 · 409
Flynn Apr 2020
Understanding depth
light and dark tandem opposed
Panoptic balance
Apr 2020 · 330
Flynn Apr 2020
Night's untold beauty
Illuminating darkness
transforms time timeless
Apr 2020 · 729
Flynn Apr 2020
I’m feeling stressed
Or is it depressed?
Either way there’s a weight on my chest

Weighing me down
Forcing a frown
How and when will I come back around?

Out of this hole
It’s out of control
Trying to manage I go for a stroll

Away from it all
Away from the walls
To sit by the river, and breathe as it whorls

The looming dismay
Starts to make way
And finally I’m feeling like I might be okay

Still feeling so wired
I walk til I’m tired
Waiting until my feelings’ expired

A welcome detox
Now back to the box
The house in itself, a sick paradox

Be that as it may
I’m fine, as I say
I try to forget this is now everyday

I rest my head down
Too many sounds
Lying awake, my thoughts all unbound

Maybe its time for another breakdown...
Apr 2020 · 247
Flynn Apr 2020
for those beautiful connections
for those incredible people
we're always keeping an eye out
a criteria treasure map
searching only for overlap
who doesn't love a venn diagram!?
Apr 2020 · 322
Flynn Apr 2020
Referencing wisdom
Chinese / Japanese / Other
you will encounter
a metaphor using trees
to impart knowledge
on confronting affliction

"bamboo that bends", or
"the oak that breaks in a storm..."
yes, even agreeable
                                               - partially

Openness to change
I can appreciate... but
to destructive change!?
Therein, my inner conflict

To resist violence
and to fall instead of sway.
Stoic refusal
to accept ancient wisdom.

In how to remain
- the teachings of confucius

Lying, pondering
hearing groaning, resisting.
I now realise,
like the oak by my window

                                               - I will fall.
Apr 2020 · 621
Flynn Apr 2020
Watch along the horizon line
Past the trees and you will find

Through the skies being installed
Every high and every fall

Cloaked until again recalled
Nature once again redrawn

Clear for all who look to see
Our collective mother’s ECG
Apr 2020 · 1.4k
Learning Opportunity
Flynn Apr 2020
Public places
now empty spaces
free of all familiar faces

But there is an upside
a turn of the tide
away from environmental suicide

Shifting towards clean
Mother Earth more serene
thriving more than I’ve ever seen
Inspired on a walk during the corona crisis
Apr 2020 · 368
Flynn Apr 2020
Some say sad eyes
which they surmise
must have arised
and been incised
by pain

Some say kind eyes
I prefer what this implies
Yet it still decries
What's inside
Yet again

I'm sure they may both be right...
But these are the eyes
I cannot disguise
These are the eyes
In which my soul is contained

So please don't see wise
To see them and apprise
me of my character, and theorise
on what underlies
For it is inane

If the judgement is a guise
and simply improvised
A means to advertise
interest or curiosity, replies
you can ascertain

if conversation you catalyse
conducive to exorcise
unjust judgements implied
by what you have spied (it wasn't just my eyes)
and arraigned...
I have been prejudged a lot before and it feels like everyone sees something different... I take issue with this culture.
Read the book not the cover
Apr 2020 · 154
Flynn Apr 2020
Tormented daily.
"Character building!" they said.
Toxic bulletin
Apr 2020 · 197
Flynn Apr 2020
destined to love more
than I will ever be loved
worth or tragedy
Apr 2020 · 249
Flynn Apr 2020
Priceless bond debased
an eternity of penance
over feelings withheld
Apr 2020 · 213
Flynn Apr 2020
how hard can it be
to feel free?

Thoughts of a stream
Leaves shades of cream
The water gleams
Beguiling, clean
Wending to breathe
Through the mouth to the sea

I’ll settle for air
High, up there
The flight of stairs
Stand. Stare
Isolated where
Wind can tear
cold. care?
I want to be there
I NEED the air

My heart is pounding,
The beats compounding.
Louder, resounding.
Sickening thuds sounding
alarm. It’s astounding me
Hounding me
Drowning me

I want to scream
Inappropriate, it’s deemed
I think of the leaf, cream
No. The Cerulean stream
wandering unleashed,
Unfettered. Free
Just trying to breathe

As I wander, I wonder
How hard can it be
To feel free?
Written on a cold day struggling to find a reason
Apr 2020 · 233
Flynn Apr 2020
Twenty pounds a day
was the price to pay
Monday through Sunday.

The only way
with no leeway
to sit beside my mum and pray.
Over a month of daily hospital visits
Worth every penny
Aren't private hospital car parks great !
Apr 2020 · 209
Flynn Apr 2020
I look at your face
Watching your features changing
I beg you to share
Apr 2020 · 297
Flynn Apr 2020
It's nice to go out
wandering and pondering
I should do it more
Written today mid-walk through the woods
Time to myself to think
Didnt see a soul for 3 hours :)
Apr 2020 · 179
Flynn Apr 2020
The moment I lost everything
I lost... everything

It all used to be so clear
Until my passion disappeared

I knew my direction every day
Until my ******* spine gave way

I coerced myself to counselling
Honestly ready to try anything

"It's not the end of the world" she said
As dark thoughts danced through my head

"What else makes you happy?"
"I guess I do love poetry"

I still feel empty.
I wouldn't wish back injuries on anyone at all.
Apr 2020 · 311
Flynn Apr 2020
I used to sleep well
before I opened my eyes
and i saw too much
Apr 2020 · 177
Flynn Apr 2020
Today it all hurts
just a little bit less than
it did yesterday
Time is a fantastic healer... as long as you can spare it
Apr 2020 · 746
Flynn Apr 2020
The climate we face
The comments about race
The isolation of many
The wealthy top 20
The animals disappearing
The extinction we're fearing
The communities pull apart
When they need to take part

In mending the world's bleeding heart.
Apr 2020 · 162
What is poetry to you?
Flynn Apr 2020
A ******* relief
A way to set free the pain
Deep inside of me
Apr 2020 · 614
Flynn Apr 2020
Without you, my neck would go cold

Without you, my heart would go cold

Without you, my fire would go cold
and then...

Go out.
inspired on a good and cold, windy british lockdown walk.
Apr 2020 · 287
Flynn Apr 2020
Day one of lockdown
So no-one is allowed out?
Whats for dinner dear... trout?
AKA day 11
Apr 2020 · 692
Flynn Apr 2020
End of it all

End of it all?

The end of it all

What end of it all!?

The man had a fall!
That end of it all

The man had a fall?
What man had a fall?

The man down the hall
That man had a fall

The man down the hall?
What man down the hall?

The man down the hall
Who works at the mall
He was an oddball
The man had a fall
Down there he is sprawled

Down there he is sprawled
Down where is he sprawled?

Down where is he sprawled?
At the end of the hall
The end with the stairs
as i recall

Oh that man down the hall
He WAS an oddball
...Oh ****! The man's had a fall!!!
Have the police been called?
read as quick as you can :)
Apr 2020 · 428
Flynn Apr 2020
This ****** organism
Flowing with Lyricism
Endowed with Witticism
Maybe lacking in rhythm...
But not in favouritism
Look under the skin
Why the schism
What is the division
Needless criticism

Wait... did I just become the villain?
Is there ever any need for judgemental comparison?
Apr 2020 · 502
Instagram vs. Reality
Flynn Apr 2020
We have the best times
I’m so unhappy

We have the best days
I’m having an awful day

We’re so similar
You don’t understand me

We’re a perfect couple
We clash
Apr 2020 · 538
Flynn Apr 2020
I watch my feet
It moves discreet
Flowing sand
I stand

It ebbs and flows
Comes and goes
movements twinned
enacted by wind

Caught by the tides
The sea has come in
The moment... fin
Inspired by a walk on Talacre beach in North Wales
Miles of sand and nobody around
Apr 2020 · 750
Flynn Apr 2020
In times of crisis
We’re all a bit lifeless
this Corona virus
Spreading minus bias

Isolated from all
government protocol  
So I sit, and I scrawl
head to wall, long haul

I get it... I do.
I fear my mind will stew
Clinging to screws
“Don’t come loose”

But to be sincere
Only one thing is clear  
Can’t wait to see’r
I need her near

Waves of sadness
Two metre madness
A Surprising vastness
Our towns a blank canvas

In times of of crisis
We rely on kindness
And I’m indecisive
But right now priceless

Our mobile devices  
Inspired by the current COVID-19 / corona virus lockdown

— The End —