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Bella Nov 2017
Tell me...
Are your pockets big enough to hold what I am about to give you
If they’re not
Than get a bag
Get a jacket
Because I will take every inch I can get and then spill over a little bit more
I will hide in every crevice you will give me

You can wash me out again tomorrow
It’s ok
I will find somewhere else to put my heart
To put my soul
The pieces no one wants
It’s ok

But for right now
Hold me in your hands as well
Because I will tell you until you say stop
Until it’s enough
And there will be more
but it’s ok
I will find somewhere else for that.

Just take what you will
Take what you can carry
Because my words and my thoughts overlap
And they don’t always make sense
But if you will just hold them

it will be enough
Shazz Manji Apr 2014
Faded memories
lose their colour
and conversation
but wearing thin
with each recollection
and overlapped
by the heartache
and partings
tomorrow holds so close
Destined to be replaced
and painfully short lived
So fades another day
and another
and another

— The End —