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Man Feb 27
compatriots, let your voices sing
like an unchecked choir
let words be the pitfalls
your opposition face
and in their fall from grace
at attempts to smear you
hold to each of them
those things that endear you
for a friend is but a stranger
that met you on a good day
with a bright disposition
and an enemy
is simply
someone you've not really met yet
Saïda Boūzazy Nov 2020
My world is different from yours Sir!  
In my world,
There is  ghosts , fairytale, magic, and fantasy .
Imagination is dominating there -Sir-
In your world,
There is nothing but darkness, anxiety, and depression
Loneliness is dominating there  -Sir-

When we meet,
My world vanishes slowly
-Darkness coves the Light  -
Your are Darkening my world Sir!  
We are two  opposites -Sir -
Aa Harvey Sep 2020
Love Love

Maybe I am just in love with love,
But is that such a bad thing?
If I want to find love, why can I not keep on believing?
I may just love love, but surely when I am in love that is good.
Surely to be with someone who loves love should be good enough.

I would love her the way I love to be in love,
And still you say that this is wrong?
Who are you to say that?
What is it that you have you done?
Who have you loved to say my love is not right?
Who are you to tell me anything other than goodbye?

I do love love and I will love her until the end.
I am in love with love; I will love her without pretend,
Because she is love, so I do love love.  On that you can depend.
You can go ahead; you do your own mistakes this night.
I'll create my own and you can keep on believing,
That only you can be right.

What insight do you have to tell me what to do?
Do I care?  I love love so boo-hoo,
I hope I scare you away from telling me what to do;
How to love and what to say.
I do what feels right; I say what I like.
I love the only way I know how, I love love my way.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Flynn Apr 2020
Understanding depth
light and dark tandem opposed
Panoptic balance
Flynn Apr 2020
Night's untold beauty
Illuminating darkness
transforms time timeless
Flynn Apr 2020
We have the best times
I’m so unhappy

We have the best days
I’m having an awful day

We’re so similar
You don’t understand me

We’re a perfect couple
We clash
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
कागले छेरेको विउबाट
उम्रिएको रुख हो त्यो

अमिलो फल फल्ने
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: विवाद
Desire Mar 2019
Our oppositions are subjective, yet
we're subject to our opinions
but differences deepened by
developing diversity is false dominion,
proving one thing to be true:
Neither of us get the final rule.
Human supremacy is a construct,
freeing me to believe in a higher power
outside of me and you...

If neither of us are supreme, then who?
Steve Page Feb 2019

[In the voice of your favourite over-excited rugby commentator.]

We're inside the final quarter. We've seen a bone-cruncher of a contest today and there's no sign of a let up, the pray-ers gather for the next engagement, positioning themselves with practiced confidence, skillfully supporting each other, ready for the push.  You can see every knee and each hand bears the marks from this long muddied pray, red and brown staining every inch of their entwined limbs; - arms and hands holding fast.

Front row.
Second row.
Back row.
Digging in for the big push.

The opposition has played an intelligent game, taking advantage of any lapse in concentration, any sign of tiredness, looking for any weakness to exploit.  The pray-ers know they can't afford any slips now, they need to keep up the pressure, maintain their advance deep in the opposition's half.  Every yard of gained ground needs to be defended.

The pray-ers' Coach looks on - look at his smile! You can see the pride he has for his team, he's schooled them on every tactic of the opposition and now that training, that practice has paid dividends. This is a team of pray-ers that so clearly know each other well, supporting each other every step of the way. You can see their coordinated pray, their sustained effort and the sheer pleasure they feel when they are praying together.

The pray-ers drive on.  The sound of their groans and deep breaths merge into one. There's a rhythm to it, a cadence as together they push and PUSH. 

The opposition's footing is slipping, the pray-ers' momentum gains pace and, YES! the resistance collapses.  Oh, that must have hurt!

But there's no time for complacency, the pray-ers re-form their line looking for the next opening, the next opportunity to push forward.

This is a joy to see.  The Coach shouts his encouragement - this was never going to be an easy struggle; you can't dismiss the opposition - they are a seasoned though sometimes disorganised team and they can take you by surprise.  But as we've seen here today, the Coach knows that if his team of pray-ers keep to the plan and pray to their strengths, the opposition are surely in for a hiding. The pray-ers will triumph and they will take the winners' crown.
- Now back to the action.
Inspired by the Six Nations tournament
Louisa Coller Jan 2019
Your structure was tall like a tree in the night,
yet they shot you down faster than lightning.
I felt myself falling in this deep endless abyss,
while they stand tall above us in this empty place.
Nothing is clear to us.

One by one each payment is erased,
one by one each month is replaced.
the more we look, the more it hurts us,
as we sit here in a confused daydream.

Vulnerable people grasping onto what they can,
it sounds dramatic only when you feel safe.
They say their words represent our feelings,
yet every person I know never felt the same.
I never knew how to feel like them.

One by one each payment is erased,
one by one each month is replaced.
the more we look, the more it hurts us,
as we sit here in a confused daydream.

For you grew in a shell of a place,
I never knew from my experiences.
But, for the place I did know for years,
I feel the colours fade away.
Every hue, every shade.

One by one, each person begins to walk away,
one by one, they make out it’s our fault again.
Yet, instead of fixing what is broken in masses,
we find new ways to paint over it again and again.

For I wonder what becomes of us?
If I’m not enough, will we be enough?
Even then, will they come knocking,
for us to pay their debts?
My pockets are empty.
This poem was written to be sent to Hungry Hill Writing for their 'Poets meet Politics' competition; I have wrote three poems for this competition; The first poem I entered, this is to highlight that it isn't just the United Kingdom being in a Political disaster... America, or the USA, itself, isn't doing much better. Government Shutdown, the workers not getting their pay. It's just a disaster everywhere isn't it?

This is meant to be the worries conveyed from an American and English person in love.
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