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Poor reaction:
Stipulated by thumbs and notions to excel
Steadied eyes, that keep aims harboring sense?
Of quiet, that looked hard for us, to wish in hell...

Left, do we remember a tears cause?
With the language of frozen thoughts?
Many and metered loyalty's, laws?
That took the obvious to oblivion, for what mocks?

Pyres or piety
The tale I tell, is for the coming and the done
****** to rights, the toil we adjust, we show anxiety...
Is a legend in its own right, risen from the curse, we own

Liberty, is an expensive friend, come to tell us a fortune
Of dignity and callous vice, to share a kept dream of avarice's fit
And final lip of sincerity, that knows where you have been
Acted upon like a thief in the sight, of another, and in whit:

We are that we are...
The poise of destiny to a frightful mind, that keeps charisma
Like a treasure of deliberate calm, when we know passion afar
And ready to strike, nothing but a conversation that is a proven same, somehow sad...

But hating the very roots of opinion, for an art?
Of redoubt in the temptation of cope, to witness a shyness
Forth a remaining tooth of drama and lowly starts
Of nothing at all, but the richness of causes, we have seen come to bless...
Vain enough to look beyond a rainy horizon, hence, could heat even be our savior?
Andrew Rueter Jan 2022
All I see are demons
in this apocalyptic season
when everyone with a grievance
pledges allegiance
to those in agreement
of fear of the opposition
deserving paranoid treatment
for a thing called collision.

I live in fear of their numbers
I fear the heights of their hunger
I fear they'll eternalize my slumber
not wanting to go under
I sit there and wonder
how to tear asunder
nightmarish hunters.

This thunderstick granted to me
for my John Wick fantasy
lays in my hands handily
fingers hugging the trigger
ignoring the touch of skin
it makes me feel bigger
than playing the violin.

I need guns because the other side has them
trading players like they're Udonis Haslem
feeling like the metallic version of Aslan
because of the armament in my safe
connecting me to my venom
protecting me from the other's ways
with a second **** in my denim.

I'm afraid of the angry mob
to which I've globbed on
pitchforks in hand
fingers hugging the trigger
of supply and demand
the rich get richer.
Javier Garza Aug 2021
Prophetic lies from the sacrilegious
The flames of discord are barely reigned in
Smiles and righteous eyes that fall upon
The hatred simmers behind tight lines

"Holiness" transcends logic and reason
It scars the land and shackles Lady Justice
Faith is the rule
Hope is the law

Freedom is blasphemous and a deadly sin
My avarice for it is insatiale
To be free of mind
Free of thought
Free of "sin"

To live is to sin
To sin is to be free

So salvation be ******
Blasphemy fall upon my melancholic soul
May the pious forever hold their peace
So the decadent bloom and Lady Justice be free of her shackles
The evangelical enslaved by their faith
And the Lost Lambs roam free at last
Not everyone is of the same faith or belief and that is fine. However, we must all respect one another and the sanctity of their autonomy. Not everyone needs nor wants to be saved. Sometimes those "lost lambs" are perfectly happy and content.
Man Feb 2021
compatriots, let your voices sing
like an unchecked choir
let words be the pitfalls
your opposition face
and in their fall from grace
at attempts to smear you
hold to each of them
those things that endear you
for a friend is but a stranger
that met you on a good day
with a bright disposition
and an enemy
is simply
someone you've not really met yet
Saïda Boūzazy Nov 2020
My world is different from yours Sir!  
In my world,
There is  ghosts , fairytale, magic, and fantasy .
Imagination is dominating there -Sir-
In your world,
There is nothing but darkness, anxiety, and depression
Loneliness is dominating there  -Sir-

When we meet,
My world vanishes slowly
-Darkness coves the Light  -
Your are Darkening my world Sir!  
We are two  opposites -Sir -
Aa Harvey Sep 2020
Love Love

Maybe I am just in love with love,
But is that such a bad thing?
If I want to find love, why can I not keep on believing?
I may just love love, but surely when I am in love that is good.
Surely to be with someone who loves love should be good enough.

I would love her the way I love to be in love,
And still you say that this is wrong?
Who are you to say that?
What is it that you have you done?
Who have you loved to say my love is not right?
Who are you to tell me anything other than goodbye?

I do love love and I will love her until the end.
I am in love with love; I will love her without pretend,
Because she is love, so I do love love.  On that you can depend.
You can go ahead; you do your own mistakes this night.
I'll create my own and you can keep on believing,
That only you can be right.

What insight do you have to tell me what to do?
Do I care?  I love love so boo-hoo,
I hope I scare you away from telling me what to do;
How to love and what to say.
I do what feels right; I say what I like.
I love the only way I know how, I love love my way.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Flynn Apr 2020
Understanding depth
light and dark tandem opposed
Panoptic balance
Flynn Apr 2020
Night's untold beauty
Illuminating darkness
transforms time timeless
Flynn Apr 2020
We have the best times
I’m so unhappy

We have the best days
I’m having an awful day

We’re so similar
You don’t understand me

We’re a perfect couple
We clash
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
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