Tøast May 4
How can he miss the moon, when she was snuffed out so long ago?
When her light burnt out and she crumbled into two,
Shining brighter in a different sky, than she ever could in mine.

Well my night-time walks will never be the same,
A paranoid insomniacs depressive escape, through anxious gaps in the galaxy, where we used to dance between stars and lay down on black holes.
Well now, it would seem, the night sky is nothing but darkness, where his heart may beat but his mind just hurts.
Azuraine Apr 7
You will heal in time they say
Minutes pass  
They pass into mass
I don’t want this time
Minutes take time
They steal space
I don’t want this time
Time heals all wounds they say
Minutes steal passion
They steal unity
I don’t want this time
Minutes are more painful than hours
More painful than days
More painful than weeks
Minutes are killing me
I don’t want this time
At the end
They both analyze
What doesn’t worked
Before they get separated

They talked, professionally
They smiled, professionally
They stayed together, professionally
Mutually respect, professionally

It was a deal
With technical terms and conditions
Staying skeptic
With many,
If / when / but / besides

All their life,
They behave as the professionals

I never heard them, adore
Saying special
Saying extraordinary
They are the professionals

The both

Soul was missing
From the very beginning
All the way

They are the individuals
They are the professionals

For the best,
They stepped on their own

Genre: Observational
Theme: truth of life  |  why small things matter
LJ Mar 22
Empty room and I’m the first to walk in
Great opportunity you would think to make conversation
And where to sit is the anticipation
I sit on one end of the room
And they all fill up from the other
While making uncomfortable eye contact
Unaware of how that will make an impact
I might as well of sat in a box
And kept an eye on the clock
Because then I wouldn’t of noticed that no one wants to take notice
Of someone who you constantly ignore
Should I create an uproar
As you continue to be ignorant
But that would just be so inconvenient
A disruption to my learning
And I will not be that stereotypical black person plus
If you really wanted to you would of made an effort on several different occasions
When I would give a gentle smile and it was just put to the side a classic daily evasion
Just goes to show that not everyone is included in inclusion
Especially in an enclosed room
You would rather keep your distance showing a clear separation
I thought they put an end to an apartheid But there was a clear partition
Because i ended up sitting on my own
in a class full of white people making me feel like I don’t belong and alone
SoZaka Mar 10
down in the depths
grimly it glows
amidst weeping willows
and a pond of minnows
love dimmed by sorrow and time apart

eternally it glows
amidst weeping willows
and time lost in thought
a dream I've yet to catch
amongst all the
minnows I've caught
The day I stop wishing for you to back to me,
Is the day you’ll actually return.
but by then I’ll already have moved on.
Glenn Onebene Dec 2017
Your dress is beautiful
I know i shouldn't have seen it but i did
The way it fell on your back like feathers laid against your skin
The lace so delicately placed on you as if it were not there at all
Your shoulders glowed under the lights
As you turned your hair fell as if it were on purpose
I saw it and now it replays in my head
One... more... week
I'll turn and smile in aw of your beauty
Like a child finally getting the present he always wanted
I'll laugh as you try not to fall in the heels you were determined to wear on this unleveled ground
We will smile and shake our heads as the room disappears
Just the priest, you, and... I
Two words will echo for all to hear, "I do!!"

At least they would have

I can still hear your car start up
The blinds shook as the door closed

"You cant make me happy"

If only that were the response to my hello two years ago.
But no those words were whispered to me after we kissed and held each other one final time
You said you were sorry like it needed to be said
The color in your face was gone, the tears started to fall, and then it was just me
I sat there frozen
but not why i thought i did..
I see now i didnt move nor chase you because thats what you were use to
I gave up in that moment
I let you leave and now i approach the final stretch alone
Tears dried up
starting to breathe
I wake up and dont even think of you
You know for a while i thought youd come back, that it was just your meds, and i would be fine settling for my shitty life with you.
But now i smile
Yes i am so fucking relieved
One more week until the rest of my life..

without you :)
Dave Parker Nov 2017
I wasn't expecting that
Your eyes and love
Didn't warn me

I know you rattle with the pills
But you smile and walk with me
You're always close
But unassuming

My shadow in so many ways
A friend who follows
One who cares
One I care for.

Do I change or stay the same
We've built our habits
Built our lives
Shared our feelings

We speak without words
Communicate by thought
Understand with a look
So bugger bugger bugger.

I will walk through the valley with you
I will try and ease the path
But at some point we'll  seperate
But I want this time to last

So yeah. I'll keep it normal
But something is lost inside
I wish I didn't know it
Because somehow today you died.

So enjoy the extra treats
I love you and I wish to show
That you've been there for me
And I don't want you to go.
Ben my working 10 year old collie has been given 2 to 3 months. Liver disease. Surprised cos no physical signs. So sorry, emotional outburst. But
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