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Thomas C Sep 14
Heel to sole.
Closer and warmer.
Tongue against palate.
Tongue against teeth.
Air slips in between lips...
word for word.
Mumbling and muttering…
Hands are shaken.
Heads are nodding.
Backs are bending.
Sole to heel.
Distant and cold.

In the tempest,
praying for the best
the hopes float
on a small boat
steered by the trust and patience
love and acceptance...
Time and distance hardly matter
hope the things get better
the normalcy gets the track
the happy times will surely come back,
till then the finger are crossed
praying the lord
to let me remind that
Temperory is this helplessness
Howsoever I miss "us"
"this too shall pass!"
"This too shall pass!!"

When the separation from loved one knocks the heart....
even after everything
if i could go back
to the first moment we met
i wouldn't run
from the heartache
i'd only tell myself
just how worth it
you were.
- i don't know how to be me without you and it's terrifying.
I know that one day
we will stop talking to each other
that you also might no longer call my phone

I recorded those voice notes
our late night calls
in case I misses your voice,
I still have the records :)
I miss you unfortunately,
no matter how hard i try
i never seem
to find the words
to immortalise
what we had
perhaps it is enough,
to dream that somewhere
there is a universe
just like ours
where we both found
each other again
only this time
we made it.
I want to see the dreams you have of you and I when you sleep,
Confessions you wont even admit to yourself outloud because nothing exists if it only exists in your head.
I want to know the things you think i already do,
They seem more like given truths rather than things better left unsaid
Sing to me the poetry you write me in your head,
so i know there's truth to the madness in my own rhyme.
I didnt know another tune could be so familiar
Never expected to pass someone and see a mirror where his face should be
Never thought it would be a place id see.
Keiya Tasire Jun 9
Over the  mountains along the winding road
Crossing the distance
To the people of my heart
To hug you
To look into your  eyes
As you share your tales
Of challenges and joys.
I may not be there physically.
Yet I am with you
Always in  Spirit.
<3 u 8
I live a way from my family and there are days that I miss  my family a lot.
Hoor Jun 5
their separation

was it 2nd grade, or maybe third?
was it the arguments, or maybe the new war?
was it the bad words, or perhaps the loud ones?

you involved a 3rd side, to a two-sided commitment.


because you got tired after what?
17 years of fighting?

was that what forever meant to you?
17 years and a couple of months?
or did you think we weren’t worth fighting for?

was it a thrown away ring, or maybe you threw away the whole marriage?
it explains why you love running so much.
since instead of walking by our side, you ran away.

but I wonder, 10 years ago
were my tears not enough to keep u in such a commitment?
were my letters every night not enough of a reminder?
of how much love I had for you and my mother?

did that not have any impact on you? or was the package too good to refuse?
better than seeing my sister & I grow in front of your eyes,
better than being there for the family, that your majesty created.

it’s a little funny, you know?
10 years later, and I still
tear up thinking about you sleeping with a woman,
who doesn’t hold my mother’s name, features nor kindness.

I feel weak, yet strong because I have both of you.
empty, yet full because I hold your name. after mine.
poor, yet rich by knowing you will always be there for her.
broken, yet collected because I know your name
doesn’t leave her prayers.

I love you & I always will.
I love her & I will forever do.
beyond your decisions, and failures.
by forever & always,

I don’t mean 17 years like you did.
because I’m seventeen writing this, and I can assure you
I’m not halfway done loving you, nor your imperfections.

by forever & always,
I don’t mean I will look for a replacement when it gets tough.
I don’t mean running away when it gets overwhelming.

because believe it or not.

I can love better than you, because of you.

because I learned when to be like you, and
when to be the opposite of you.

I would like to finish this by saying,

I will never stop writing about your failure,
not to criticize your life or your emotions. I would never.
but to simply show that love CAN come out of such broken souls.
fullness CAN come out of such massive sacrifices.
grace CAN come out of such anger.

with unjudgemental love,
your 17-year-old daughter. **
written with love & anger.
We both know
when the day gets darker
you wanted her body next to you
you wanted her voice to sing you lullaby

She is still the love of your life
your endless love
I bet I'm nothing compare to her
the sweet smile of hers beyond angel

Go, chase back your flower ; your rose
stop pretending,
It won't work this way
I can't love someone else's man

The days we've spent together
the breakfast, the lunch
I appreciate them all
thank you, for those smile you gave.

I'm letting you go
I'm giving you chance to heal and be happy
I'll be ok
I'll be fine.
Good Morning Abang.
Amanda May 8
Do you understand the immense love I have for you?
I must fight my feelings each day
Oh how I'd share your suffering if I could
Take it from you if there was a way

I just do not know if you get it
Wish I could explain better
Finding it hard to capture the expanse of my emotions
With punctuation marks and letters

I cannot love you a little
Don't hold the ability to shrink my heart
More desire fills beds each passing night
Increasing with the number of miles apart
It hurts when you have someone in your heart but cant have them in your arms
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