The day I stop wishing for you to back to me,
Is the day you’ll actually return.
but by then I’ll already have moved on.
K Harris Jan 8
Do you have any regrets?
Only letting you get too close when I know how I am
I cant keep the facade that is having feelings
I manage to convince myself of love
But in truth I just enjoy the light that comes from being adored
Im selfish and can’t stay in a relationship
In one simple phrase: I get bored
Its bad but true and thats one good thing from my friends not talking to you.
They know the ins and outs of my problems with relationships
And why none of them last
True, I hoped it’d be different but hey what can I say.
Im broken glass and can only stay together for so long till I have to separate and try again
If held softly I stay longer but oh well I enjoy being shattered and alone
Love makes me this way what can I say
Glenn Onebene Dec 2017
Your dress is beautiful
I know i shouldn't have seen it but i did
The way it fell on your back like feathers laid against your skin
The lace so delicately placed on you as if it were not there at all
Your shoulders glowed under the lights
As you turned your hair fell as if it were on purpose
I saw it and now it replays in my head
One... more... week
I'll turn and smile in aw of your beauty
Like a child finally getting the present he always wanted
I'll laugh as you try not to fall in the heels you were determined to wear on this unleveled ground
We will smile and shake our heads as the room disappears
Just the priest, you, and... I
Two words will echo for all to hear, "I do!!"

At least they would have

I can still hear your car start up
The blinds shook as the door closed

"You cant make me happy"

If only that were the response to my hello two years ago.
But no those words were whispered to me after we kissed and held each other one final time
You said you were sorry like it needed to be said
The color in your face was gone, the tears started to fall, and then it was just me
I sat there frozen
but not why i thought i did..
I see now i didnt move nor chase you because thats what you were use to
I gave up in that moment
I let you leave and now i approach the final stretch alone
Tears dried up
starting to breathe
I wake up and dont even think of you
You know for a while i thought youd come back, that it was just your meds, and i would be fine settling for my shitty life with you.
But now i smile
Yes i am so fucking relieved
One more week until the rest of my life..

without you :)
Dave Parker Nov 2017
I wasn't expecting that
Your eyes and love
Didn't warn me

I know you rattle with the pills
But you smile and walk with me
You're always close
But unassuming

My shadow in so many ways
A friend who follows
One who cares
One I care for.

Do I change or stay the same
We've built our habits
Built our lives
Shared our feelings

We speak without words
Communicate by thought
Understand with a look
So bugger bugger bugger.

I will walk through the valley with you
I will try and ease the path
But at some point we'll  seperate
But I want this time to last

So yeah. I'll keep it normal
But something is lost inside
I wish I didn't know it
Because somehow today you died.

So enjoy the extra treats
I love you and I wish to show
That you've been there for me
And I don't want you to go.
Ben my working 10 year old collie has been given 2 to 3 months. Liver disease. Surprised cos no physical signs. So sorry, emotional outburst. But
Sanny Nov 2017
Picking my words carefully on the field of eggshells.

Knowing that if I told you the truth you'd leave.

Like so many times before..

My struggles are seperating us.

Leaving me walking on the ground cracking with every step.

A faked laugh is worth your smile.

A proud hug that I cannot live up to.

With a heavy heart I know I've failed you..
R Nov 2017
My computer turns on.
The lights are off.
The monitor shrieks an unholy shade of white.
I am not purified by this light.

On Monday,
I was Dialgo, talking about the tenets of fighting racism.
On Tuesday,
I was Legion, mounting raids to burn the oppressed.
On Wednesday,
I was Cassie, inquiring about sexual tourism.
On Thursday,
I was Father Christian, protecting those I've blessed.
On Friday,
I was Sephora, urging those for liberation.
On Saturday,
I was Brian, comforting my best friend.
On Sunday,
I was Zkul, asking for a poem to come to creation.
I'll be someone that fits the current online trend.

The monitor shuts off.
The lights are on.
I lay in bed.
For now though, it's just me.
Mandi Oct 2017
As I lay me down to sleep
   in the quiet of the night
   I loose these tears I'm meant to keep
   into a pillow, soft and white

As I lay me down to bed
   in satin sheets of yellow gold
   thoughts of you will fill my head
   and all the love we couldn't hold

As I lay me down to rest
   wishing you were by my side
   I think on how we did our best
   but in the end were still denied

As I lay me down to dream
   just as the darkness settles in
   I pray our love will be redeemed
   that we can find what might have been
This is something I wrote back in 2015 when my SO and I were considering separation and I lay in our bed at night all alone.
Hannah Zedaker Sep 2017
What happened to us...
was worse than a break upyousee,

I mourn you as if you were dead.
silent memories of you were all that remained


you cut me out,
and                                                      gone without a trace.

NOW my guts are sprawled out,
naked and exposed,

It was worse than a break up
                                                it wasn’t sweet and gentle

you decided to cut every connection and leave me with the phone,
                   trying to figure out why the line was dead

This was worse than a break up
I was giving and I shared
hoping to heal your holes
but now I’m sitting here writing and            collapsingIntoMyself
because I am          missing          so            much

This was worse than a break up
                                because I mourned for you

never bothered to tell me if you were dead NEVER bothered to care

in your hour of pain
you shared the wealth.
I care for you STILL
that’s all this is now


I wish this was a break up.
Apparently too much love can drive people to a point in which they leave with out a trace or warning. And sometimes, its those you least expect.
Shane Leigh Jul 2017
I had lost my inspiration
In the cross section of Hallmark Lane
And Daniels Parkway.
I froze,
Because I thought I saw you.
You were happy
But for what reason?
When I went to reach for you
You turned your back,
Still smiling,
Like I was not there,
And you walked away...
Without a word.
I let my hand drop with me
To the ground.
Will you come back?
Will you pick me up?
My knees turn black on the pavement
Of the cross section of Daniels and Hallmark,
And you came back;
But you were not the same,
And neither was I.
© Shane Leigh
Banan Jul 2017
The pattern, in which my heart was breaking  
to the rhythm
of the steps you took
walking away,
taking the light away

For so long i've tried
To mimic the stillness
In the nothingness
But a way, i could not find
to rise
Without choking
on your name
Only finding myself
gasping on memories
In tries to bring the life
back to the branches of my lungs
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