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We both know
when the day gets darker
you wanted her body next to you
you wanted her voice to sing you lullaby

She is still the love of your life
your endless love
I bet I'm nothing compare to her
the sweet smile of hers beyond angel

Go, chase back your flower ; your rose
stop pretending,
It won't work this way
I can't love someone else's man

The days we've spent together
the breakfast, the lunch
I appreciate them all
thank you, for those smile you gave.

I'm letting you go
I'm giving you chance to heal and be happy
I'll be ok
I'll be fine.
Good Morning Abang.
Amanda May 8
Do you understand the immense love I have for you?
I must fight my feelings each day
Oh how I'd share your suffering if I could
Take it from you if there was a way

I just do not know if you get it
Wish I could explain better
Finding it hard to capture the expanse of my emotions
With punctuation marks and letters

I cannot love you a little
Don't hold the ability to shrink my heart
More desire fills beds each passing night
Increasing with the number of miles apart
It hurts when you have someone in your heart but cant have them in your arms
Daniela Mar 20
Why do we expose so much of ourselves to someone? We give up so much to make them happy.
We lose ourselves in them, becoming them.
And call it "love".
Not realizing how unhappy we've become.
That your old self is gone.
That your favorite color isn't even your favorite color, it's theirs.
That you, don't even care about yourself anymore..

And if they leave what's left?
We beg them, cry for them, and ask them to stay....why??
Because we've stopped loving ourselves.
Because without them we will have loved for nothing.

the heart, longs for you
the eyes, look for you
in my ears, your voice rattle
in my mind, a never ending battle

your presence is always nearby
the heart sinks and i sigh
reminding myself that you're gone
and now here i am alone

everyday a hope peeps in my heart
that what if you're far apart
for me, you equally long
but by night I'm proven wrong

having no clue where you are
sending love through a twinkling star
i tried my best to move on
yet unknowingly i hold on

maybe the God answers my prayers
you come and wipe my tears
someday to releive the pain
you will be mine back again

maybe a plan by the divinity
to bond us till eternity
hence the hopes continue to float
on a broken drifting boat...

Just an imagination
Myrrdin Feb 17
It breathes memories into my charcoaled lungs
The calluses on my palms
The ever lingering self doubt following my every step
Its heart beats in the herb garden on my balcony
Pulses through my broken alabaster skin
And quakes in the grooves of my cracked ribcage
It sleeps on the folded fitted sheets in my cabinet
Stirring restlessly at the smell of stale beer and fresh tobacco
It awakens with a jolt whenever it smells blood
Its stretching into my pinned back colony hair
Weaving its way through the secret stories
Into eardrums saying "you must **** yourself to get out"
This ghost of my family
Whispering commands into my ears
I am only now hearing it's voice
Because I always believed it was mine
This goodbye is not reconciliation with the voices
It is a resurrection of my own.
I still can't erase your face
then I will let you dance inside me.

I will continue admiring you
But this time, in healthier way.

I won't cut my wrist
but I'll photograph the tears.

I won't jump off the bridge
but I'll paint the ocean.

I won't sleep with monoxide in my car
but I'll write about it.

I won't let the liquid flowing down the cheek
but I'll act on the theater stage.

I won't fight to leave anymore
but I'll stay and make art from it.
sage short Feb 5
The people who live in the trees are fragile.
They run from the people who live outside the trees when they watch them stare at the leaves or have picnics in the grass near the base of the trees. But, they are people watchers by nature. The people who live outside the trees enjoy sandwiches and always know when the leaves are changing color. The people who live in the trees speak in short, whispered songs like fairies with secrets so the people outside cannot hear them. Like flies on the wall, they are always watching and listening with joyful eyes and perky ears. The people who live outside the trees are always filled with laughter.
On the summer solstice, they gather round with berries dipped in sap to watch the day pass by and see all the people who live outside the trees dancing and being free in the World.
Baylee Kaye Feb 2
you were here and gone so fast
it felt too soon but your presence calmed me
the second you left I felt distressed
my heart was drug behind you
when you walked away
I wanted to follow and cling to you
and never let you go
you ease my mind and I forget my pain
every single second I’m with you
I’m lost, helpless and afraid without you
when I leave you it’s a struggle
my mind shuts down and I panic
the world caves in and I can’t breathe
I want to be in your arms again
I need to feel you beside me again
Two ravens are perched on a tree,
One speaks to Death
And the other is never heard
A lonely life we live, the Ravens of the world
ALC Dec 2018
I can't help but fall for you,
over, and over again.
And my heart still smiles,
knowing we weren't meant to make it till the end.
I have known a guy for multiple years now, we have dated but nothing serious has ever happened, yet I feel so connected to him so unexpectedly.
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