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rebecca May 22
this city is scattered with
the exoskeletons of skins i've outgrown.
it's strange to grow out of someone else,
the skin we shared for years, months,
no longer holding me captive.
i don't remember
how or when or why
our souls split.
all i know now is that
my heart no longer misses it.
the hopeless mortality gets to me,
because i don't want to let go of you
but the utopia is out of reach.
i'll forever be shedding my skin
and leaving it behind
and watching you get smaller over my shoulder
as you barely mourn the loss of a friend.
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
I'm so sorry that's its over now
we've abandoned sacred love
The passion we once held so dear We are now devoid of
We've past the point of no return
And now the end is here
The sanctity of marriage destroyed
An act I always feared

Do you take this man to be your
Lawfully wedded husband?
You nodded quickly and said I do
As we happily both grinned
Your answer I believed at once
To forever be upheld
The tribulations came and went
Then against love you rebeled

I held on tight and fought the fight
But my grip was not enough
We endured so many storms
but in the end they proved too tough
You slipped away so savagely
Your willpower grew so weak
Now our marital ship has crashed ashore
We no longer speak

After all is said and done
I have one thing left to say
If I could choose to do it all again
Its a price I'd willingly pay
Even though I suffered so
From this spiritual endeavor
My vows were to love you til I die
So I'll keep loving you forever

I cannot believe in your idiocy
That you no longer love me
Please let my final words imbue
And set your ignorance free
Even though all hope is gone
And this situation is very dire
Love is not a perishable good
Love does not expire
These are my final thoughts about my failed marriage. I'm using this writing to wrap it all up and finally put it away.
Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
War of roses
War of roses
One will be betrothed
War of roses
War of roses
The other shall be loathed

Which one is left
Which one is taken
This War of roses has me shaken
Which one is here
Which on is there
This war of roses has awakened

War of roses
War of roses
One will be enshrined
War of roses
War of roses
The other n'er entwined

Which one is sought
Which come to nought
This war of roses must be fought
Who will win and who will lose?
This war of roses has me distraught

War of roses
War of roses
Whichever do I choose?
War of roses
War of roses
Which one will have to lose?
My buddy gave me a challenge. He said write a poem called War Of Roses, but thats all he gave me. He wanted to see what I would do with it. So this is what I came up with.
Harshit Nangia May 2020
You are my perfect dream
You are my final wish .

We don't talk nowadays
You don't even look at me,
I am now out of ways
I don't know how to be

Hence I create you in my dreams
No we're not a couple by the streams
But you just talk to me, have forgiven me,
Just that makes my heart skip a beat .

The thought of you just standing beside me,
Means the world to me .

All of this is not the reality
That's why I see you in my dreams
That's why I don't wanna wake up from my sleep .
Ever happened that when you can't be with someone, you imagine yourself with them in your dreams . You make a whole life with them and never wanna wake up
Harshit Nangia Apr 2020
I never told anyone that I loved you
Yet they teased me with your name
To silence them I fought with you
And cried for hours in pain .

I never told anyone that I loved you
Yet they teased me with your name
I asked them the reason for all the teasing
They said , for her my eyes reveal my feeling.

You never saw my love
Maybe cause I wasn't able to show it
Always busy silencing them
I wasn't able to express it .

Your memories keep troubling me
Neither do they let me work in the day
Nor de they let me sleep at night
They force me to think about you
This is the English translation of my poem  First love (part 2) for people who can't understand hindi . Motivated for this translation by Ben Noah Suri
Harshit Nangia Apr 2020
Maine kabhi kissi ko nahi bataya ki main tujhse pyaar karta tha ,
Fir bhi saara zamana mujhe tere naam se chheda karta tha .
Unko chup karane ke liye main tujhse ladta tha
Akele mein ghanto roya karta tha .

Maine kabhi kissi ko nahi bataya ki main tujhse pyaar karta tha
Fir bhi saara zamana mujhe tere naam se chheda karta tha .
Maine unse puchha ki unhe aisa kyun lagta hai ,
Unhone kaha unhe meri aankhon mein tere liye pyaar dikhta hai .

Tujhe kabhi mera pyaar nahi dikha
Shayad isliye, kyunki main kabhi dikha hi nahi paya.
Hamesha zamane ko hi chup karane mein laga raha
Kabhi tujhe apne dil ki baat keh hi nahi paaya .

Teri yaadein mujhe bahut satati hain
Na din mein kaam karne deti hai
Na raat ko sone deti hain
Bass tere baare mein sochne par majboor kar deti hain .
I was very young when I fell in love with her , it was as innocent as it could be .
But here we don't have an atmosphere which approves of children dating, so I was afraid of our pairing and that messed things up .
Harshit Nangia Apr 2020
I still end up with you in my dreams
My heart still calls out to you .

I still hope that one day you will understand,
I still hope that one day you will hold my hand.

I still try to find you in every girl
I still love the way your hair curl
Harshit Nangia Apr 2020
What we had was great
But maybe it is not in our fate .
Flynn Apr 2020
In times of crisis
We’re all a bit lifeless
this Corona virus
Spreading minus bias

Isolated from all
government protocol  
So I sit, and I scrawl
head to wall, long haul

I get it... I do.
I fear my mind will stew
Clinging to screws
“Don’t come loose”

But to be sincere
Only one thing is clear  
Can’t wait to see’r
I need her near

Waves of sadness
Two metre madness
A Surprising vastness
Our towns a blank canvas

In times of of crisis
We rely on kindness
And I’m indecisive
But right now priceless

Our mobile devices  
Inspired by the current COVID-19 / corona virus lockdown
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