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Flynn Apr 2020
Without you, my neck would go cold

Without you, my heart would go cold

Without you, my fire would go cold
and then...

Go out.
inspired on a good and cold, windy british lockdown walk.
Crystal Freda Feb 2019
A winter breeze
brushed against the tassels
of her velvet scarf.

She breathed in
the misty, wet smells
that melt her heart.

Her mittens tickled
the warm, scarlet wool
padded in her pockets.

Winds back and forth
against the snowy trees
rocking large  snow deposits.

She smiled at the
mushy, muddy tracks
her boots evenly made.

She bunched up
a big ball of powdery snow
and in that she played.
Josh Feb 2018
Scarf thieves beware.
Cold necks belong to snakes and lizards.
Snakes make snug scarves.
I always wanted a really long scarf
I had one
and it's gone now.

My eyes never close
and I never stop tasting
or shedding my skin
I have many many scales,
none of them in equal temperament,
all of them intricately camouflaged
speckled and striped
coiled and waiting to strike at anything that comes within reach.

Lucky you've got a scarf to protect your neck.
My new scarf was stolen
Ash Rose Oct 2017
Red leaves on every tree
Falling to rest on the ground
Candles in every room
Smelling of apple and spice

Orange pumpkins with scary faces
Smiling as the people pass by
The light of the moon like a small star
Thousands of miles away

Yellow sun shining on heads
Warming the frozen fingers
Both birds and children call
To mothers and fathers, to friends and family

Brown hair in its own battle
Wrapped up un a striped scarf
Hot chocolate with cinnamon and steam
Drunk from a ceramic mug

All these things come together
These are the colors of Autumn
I originally wrote this in German... and it rhymed then, but not now.
In autumn, my soul feels closer
To the wind and leaves that fall.
I wrap the world up tightly
And my scarf makes me feel tall.

The breeze that bites and strikes me
And fills my eyes with tears
Is welcome when I'm lonely,
When I cover up my ears.

I love just taking comfort
In the warmth of my own skin
When boots and hat and gloves here
Keep all my warmness in.

If only every day got cold,
And every evening froze:
For then, I'd get to hug myself
From my head down to my toes.
Kate Willis Sep 2017
Even in the harrowing hours of the night,
the witching hour, you may say
I stand in an open field in nothing more than a scarf and hat
awaiting the world to come crashing down with fire in her hands.
My ******* perk from hiding,
a warm and loving embrace from the cool winter air,
and the hair on the back of my neck raises with intent on reaching the sky,
I stare forward at the midnight black - awake and so full of stars.
She left her colorful scarf in my black eyes
And took all the colors of rainbow from me
She took all my breath and left me with cries
If you love me turn around for my sake see

You will find blue color of sky with galaxies
Light of love has touched your beauty in love
In your green eyes I can see the depth of seas
My sweetheart my beloved my innocent dove

Let me kiss you so that to take your fragrance
I have not seen a beautiful girl in my entire life
Even if you leave I will feel your sweet presence
It is your choice if you want to **** me with knife

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Austin Bauer Aug 2016
8am-light is bursting through
My shades as I take my shower.
Once I dress myself, I reheat
The coffee my wife left me.
I step outside to be met by
The crisp air of waning summer.
Like every day, I notice the
Vibrant boa scarf of purple wildflowers
That adorn the shoulders of
Wheeler and Monitor.
The sky is not falling, and
It is true what has been said,
'The fear of something happening
Is worse than it actually happening.'
Quoting Jason Upton at the end of this poem.
Kastoori Barua May 2016
The scarf that you took off with a graceful flourish,
From your warm throat, and covered my head
On one beautiful, wintry afternoon long ago;
That memory intensifies and weighs me down,
Like photographs that develop in the darkroom
But are never shown the broad daylight.

My head now stays uncovered with snow;
I wear your scarf on my shoulders.
Betokening my will to carry
The burden of the emptiness,
You left behind with your departure.
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