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JK Casilda Mar 7
I know of the nights you were afraid of the moon.
You’ve told me how when you were a child you run from it because it was chasing you.
But you’ve grown to learn that being afraid of the moon is like being afraid of your own shadow.
I know of the nights that it still haunts you, though.
I know of the nights when you prefer to stay under a roof than to go outside and see the wide, night sky
Because you see, I know of the nights that you despised the moon for being too proud
Outshining the numerous stars that are giving all they got, even their life, just to catch our attention.
You said that one day she’ll come and get you.
That the tin roof above you would no longer be enough to hide you from her piercing eyes and one day she’ll finally come and get you.
That one day, she’ll outshine you too.

I remember that night when you told me you couldn’t answer my call because
You were too busy silencing the craters of the moon crashing in your room.
And I believed you.
I believed you for you always liked the darkness of your room. You always liked the clutter of your ***** laundry overflowing its basket, the crumpled papers of what you call “trash poetry”
mixing up with wrappers of chocolates and coffee powder and your ***** laundry and ---
You always liked to curl up in your tiny bed, not minding its untidiness
because you never had the strength to fix it this morning.
I always wanted to tell you that
I should be the one to say sorry for not being there for you.
I’m sorry that the only thing I could give you is a call.
I’m sorry I couldn’t even open your windows and tell you that the moon is already gone, and the sun is already shining bright and the world is waiting for you.
You, little son of the sun, should not stay in the dark.
I’m sorry I couldn’t get you out of the dark.
But I wish I could tell you that you were made to outshine the moon and everything else.
You were made to turn night to day.

I have too many wishes, too many words I wish I could tell you
Like how it is not your fault
It was never your fault and never going to be your fault
That we are but a speck of dust, a mere human that destiny is not something we can overpower
Well, we might move it a little if we struggle a bit harder
But some circumstances can just happen out of nowhere.
I wish I was more talkative so I could’ve silenced the whispers
I wish my voice was enough to silence the whispers
I could’ve screamed to the top of my lungs or even higher
Just to save you from falling too deep and drowning under your covers.

But we are nothing but a moon apart, never meant for each other right from the start
Yet with this time I got I hope you’d let me stay and fight
To become stronger, to become better, not only to save myself but to save you from this dark night
For you, my mighty knight, is worth saving too.
No, you are not merely worth saving but worth loving, worth keeping, worthy of everything that this night is hiding
And you deserve that.
So with this time I got I hope you’d keep me inside your heart so you will float
And I could dive under your covers to save you
Or I could climb to your roof to cover you
Keep the craters of the moon from hitting you.
And not let the moon overshadow you until you learn to put her brightness to shame.
It's been a while! Since I'm a sucker for the moon, I made another one with it but this time, it's the antagonist of someone's life. This was inspired by Satellite II; I wanted to make a longer version of it but I ended up making  a different one.
The title is new, when I performed this as spoken poetry it didn't have a title yet. It's a play word of the Japanese word for help (tasukete) and moon (tsuki) which is what the poem is mostly about.

I tried to pour my heart out into it, talking about trying to save someone, when that someone is yourself.
Carl Mar 3
Pagkatapos ng takipsilim
Bumabalot ang dilim
Ilang oras maninimdim
Ang gabi ay lalalim.

Nag aantay sa iyong pag dating
Naiinip, kung minsan pa'y napapailing
Matagal na ring humihiling
Katotohana'y gusto ka nang makapiling.

Nakasilip na ang haring araw
Hindi pa naman ako bumibitaw
Habang sa mga pangako mo'y ako'y nakadungaw
'Andito pa rin ako, hindi gumagalaw.

Wari ko nga'y ako'y maghihintay
Sa pagibig **** walang humpay
Pusong ginawa nang alay
Sa pagibig **** nakamamatay

Narito pa rin ako, hindi makagalaw wari'y napako na sa pangako **** nakakasilaw.
Pabalik balik ako
Nagiisip kung paano
Ilang araw na ang lumipas
Sa tuwing dilim ako kumukumpas

Mahal paano ko isusulat
Natatakot ako sapagkat
Baka magkulang ang mga salita
Baka hindi sumakto ang titik at letra

Susubukan ko
Kasi ayokong sumuko
Sa pagibig at pagtula
Kasi ikaw, ang ihaharap ko sa tala

Handa naman ako
Sabihin **** languyin ko ang dagat para sayo
Nilangoy ko na upang makarating sayo
When I was a young man, fighting the system,
All alone, insecure in my skin,
Hiding the pain & the madness within,
I followed the crowd & tried to fit in,
But the battle inside was taking it's toll,
& I Truly believed I would never grow old,
Became clear as I started to stumble,
My body broke down, caved in & crumbled.

As a young man I was hyperactive,
On the move, always distracted,
I couldn't be myself, I was so unattractive,
Wearing a mask, I was always acting,
Putting on a brave face,
I couldn’t keep up, so I travelled at my own pace,
I needed my own space,
I never had a mirror on the wall in my own place.

Don’t you run, face your fears,
Just dry your tears, I say,
Don’t you run, face your fears,
Just dry your tears.

Full of excuses & ill demands,
Asking myself where the **** do I stand,
I was so full of hatred, ready to attack,
I didn’t know what was real,
Didn't know how to act,
But my back is against the wall,
& I need help facing reality,
Because the lines are blurred,
& I need help finding clarity.

I don't wanna walk this walk no more,
But I keep getting pushed by an unknown force,
I was an unborn spawn,
All tucked up, still safe in the warm,
I was given no choice in the matter,
My umbilical cord was torn,
& they took me out of the arms of my mother,
When I needed her care & I needed support.
Rambling on.

People places and things, all fit into categories.
Her her her, my head is filled with allegories.

My heart is a rose.
Petal after petal…
I drop.

I love her.
I love her not.
I love her.
I love her not.

Through the leaves they pluck.

Thorn one; there one goes.
Thorn two; another one froze.

Maybe I have too many thickets.
Maybe I am too pungent.

Maybe they’re allergic.
Maybe they just hate roses.

I have yet to find the one
That will never be done

With me.

Be done with me.

Have I made a mistake by wishing for normality?

Am I wishing to be a lily when in fact I am not?

Thorns in my heart, thorns in my head.
I don’t think they’ll stop ‘till I’m dead.

Poison flows like the Atlantic.
I need help I’m getting frantic.

Another girl, another day.

Another day some part of me leaves.
I do not know what is missing from me.

But I feel like a maze.

A maze of thorns.

When I turn left and go too far
I get pricked.

When I turn right and go too far
I get pricked.

When I go in any direction too far
I get pricked.

I’m traveling blind and I just want to

Be picked.

Want to be picked.
cass Jan 19
I was on this ride
this beautiful, exciting ride
it was colorful, wild, and crazy
But I didn’t know it

I didn’t know I was on this ride
and neither did my friends nor family
Think of this ride, as the ride at the back of an amusement park
So far that you can’t even see it when it’s lit

I entered this ride when I was eleven years old
and no one rode with me, my blood ran cold
My palms were all sweaty and shaky, as we neared the first drop
Then, after staring for countless of hours at the edge, I dropped

As the ride looped around countless of times, I got less lonely
My friends climbed on and sat beside me
I wasn’t as scared anymore
I even let out a roar

Some people didn’t approve of me riding the colorful, exciting, wondrous ride
But I have to show my pride
They tried telling me to get off
But that didn’t work, and I looked at them and scoffed

The colorful, exciting, wondrous ride, is something I won’t ever tire of
It has received all my heartfelt love
And even though some people will disprove
I’ll just get out of their way and move

Because I am proud of who I am
And I’m gonna scream it out loud
Because I am Me
and that surely fills me with the purest form of glee

So here I am, thirteen years old
still on the ride,
filled with even more pride
And I don’t think I’m getting off anytime soon

Oh, the name of the ride?
It’s called the rainbow ride
I wrote this for our English class which required us to perform a poem we made in front of class
I hear a lot of talk these days,
about how we need to teach girls
to follow their dreams.
We need to tell them
that they can study STEM,
or write a book,
or run the United States of America.
That sheerly from the force of their will
they can rise above being “merely a girl,”
and once all the cabinets are filled,
the next gen of chicks will give it a whirl -

Well, I say no.
We need to teach girls to never fall in love.

We need to warn girls about reckless boys,
the ones with pretty hair and gemstone eyes,
because those are the boys who are best at lies and
when they build you up
they tripwire every level
so that they can destroy the place
on the way out.

We need to tell girls that they can go far,
but not if they’re seduced by some **** with a car.
Girls need to learn that when boys say, “forever,”
it means “I want you right now, but that will fade to never.”
And if we fed every girl the facts
like he’ll feed her his lines,
maybe she’ll listen to the world
and believe her paranoia this time -

No, girls should never, ever fall in love.

Girls should never fall in love
because he’ll tell her that she’s a cut above,
he’ll spin tales of a future and where they’ll be,
but when she
is dependent,
that *******,
he won’t even have the *****
to call it like it is -
He’ll say something like “a break”
and let the “up” be hers, not his,
and he’ll say, “don’t make me feel guilty,”
and she’ll realize
this was how it was all along,
his comfort over hers.

We must teach these girls to never fall in love.

Don’t you see that when reckless boys
with pretty hair and gemstone eyes
write a girl a poem and hold her while she cries
she’s going to begin to believe that he cares,
so when she so much as dares
to say she loves him too,
he won’t have to chase and he’ll look for someone new -

No, we must make girls be like the reckless boys
with pretty hair and gemstone eyes,
because boys like those
never really fall in love.
I wanna be great.
The same way that everyone does.
I wanna share my art with the world.
The same way that everyone does.
I like to help people.
The same way that everyone does.
So I will share your art.
Not like everyone does.
There is so much out there.
A lot of it under appreciated.
I will share your art.
If you are willing to speak it.
I am starting a project.
I hope you are interested.
As much as I am for this.
Please leave me a message
I will get back to you quick.
I wanna Share your work. This is real. Speak your poetry to the masses. Touch people emotionally. Message me please!
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