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8.8k · Oct 2016
Buddy T Oct 2016
we're so close,
but you seem worlds away.
like the moon and the sun
so different yet the same.

you shine so brightly
i wish i could be like you.
big, bold, and brash
you look so nice with that pretty blue.

you are everything i am and more
so, go glimmer in all your glory!
it's both jealousy and envy really
you're everything i could be.

it all started off with
my one-sided rivalry
now it's just
my one-sided love story.
one-sided crushes ****, but one-sided crushes on other girls **** more
3.9k · Nov 2016
Why? A hurt soul
Buddy T Nov 2016
You put in half the effort
you win.
I put in my heart and soul
I loose.
-A hurt soul.
yours truly, a hurt soul. id rather not do the work at all than put in effort and loose.
3.0k · Sep 2016
Buddy T Sep 2016
Like the flowers, my pleads are so small
But together they'll make a whole field
Until they're heard

Forget-me-not, please

Blue like our skies
Blue like our dreams
Blue like the tears from our eyes,
and the blue of our jeans.

Forget-me-not, please

Will you forget me?
I won't forget you
Please remember me,
For I'll be gone soon.
For if we meet again then, please

F­orget-me-not, please
please don't forget me
2.5k · Oct 2016
Moon and Earth
Buddy T Oct 2016
"We're drifting apart,"
said the earth to the moon.

"We've been through so much, hm?"
replied the moon to earth.
"It'll be glum to go,
but sadly I must now."

"Why? Please don't go away,"
begged the earth to the moon.
"I will miss you for sure."

"And I will too," said moon
and earth silently sobbed.

"4.5 billion years,
for what?" The earth whimpered.

"I can't love you anymore."

"If I could say the same."

"At present, the Moon gets 3.8 cm further away from Earth every year, and it was much closer to Earth in prehistoric times." -Jonathan O'Callaghan, 'Will the Moon ever leave Earth's orbit?'
1.5k · Mar 2017
the cloud and the sun
Buddy T Mar 2017
what a pretty sky
on a pretty day
not a cloud in the sky  
the sun beams down

a single cloud
on a pretty day
the sun beams down

perhaps I am the cloud
alone by myself
never surrounded by peers
a spot of paint

perhaps you are the sun
with me
pulling me up
hugging me

the universe turns
with you
orbiting a centerpiece
we can't name

a lone cloud
on a pretty day
no other in the sky
the sun beams down

another cloud apears
no more loners
in the sky
the sun beams down

perhaps you are the sun
and I am the cloud
how do you feel
I am not with you

the universe turns
you tear me apart
we grow big
you grow dark

rain in the sky
on a windy day
so many cloud in the sky
no sun beams

perhaps I am the clouds
and you are the sun
I move on
you continue to turn

a pretty sky
on a pretty day
no cloud in the sky
the sun beams down

the sun beams on
the universe turns
the sun beams on
the sun beams
it was a pretty day today
1.4k · Dec 2016
grab it
Buddy T Dec 2016
two girls in a movie theater
one glances over to the other
smile on her face, light in her eyes
she glances down to see her hand
should she grab it?
she does not grab it.
but what if she did?
what if I grabbed it?
1.3k · Dec 2016
The Sun Will Rise
Buddy T Dec 2016
Things will start
and things will end,
but the world will continue to turn.
For there's always spring after winter
and winter will come again.

And even as our days on earth shorten
and we love our loves no more.
The days on the calendar will continue to fall,
and we will move on
and we will continue to live.

And even when our laughs seem to stop time,
and this moment doesn't seem to end.
The clock on the wall will continue to tick.
And our hearts will continue to beat,
until death.

But it's funny!
Even after death
and birth
and love
and hate, all in our hearts,

the sun will continue to rise.
And the world will turn
and the stars will shine
and the seasons will change
and our child's play will never change our constants.
because even when things start and things end, the world will keep spinning and the sun will still rise
1.3k · Oct 2016
Regrets and 'What If's
Buddy T Oct 2016
empty 'what if's
and petty excuses
and looming regrets
'if only i had tried harder'
'if only i had the time'
'maybe, just maybe'
'i could have gotten you'
'maybe i wouldn't have failed you'
*if only
this is not what you think its about, but it still hurts and breaks me. I'm going to bed tonight with tears almost building up and guilt in my stomach. but remember that this is not what you think its about. believe me.
1.2k · Dec 2016
don't let me go
Buddy T Dec 2016
please hold me closer
before you let go
let me in your world

so far away
but i can reach up and grab you
paper that can crumble

let me inside your world
only for a few days
a few minutes

a second goes by
you take me
i'm gone

if you will
let me do it again
could I stay a bit longer
858 · Dec 2016
1 pm (pst)
Buddy T Dec 2016
i'm seeing you again
tomorrow at 1 pm (pst)

just as i began to think
am i over you? (maybe)

i began to wonder,
is this the end of it? (no)

of my one-sided love story?
can i move on? (never)

i had stopped writing poems
of you, not like you would know (thankfully)

i'll probably fall for you again
tomorrow again at 1 pm (pst)

my heart will beat in front of you again
for the first time in 7 and 2 months, at 1 pm (pst)
im not so happy with this one. im seeing my crush again tomorrow (as stated before), the same person all my saddening, longing love poems are about (except for Regrets and  'What if's, that one is not what you think it is). you'll probably get more longing poems now. I thought i was over my crush but she texted me yesterday asking if i wanted to hang out and i cried out of happiness so i dont think im over her just yet lol. srry for long caption i have a lot of things i want to say, but i cant on regular social media
767 · Apr 2017
Would You?
Buddy T Apr 2017
and just as fate should have it
we can never be
just meeting on a road we walked
side by side for so long
for it to divert
all too soon

the first mile
the second and the third
I miss seeing you by my side
we really had to say goodbye
all too soon
but it's not like
you would care
do you?
would you?
if I asked?

and I will
never see you again
after a while;
will I forget?

will you let me
hold your hand for
the first time
and the last

and how would you respond
if I told you
that I loved you
would you
have anything to say?
anything at all?
752 · May 2017
Buddy T May 2017
How long is forever?

It's longer than you
Longer than me
After my heart stops beating

Longer than love
Longer than hate
After my feeling for you have fade
And I can't remember your name

Longer than my bones
And my veins
And the compacity of my soul
On end to end

Far longer than the earth
After the sun has got to rest
And longer than when the red glow
Is all that is left

And when the universe shrivels to dust
And if it begins again
Or if it grows with nothing but darkness
Forever is longer than any of those put together

How long is forever?
I don't know
Maybe it really is
When our hearts take the final beat
can you tell me how long is forever
Buddy T Oct 2016
is it love?
or just a petty crush?
will you still matter in 2 years?

I don't know but
I've had a lot of crushes
but you were different

is it because you're a girl?
because I used to hate you
or were you my first love?

I still want to write about you
I still think about you
I still hope I can see you again

will I write a book about you?
will I think about you in college?
will I still dream about you when I'm old?

but of course you're the reason why I joined a poetry site
under a pseudonym
to write anonymous poems

will I look back at this?
will I think "it was just a crush"?
will I still look at the sun and think of you?

all these questions
all these contradictions
they'll never be put to rest
random thoughts
658 · Oct 2016
fake it
Buddy T Oct 2016
don't worry
I can fake it
I can fake my happiness
for your enjoyment
this Halloween will be different than the others. For the first time I'm not excited for Halloween, I'm sad
604 · Nov 2016
Tsunami (part one)
Buddy T Nov 2016
Late at night
when the moon is scarce
and the stars are dull,
the west ocean will softly,
so softly,
beckon you closer.
But please don't trust her,
for its a trap.
Once you're close enough,
she'll take you.
"As a tsunami approaches shorelines, water may recede from the coast, exposing the ocean floor, reefs and fish." -'What are the natural warning signs for a tsunami?'
592 · Mar 2017
do you hate me?
Buddy T Mar 2017
do you hate me?
if not answer no
if so answer no

do you love me?
if so answer yes
if not answer yes
559 · Dec 2016
less than myself
Buddy T Dec 2016
I wish I could be stronger than I really am
i feel silly, crying over these pointless things
I wish the voices in my head would let me be
I want someone to cry with me

is this world really mine?
could I belong somewhere else?
to be sad when the sun is out
a feeling of longing when nothing is gone

I wish for a color that does not exist
a place I have not seen
run away to a galaxy bigger than this
a meaning larger than life

I wish to find myself
to be more than I am
to know why my heart cries
I have lost my life to the stars
crying over meaningless things leads to poems with no thought
519 · Apr 2017
Never Be You
Buddy T Apr 2017
Every day I wake up
And I'm disgusted with myself
But never with you you you

I was never the best
At running
Or jumping
Or finishing work
Unlike you you you

And everyday i hope and dream
But i know

I could never be you
Never be you
Never be you you you

Never be you
Never be you

And maybe one day ill wake up and
I'll be better than myself
Better than her
Better than him
Better than you

Better than you
Better than you
I'll be better than you you you

Could i be you
Could i be you
Could i be you you you

And maybe one day
I'll wake up
And know
Exactly why
You love me

But maybe
Only you could do that
Could i ever be you

Ever be you
Ever be you
Ever be you you you


Never be you
Never be you
I could never be you you you

Never be you
song lyrics
457 · Feb 2017
Buddy T Feb 2017
to love
to be hated
to hate
to be loved

these 4 things
is what
makes us human
isn't it?
450 · Nov 2016
Buddy T Nov 2016
yesterday I saw
a man
drop a 20 dollar bill
after he walked
I saw another man
pick it up
a few minutes
I saw the same man
come running back
to search
for his 20 dollars
perhaps inconvenience
can cause convenience
and vice versa
a month ago I dropped my $10 on the ground and I couldn't find it. I was so upset I cried (because I'm a crybaby) because I was going to buy something with that. I bet someone had a great day.
Buddy T Mar 2017
it's been dark for a while
trapped in my thoughts
can't sleep
is it me
is it her
does she hate me
does she even care

the sun set a while ago
I love sunsets
but I hate the night
is that weird?
I don't hate you
do you hate me?

I haven't seen you for a while
or heard from you
but I know you're alive
I think
I wish you'd respond to my texts

I miss the day
I miss early summer
late spring
days before school ended
last year
when id see you
and we were closer than ever

I miss the sun
I hate all this rain
I hate all this shade
at least summer is coming
from drought to drowning

it's been almost a year
since we've been to Japan
since we saw gold
since i met you for real

California the best
only thinking of south
I'm north
same old same old
almost like Oregon
almost like Arizona
never like Kansas

they're Oregon
they're Arizona
she's Kansas
we're California
I'm north
you're south

on the ever changing state
an ever changing state
with ever changing weather
whether you like it
like the people
like you
like me

the sun's up
you never think about nothern california
432 · Mar 2017
You wouldn't know
Buddy T Mar 2017
'It's red' I say, you nod
You asked a bit ago
You go on and tell them
'The rose is red' you say

Oh! But you wouldn't know
I lied, the rose is blue
Humans trust so blindly
Believing what they hear

Why something so simple
But it's big all the same
Yes, the rose is blue but,
You wouldn't know would you?
yes the poem is in reference to my profile picture
425 · Dec 2016
Buddy T Dec 2016
3000 BCE
the only world to exist is the one you live in

100 BCE
greater than we thought but so small

600 CE
the world is still so small we hate this box and the people here

1500 CE
the world is bigger than we could ever imagine but our small minds stay the same

1700 CE
we can expand and begin again

1900 CE
faster than we can comprehend we change

2000 CE
across the world in a matter of hours growing and expanding faster than ever the beginning of a new era
not my best work but I've been thinking a lot lately
410 · Mar 2017
love confession untold
Buddy T Mar 2017
I trust her
I trusted her
I'm trying to

but I still wonder
from time to time
did she ever tell you?
384 · Feb 2017
Buddy T Feb 2017
for me,
everything is blue
my hair
my clothes
my shoes
my skies
my tears
my dreams
my heart

but she's pink
my feelings are pink
382 · Mar 2017
Beat by the Second
Buddy T Mar 2017
bu-dump bu-dump**
my heart beats
slow and constant
never stopping
never skipping
the same rate

bu-dump bu-dump
on my chest
I hold my hand
the feeling lulls me to sleep
it's my music
my reassurance

bu-dump bu-dump
I know I'm alive
I know I'm beating
I can feel it through me
I count the time why my beats
my heart beats
360 · Nov 2016
Tsunami (part two)
Buddy T Nov 2016
A few days ago
the ground shook.
No damage happened,
I though I was fine.
I was wrong.

50 feet of water
50 feet of fear
50 feet of regret
50 feet of 'I should've done more'

She tricked me.
Calling me to come closer,
luring me into her trap.
I can't be mad though,
it's my fault I fell for her.

Maybe this is for the best.
Last few minutes of life
to cleanse me of sin,
to understand what I did wrong.

Thank you ma'am.
I'll make no attempt to escape.
I'll embrace you, west ocean.
Here where the moon is scarce
and the stars are dull.
part two of my last poem. what would be your last thoughts before you died?
354 · Jan 2017
temporary salvation
Buddy T Jan 2017
take one step forward
breath in
open your eyes

the world will grow
without you
if you sleep

face this with me
hold me
cry with me

it will not end
not today
and not tomorrow

so please wake up
look up
get through this
if you don't open your eyes and grow up the world will evolve with out you
337 · Dec 2016
painful realization
Buddy T Dec 2016
it's been keeping me up at night
a question I've asked since I fell
sadly I know the answer
it's love
I'm in love with you
and it hurts me
I asked my friend what the difference between love and a crush was, her description of love is what I'm feeling.
330 · Apr 2017
Dear Spring,
Buddy T Apr 2017
my life has been the same
up till now
for 7 years

same world
same place
same friends

but you came into my life
or I came into you life
or both

and for the next 4 months
I changed
because of you and her and her

but 4 months come and go
and you come and go
but my heart still races

it's been a year
I've changed
I've grown

but, inside
i still think about you
do you think about me

a new life
with new friends
same old same old
329 · May 2017
after you
Buddy T May 2017

and honestly
at this point
I couldn't care less
if you loved me back

I've spent
over a year
and longing

Friday its to be
put to rest
whether rejection
whether reciprocation

all I wish is
too move on
from this feeling
and begin again

I want to shed my past
become something to you
something close
or nothing at all

because right now
I can't help but to think about you
to love you
to need the thought of you

these feelings
are too strong
too many
to turn back now
328 · Apr 2017
drempt lyrics
Buddy T Apr 2017
sometimes in my spare time
made up songs

the lyrics never constant
in my head

but like fate should have it
stay for long

for once I'm done singing
away like dreams
318 · Mar 2017
year in a second
Buddy T Mar 2017
so fast
too fast

could've stayed

years are too fast when it comes to you
287 · Mar 2018
Your Gifts
Buddy T Mar 2018
these little things are so precious to me
i want to lock them in a box where no one else can see
but i have no box as you can see

i’m gay but i’m no sinner
but i’m no saint either
i just happen to love your face
but i guess that was almost a year ago
278 · Dec 2016
go on ahead but...
Buddy T Dec 2016
I wont hold you back
please go on ahead,
but if you may, please
remember my love.

I'm so afraid
I'll never catch you
why, your presence
it surrounds me.

How your light dazzles
there's so much to know
I want to know you
everything, please.

Alas, I cannot,
mysterious soul,
I am but a speck
a face in the crowd.

Everything I do
revolves around you,
why do I love you
let this moment last.
to big to comprehend
276 · Mar 2017
Buddy T Mar 2017
one day
two day
three day
262 · Dec 2016
Moment in Time
Buddy T Dec 2016
I sit next to you, in a car
the conversation stills
all is silent, but the radio in the back ground

I think over my years, with you
how our relation progressed
not romantic, but platonic

I wish for it to be romantic, but alas
I glance over at you
*but she's looking at you
a moment in time I wish I'd never forget
257 · Mar 2017
till the end
Buddy T Mar 2017
with a bang
you begin
faster and faster
growing faster than we can comprehend
how can that be
nothing into everything
a marble to infinity

let me stay
no let me leave
I want to know
but the dark will only grow
the more I can see

we can't leave
this small patch
it seems internal almost
almost is never always

long after he has past
she will fade
they will reign
nothing but darkness

he'll eat till he eats himself
and dark will reign
a cold world
at the end
always is never almost

can we live
255 · Nov 2016
any less
Buddy T Nov 2016
when I was young
I would ****
bugs left and right
but now
I cannot bring myself
to do so
for one day
I realized
'perhaps every life
if precious'
for, even if there
are thousands
and millions
and billions,
does that make their life
any less
a few weeks ago i saw an ant, and i went to go **** it, but i stopped and let it go.
252 · Nov 2017
Goodbye Dear Friend
Buddy T Nov 2017
Seasons change
People move
That doesn’t mean I won’t miss Summer
That doesn’t mean I won’t miss you
I’m glad I met you
to a close friend of mine who is moving away soon
238 · Feb 2018
between heaven and earth
Buddy T Feb 2018
have you been to the midway point between heaven and earth
better than hell better than earth
perhaps even better than heaven it’s self

do they judge in hell?
do they judge on earth?
do they judge in heaven?

but no one judges
in the midway point of heaven and earth

earth is closer to hell than heaven
so to be neutral is to be
in the midway point between heaven and earth
237 · Feb 2017
Falling Seasons
Buddy T Feb 2017
Wind like a lion's roar
My ice heart beats
Toxic tears fall over the things you have done
Spring my never come

The earth will turn like a dog and their tail
As the sun comes up we will forgive
Let the ice melt on our hearts
Like trees in the spring, we can begin again

Let us sleep forever in this clouded illusion
Forgiveness like yellow on a computer screen
The dog days of our lives
We can't say in this haze forever

Time falls as leaves on a tree
I try to hold on like the earth does to the moon
But all fires must turn black
Please change this endless ocean
'like yellow on a computer screen' computer screens are only made up out of 3 colors, red, blue, and green, so theres no actual yellow on a computer screen.

'I try to hold on like the earth does to the moon' each year the moon gets 3.8 cm farther away from the earth and could eventually leave orbit
227 · Sep 2016
Buddy T Sep 2016
if ‘Untitled’
is the title
of this poem
is it really untitled?
or just perceived to be?
dumb poem, wrote at like 2 am
192 · Jan 2017
A month from today
Buddy T Jan 2017
Away from home
Counting down
I realize I'm in love

Missing home
I want to sleep
Someone is in love with me
I can't believe it was only a month ago
188 · Oct 2018
morning dread
Buddy T Oct 2018
well that can’t be good
now that i’ve started
to dream about her
Don’t Worry She’s A New One
175 · Oct 2016
just 4 more
Buddy T Oct 2016
100 words!
171 · Jan 2019
The ghost in my house
Buddy T Jan 2019
There was a ghost in my house
It walked through my hallways at night
And swirled green around my ceiling fan
I could feel it in my home
I could feel it next to my bed

There was a ghost in my house
It haunted me for 13 years
I thought I’d always feel
That not-alone dreadful fear
For another few years

There was a ghost in my house
That made me sweat
Who whispered in my ear
And shook me from my bed
And only the bathroom was where i could escape

There was a ghost in my house
Maybe more than one
Maybe more than two
It made my friends cry
It made me scream for so long

There is not a ghost in my house
Is it no longer there?
Did it pass on to heaven?
Did I scare it away?
Did I grow too old to feel it here?

There is not a ghost in my house
Where did it go
I miss it quite a lot
For the ghost in my house
Made me feel thing I usually did not

I wish the ghost in my house did not go away
I wish I still felt what I did on those past days
These days I feel like
I’m the ghost in my house
Drifting away, thought after thought
There is no longer a ghost in my house

— The End —