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Buddy T Oct 2016
we're so close,
but you seem worlds away.
like the moon and the sun
so different yet the same.

you shine so brightly
i wish i could be like you.
big, bold, and brash
you look so nice with that pretty blue.

you are everything i am and more
so, go glimmer in all your glory!
it's both jealousy and envy really
you're everything i could be.

it all started off with
my one-sided rivalry
now it's just
my one-sided love story.
one-sided crushes ****, but one-sided crushes on other girls **** more
Peanut Dec 2015
As nights turns to days...
And days turns to nights...
I'll be your devil...
Doing all the frights...

Feasting thy souls...
And crushing thy bones...
Your enemies shall fled...
Knowing that they've bled...

As long as your safe...
I don't give a ****...
Let it be known...
That a hellish deal has been made...
Just a random thought
Rizza Oct 2014
Should  I say it
Or should I keep
my mouth shut?

Are you thinking of me
The way I do about you?

Should I give
you my heart
Or is it too much?

Am I moving too fast?
Are you even keeping up?

I like you
But I cannot
Get myself to say it

I think about you
Before I sleep
And after I wake up

I long to show
You my affection
But afraid you'll run

I have fallen for you
But are the two of us
On the same side?

— The End —