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Buddy T Dec 2016
please hold me closer
before you let go
let me in your world

so far away
but i can reach up and grab you
paper that can crumble

let me inside your world
only for a few days
a few minutes

a second goes by
you take me
i'm gone

if you will
let me do it again
could I stay a bit longer
They say
He is perfect
Though she
Will always leave
Perhaps the bravest thing we can do is relinquish control and let the wind usher us where it may.
Gosia Polkowska Jun 2016
I built myself
a prison,
my address: flesh
and bones.
I built myself
a prison,
some walls to call
my home.
Inside: a ceiling
painted black,
a fireplace
so cold.
I built myself
a prison,
shackled my heart
with thought,
and squeezed and
showed my soul
into a tiny hole;
to cover all
the bases, blindfolded
my eyes so,
although the gate was open
there was no place
to go.
Lauren R Jun 2016
The sunset strings its rosary in beads of strawberry and mother's love as the day comes to an end. The light lays and prays.  

When you miss something, you think of the small, fleeting moments that you gave no attention to before. You start to think of the way she pronounced things, tongue smooth over teeth and so unlike you. You think of the way her eyes moved when she laughed, the way she touched your shoulder gently when she looked at you, blue eyes and butterfly pink lips.

I wonder what it will take to pry me away from you. I wonder how much will ever be too much. What weight will stop my heart from giving anymore?

I saw the way you moved over the kitchen floor, your small feet gliding on the tile, dancing to your own humming. The sun was stinging my eyes, trying to count her days and count her blessings.

It felt like God almost cared about me again.

But God doesn't care about me.
He doesn't care what you like.
He doesn't even care.

And if all good things must come to an end, then let me just say amen to everything that makes you you. Amen to the smallest of moments and the tiniest of hints that someday, the sun would burn out.
Lauren R Apr 2016
In the instant it takes a shutter to click and close, you will be gone.

We collected pictures of our perfect pretty smiles, your pearl teeth bear in front, while my lipstick lips, curled into butterfly wings, charmingly drift through the summer air. You are there, you are still there, where I left that you. Before the future became the present and you were no longer here, still there. You are where I cannot reach you.

I held that memory on the tips of my fingers, flicking a lighter close to its edge.

Your hair fell so perfectly over your forehead, but somehow, I still wanted to push it to the side when I looked at the photographs. I guess habit doesn't cease in an instant like the snap of a Polaroid or beat of a heart. When I looked at our pictures, I still wanted to whisper into your ear how much I loved you, chin nuzzled into your neck, fingers draped across your chest, your heart, your warmth. Nothing is permanent. Not even promises. Not even the visions of the kids, the house, the daytime dish washing, and night time monster watching, kids curled up in bed and us, checking on the floor, searching for what is not there and it's funny how even now, even though you're gone, I still find myself doing the same thing. Just alone.

As it caught fire, I watched our perfect lives fall to ashes in the shoe box at my feet, I saw the flash of your eyes and reach of my hand, choking me as it went. They didn't burn as easily as I thought they would.

Im hanging new ones in their place, but the dark spots behind the frames still remain, and your name is written in them.
Last of the spam for today, this one's about letting go
Please remember, dear.
Please continue to love you.
Please spare the heartache.
From Bangkok with love~
anger simmers quietly
until I find the strength
to let go
First written on my Tumblr page:
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