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Tyler Castro Apr 2017
Will a Phoenix doused in water reignite?
Should the Sun ever disturb the night?
As my eyes take their rest my mind takes flight
Then quickly plummets straight into blight
Straight into sorrow; reigniting my rage
And keeps me awake as if it were day
Awake to write my story/Awake to dwell on the last page
How dare I wallow over someone engaged?
Great Leviathan, Demon God of water and life
Lend me your strength as I overcome this strife
Baptize me in your waters and revitalize my sight
Clear away all the salt and callus to turn my scleras white
Drown the anger in my heart; cease its return!
**** the Phoenix, for its presence burns!
Drown the Sun so that the moon may take its turn
Allow my brain to rest so that I may have the capacity learn
How to fully move on…
The demonology was borrowed from Anton Szandor LaVey
Buddy T Mar 2017
what a pretty sky
on a pretty day
not a cloud in the sky  
the sun beams down

a single cloud
on a pretty day
the sun beams down

perhaps I am the cloud
alone by myself
never surrounded by peers
a spot of paint

perhaps you are the sun
with me
pulling me up
hugging me

the universe turns
with you
orbiting a centerpiece
we can't name

a lone cloud
on a pretty day
no other in the sky
the sun beams down

another cloud apears
no more loners
in the sky
the sun beams down

perhaps you are the sun
and I am the cloud
how do you feel
I am not with you

the universe turns
you tear me apart
we grow big
you grow dark

rain in the sky
on a windy day
so many cloud in the sky
no sun beams

perhaps I am the clouds
and you are the sun
I move on
you continue to turn

a pretty sky
on a pretty day
no cloud in the sky
the sun beams down

the sun beams on
the universe turns
the sun beams on
the sun beams
it was a pretty day today
in quiet rural corners
where lights die
at 10 p.m.
crickets sing
to deep dark skies
stars scintillate
for a wish, for a desire.

time slows down
and silence makes
every word resonate louder
like it should always
trees dance to the music
of whispered promises in the evening;
vows spoken,
truth unfolds,
hearts unbroken.

let your mouth speak
the words you never thought you'd say to anyone else
let your mind obsess
over someone else's freckles,
and the way he holds his cigarette
let your skin feel
someone else's touch;
someone else's tremors
let your lips savor
someone else's kiss;
someone else's words
let your heart heal
as you trace constellations
in the indigo space above your heads:
as if you were running your finger
down his spine,
and up the back of his neck again.
let your heart heal
as the cool January breeze caresses your hips:
just like the way
he suddenly embraces you from behind.
let your heart heal
when he utters
dulcet phrases you should've heard from
memories gone by.
let your heart heal
and let your heart bid goodbye.
when love escapes too rapidly:
let it go
when love doesn't want to stay:
let it go
when love seems happier with someone else--
let him go.
because another love will arrive;
in roaring volumes, it will let you know
that you'd never have to chase after it,
and that you would never have to doubt,
that you'd never have to hurt so much,
and "i love you" will be said -- and will be meant -- and will be felt.

so let your heart heal,
and let your heart begin
Lauren R Dec 2016
Playing my cards wrong like
Jim Morrison prom night bath,
lavender and drug fixings,
we all just hope I went

Sorry I only love you
until I wake up in the
I'm on and off like
sunrise sunset.

My mind is stuffed
in a box
in the attic.
I'm a heartbreak
Don't ever let me heal.
Just stay away if you don't want to catch the other side of this double edged sword
Buddy T Dec 2016
Things will start
and things will end,
but the world will continue to turn.
For there's always spring after winter
and winter will come again.

And even as our days on earth shorten
and we love our loves no more.
The days on the calendar will continue to fall,
and we will move on
and we will continue to live.

And even when our laughs seem to stop time,
and this moment doesn't seem to end.
The clock on the wall will continue to tick.
And our hearts will continue to beat,
until death.

But it's funny!
Even after death
and birth
and love
and hate, all in our hearts,

the sun will continue to rise.
And the world will turn
and the stars will shine
and the seasons will change
and our child's play will never change our constants.
because even when things start and things end, the world will keep spinning and the sun will still rise
Aly Oct 2016
I shouldn't have dialed your number,
when I need someone to listen my babbles and rants,
when I feel sick--lonely, close to crying.
When I feel empty.
I shouldn't have dialed your number,
when I'm pained of missing you.
When I'm numb.
When I'm estatic.
I shouldn't have dialed your number,
but I want to hear your voice,
cuss on me when life gives you *****,
laugh with petty-or otherwise- mishaps.
I want to be your anchor--
like the old days.
Oh, those ******* old days.
You shouldn't have answered my call,
when you want to hear my voice,
when you missed the sound of my existence,
when you want to kiss me, hug me--
but you can't.
You shouldn't have answered my call,
when I need you.
I will always need you.
You shouldn't have answered my call.
You should let it ring,
until it became a missed call on your log.
You should swipe it to decline.
You should throw it on your bed,
or to something harder.
You shouldn't have answered any of my calls.
I called because I missed you.
I called because I want the old us.
I called because--****!
I can't live without you,
but I should live without you.
blue mercury Oct 2016
step one.
you close your eyes.
you close them tight.
then you press your palms
against your
closed eyelids,
you start seeing red spots that remind you
of a song you wrote
for someone so long ago.
that someone doesn't matter anymore,
not really, so eventually,
neither will he.

step two.
you wear a nightgown.
the one with the lacy v neck, the one
that exposes your thighs,
the one with the vintage roses.
you wear it to bed to remind yourself
that you don't have to wear his attention
like a perfume
to feel ****.

step three.
you listen to those songs.
you know which ones.
you listen to them and sing or rap along
until your throat is sore, until
your chest hurts. do it
until you don't know why you're crying,
then write a song about why
you are crying,
so that when you look back,
you can see that it doesn't matter.
heartache fades.

step four.**
dive into a body of water in only
your under garments.
force yourself
to swim,
no matter how much
you want
to drown.
not very easy steps. i lied. whoops.
Äŧül Oct 2016
I fought against myself to love her,
To love her, I had fought my family,
Maybe she did too, but not as seriously.
I had overridden myself to love her,
To love her, I had ignored the world,
Maybe she did too, but not as seriously.
Perhaps, she too was just another illusion after all.

But NO!

I truly loved her,
Only I loved her truly,
The way I loved is not just an illusion.
She did love me,
But not at all as truly,
The way she loved was a fake illusion.
Perhaps, *her love too was just another illusion after all.
HP Poem #1167
©Atul Kaushal
FaithfulDots Oct 2016
In happy thoughts
You was like in a oath
I had love you
Even in the day and night

I chased you even it takes a minutes
I care for you in every seconds
My mind and my heart beg you

But what is this feeling?
Its like a fantasy and reality collide
O **** much!
Sarah Michelle Jan 2016
Eyes are sensitive
Heart is foul on the outside
But you are moving on
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