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Buddy T Oct 2016
we're so close,
but you seem worlds away.
like the moon and the sun
so different yet the same.

you shine so brightly
i wish i could be like you.
big, bold, and brash
you look so nice with that pretty blue.

you are everything i am and more
so, go glimmer in all your glory!
it's both jealousy and envy really
you're everything i could be.

it all started off with
my one-sided rivalry
now it's just
my one-sided love story.
one-sided crushes ****, but one-sided crushes on other girls **** more
The horizon was pure Magic:
Pink blue white softness ~ Light born
At the sunset ~ full Moon in bloom. . .
Saw you on wheels  ~ son!

Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic traveller

— The End —