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Politer to fruit
In the name, of a toil's box
Sat by order's river, the irony we suit
To possess a stilled eye, which has savored not

Run, fool, run
Sown notice, of a quiet in the din
Of the jungle, we notice the hope of cunning
To save a charging guidance to what we have, for sin

Win, tool, win
Lead since, fed genius
Is a harboring cold, the driven nature of meant?
In the dim eye's I forgave, many tears come to season

Sun, who'll, sun
Avid in heat we prophecy, is a need's shame
Poised to entail all, the voice of method's begun
To make a wish in open seem, the order to a name

Sin, cool, sin
Token treasure, thunder in the east
So willed, for a moment to understand again
Looking for a chosen one, that we lost at a feast

Gun, soul, gun
Driven by horror and the beauty of childhood
Where a blind friendship with only a smile sung
Has come and gone anew, like a heart of would...

Halt and salt, why do you insist?
Savage as a paradise with a missing child can be...
A sign of the times, a sovereignty to ask, is a glue this...?
Miracles in a guilty eye, are we that we are, kindred's anarchy?
Heaven, was a voice that never cleared? (War...)
SYL Oct 2021

Parang ang lahat ng ilaw ay may kakumpitensya.
Habang ang lahat nang nagliliwanag
At kumikinang sa gabing mahiwaga’y
Nagtatagisan kung sino ba ang pinaka-nakasisilaw --
Kung sino ang pinakamaganda.

Ni isa sa kanila'y ayaw matabunan,
Ni ayaw nilang sila'y mahigitan
Kaya naman maging sa kanilang pagtulog,
Ay dinadalaw pa rin sila ng kani-kanilang kagustuhan.

Ni hindi makahimbing ang mga alitaptap
Na nagpapalamon sa nanunuksong alab.
At tila ba walang katapusan ang paglikha
Pagkat sa pagsapit ng panibagong umaga'y
Iba na naman ang isasabit
At magpapakitang gilas ng kanyang ningning.

Ngunit ang lahat sa kanila’y
May mga aninong umaakap patungo sa dilim.
Nagtatago sa lilim ng kani-kanilang lihim,
Walang mukhang maiguhit kundi tanging
Pangalang minsang naiukit
Upang panandaliang magbigay-kulay at magbigay-buhay.

At sabay-sabay silang manghihina;
Maghihikahos na daig pa ang nanlilimos ng lakas --
Ng liwanag, ng kasiguraduhang maari pa silang bumangon.
Ngunit sa kabila ng kanilang paghihikahos,
Ay kusang mamamatay ang kanilang mga apoy
Na minsang sinindihan ngunit niyurakan
Ng sarili nilang mga apoy.
Brumous Jun 2021
uoy ot gnis I
seuh derettahs fo yballul a
htrow dna ytilaudividni fo snoitcarfer

kni gniyrc neeb ev'uoy
em revo lla deraems
ynnuf s'ti, das os gnikool

I sing to you
a lullaby of shattered hues
refractions of individuality and worth

you've been crying ink
smeared all over me
looking so sad, it's funny

'sit scriptor aspiret invicem'

       Should we?
              we already are.
                     Each other we paint;
                                  "blood from thee."
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I don't think
Brumous Jun 2021
uoy ot gnis I
seuh derettahs fo yballul a
htrow dna ytilaudividni fo snoitcarfer

kni gniyrc neeb ev'uoy
em revo lla deraems
ynnuf s'ti, das os gnikool

mecivni teripsa rotpircs tis

                            ?ew dluohS
                 ;era ydaerla ew
          tniap ew rehto hcaE
eeht morf doolb
Dianali Feb 2021
my mind just was
submerged in that daydream
Romance is
An illusion of a team
Reality would eventually hit
no scenario less fancied than this
Not thought of as devotee,
but as a rival I was seen.
S Smoothie Sep 2020
The mechanics of your scheming
qualifies your genius.

A tool for destruction
an amalgam of evil prose.

A narrative of your choosing
A bastardisation of facts and excuses tantrums and lies

I see how you whimper and conive
your mark ****** into your hypnopsychosis,

control freak
Erasing my relativity

Desiring my spoils
gained despite your lifetime of torture

Careful analysis of my faults and corrections
My green grass,  the colour of your nightmares

Take your control,
I'll deposit my apathy as collaterol.

I'll tend my garden, you grow your pretty little weeds,
Line them all with cockle shells in a row

You may fool them,
But you dont fool  me.

How you conspire,
the same eyes, same lies

Keep Narcisis in your prayers,
you and your symbiotic succubus relationship.

Fein saints and martyrs
I'll climb higher while you climb into despair

What really counts is the truth that we bate
And the truth that we bare

And I saw you clearly,
I saw you both  

Smiting everything not of your own making
Your jealust consumes

What I create is your next toxic dream
You cant trample on who I am.

Masters of manipulation
Bar one

Your greatest fear;
My success,
My joy,
My hope,
My power in defeat;
Freedom from all your ****** up
Sicophantic dramas.

May you one day achieve the impossible
And be like me,

Enjoy the irony
TIZZOP Mar 2020
last minutes of trust
in a poem made of dust
you made me hate me

feel the real injection daily
everything seems to poke
you turned into a joke

everything seems to shine
twinkle and rhyme
feel the real injection

this verse is for my protection
this verse is killing you: action!
lamps out of broken teeth

brother breaks his brother's knee
brother stabs his brother's stomach
feel the real injection

everything is for protection
turning choirboys into warriors
brother against brother

everything is an attraction
brother smashes brother's face in
brother against brother face it:

brother against brother
Today is a good day.
L Jan 2020
What is peace without the passions of rivalry?
Your touch on my skin without the blood that pools under your nail?

How measly your love would be
without the honeys of sin.
Mrs Timetable Jan 2020
She looks good without it too,
but she's like 25, so...

She doesn't work at Target anymore:
She goes thru jobs like hairdos.

Her kids are trying to find her a husband.
I caught myself making a 'why?' face
and I had to auto correct it
because I was actually talking to her.

She said the only men her age who want marriage
really only want a cook or caregiver.

Now we know why you're single.
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