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Buddy T Jun 11
roaring beast. steam obsolete. i wish my hands. to see them fall apart. crackling dry. the crust in my eyes. moon oh please, let me be free, from this ******* heat 80 degrees. i thought i had grown, but it’s just the moss on the stone. my heart no longer beats with the rain. i just stay inside all day.

i look
the eyes
i see
i miss
the girl
to be

and if this is adult life
it would’ve been better to die
at seventeen
i yearn for the person i once was, as if she was better
Buddy T Feb 13
i wish it was night a little longer
i want to moon to hold me a little more fonder
hop in my car and grab my keys
as we ride away from the east
running away from the rising sun
but our push back will soon be undone
a blazing fire soon forthcoming
hold me tight so i forget my ears are drumming
the world around us is set ablaze
stuck together in this sweltering maze
finally we have reached total apocalypse
but before we go, ******* a kiss
running away from... something?
Buddy T Nov 2020
you’re every melody and every song
you’re the pounding in my head all night long
pounding, pounding all night long
bleary eyes and heavy cheeks
you’re the sore in my bones that make them meek
and every other week
another year come and gone, so long

the ringing in my ears
the salt in my tears,
tongue long against my face
catching them before they slip away
another race
down the roadway
to your doorframe
come 2nd place
but who’s to say
i kiss you anyway
2020 is almost over
Buddy T Aug 2020
I leave this work untitled
Like every book on the wall
Like the wall, I hold these works on me
No names, no faces
I look into the mirror
I see no face, no name, no title
Just a book, an unfinished piece of work
No work on this wall is complete
And thus, deserves no name
The untitled works, the poems and novellas
The epics, the short stories, the sagas and chronicles
All unfinished, all untitled

It’s hard to find a piece of writing
When the covers are all the same
All white, all blank, nameless
If I set fire to this room
It would be like nothing had been destroyed at all
They sit on their wall; waiting
I lay on my bed; waiting
We are waiting
Buddy T Aug 2020
counting stars like the ticks of seconds on the clock
dare i hold her hand a little tighter
i do believe her hand holy
blessing a sinner like me
artemis stares, i blink
and if i believed in god
i would’ve thought she was standing there in front of me
Buddy T Jan 2019
There was a ghost in my house
It walked through my hallways at night
And swirled green around my ceiling fan
I could feel it in my home
I could feel it next to my bed

There was a ghost in my house
It haunted me for 13 years
I thought I’d always feel
That not-alone dreadful fear
For another few years

There was a ghost in my house
That made me sweat
Who whispered in my ear
And shook me from my bed
And only the bathroom was where i could escape

There was a ghost in my house
Maybe more than one
Maybe more than two
It made my friends cry
It made me scream for so long

There is not a ghost in my house
Is it no longer there?
Did it pass on to heaven?
Did I scare it away?
Did I grow too old to feel it here?

There is not a ghost in my house
Where did it go
I miss it quite a lot
For the ghost in my house
Made me feel thing I usually did not

I wish the ghost in my house did not go away
I wish I still felt what I did on those past days
These days I feel like
I’m the ghost in my house
Drifting away, thought after thought
There is no longer a ghost in my house
Buddy T Oct 2018
well that can’t be good
now that i’ve started
to dream about her
Don’t Worry She’s A New One
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