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Buddy T Jan 8
There was a ghost in my house
It walked through my hallways at night
And swirled green around my ceiling fan
I could feel it in my home
I could feel it next to my bed

There was a ghost in my house
It haunted me for 13 years
I thought I’d always feel
That not-alone dreadful fear
For another few years

There was a ghost in my house
That made me sweat
Who whispered in my ear
And shook me from my bed
And only the bathroom was where i could escape

There was a ghost in my house
Maybe more than one
Maybe more than two
It made my friends cry
It made me scream for so long

There is not a ghost in my house
Is it no longer there?
Did it pass on to heaven?
Did I scare it away?
Did I grow too old to feel it here?

There is not a ghost in my house
Where did it go
I miss it quite a lot
For the ghost in my house
Made me feel thing I usually did not

I wish the ghost in my house did not go away
I wish I still felt what I did on those past days
These days I feel like
I’m the ghost in my house
Drifting away, thought after thought
There is no longer a ghost in my house
Buddy T Oct 2018
well that can’t be good
now that i’ve started
to dream about her
Don’t Worry She’s A New One
Buddy T Mar 2018
these little things are so precious to me
i want to lock them in a box where no one else can see
but i have no box as you can see

i’m *** but i’m no sinner
but i’m no saint either
i just happen to love your face
but i guess that was almost a year ago
Buddy T Feb 2018
have you been to the midway point between heaven and earth
better than hell better than earth
perhaps even better than heaven it’s self

do they judge in hell?
do they judge on earth?
do they judge in heaven?

but no one judges
in the midway point of heaven and earth

earth is closer to hell than heaven
so to be neutral is to be
in the midway point between heaven and earth
Buddy T Feb 2018
What is a dream?

   a wish or desire
   a vision you have at night

everyday, every night I’m always dreaming
   always thinking
      always wanting

What do I want?
   I want to fly
      and sing
         and dance
            and write


Not for you
for me

      and only me

               don’t take that away
so many things to do but only one life to live
Buddy T Nov 2017
Seasons change
People move
That doesn’t mean I won’t miss Summer
That doesn’t mean I won’t miss you
I’m glad I met you
to a close friend of mine who is moving away soon
Buddy T May 2017
How long is forever?

It's longer than you
Longer than me
After my heart stops beating

Longer than love
Longer than hate
After my feeling for you have fade
And I can't remember your name

Longer than my bones
And my veins
And the compacity of my soul
On end to end

Far longer than the earth
After the sun has got to rest
And longer than when the red glow
Is all that is left

And when the universe shrivels to dust
And if it begins again
Or if it grows with nothing but darkness
Forever is longer than any of those put together

How long is forever?
I don't know
Maybe it really is
When our hearts take the final beat
can you tell me how long is forever
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