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neha Jun 2016
you don’t “understand”
like you say you do


missed the point completely
Eva 5d
You told me about your nightmares
So I made it my mission to be your dream.
Andrew Jun 9
I love the smell that lingers
as I spend these moments
with you,
the curve of your spine
against my fingertips,
and the sounds you make
as I take my time discovering your secrets.
Your untold stories unfurl,
inspiring my thoughts by day
and my dreams by night.
My imagination runs wild
at the thought
of holding you again.
Your words flow through me,
like a river of
music for the soul.

A. I. Myles o5 June, 2019
A little insight to my personal joys.
i fell for the way you talk
and the way you walk.
i fell for your eyes
and how you give me butterflies.
i love the way you smile,
oh god it's been a while.
i fell for your hair
this just isnt fair.
i fell for you
and now im feeling blue;
youll never feel the same,
and i'm to blame.
What shall I write today
A sonnet to be heard
Or a haiku of pure word
A poem of honesty that proclaim my decree
Do I want attention in my grasp
Or another tale written in my lapse
What good is a poem with no shame to show 'em
Another story lived in pale
A premise so simple I bought the book on sale
More lies of this life and the status
Second poem say author on hiatus
Do it matter what tales we tell
The act of one can doom us all to hell
Lost for words yet again
1:24am still awake
Head filled with screams
Laughter following
Hounds on a fox hunt
Looking for a sign
Where the rabbit tracks start
Tumbleweeds rolling
Maybe if I keep listening
I’ll finally hear that poetic voice
The shy one
Only speaking when it’s had enough
When silence becomes its enemy
Provoking embers into flames
I’ll continue to jot down
Asking if it has anything to say
Alcohol anonymous meetings
Share your feelings
The reasons for your actions
Pass when you don’t feel like it
Somethings got to give
Please just say something to me
Even if it is
Another suicide note
We can’t carry out
Deaths not a fast food restaurant
We simply wait for a table
When you feel like writing but you have too much to say and it become a jumbled mess of words. I call it abstract poetry. Eventually something makes sense
Tee Morris May 15
The smile on my face is empty
The name I uphold is worthless
The stories I tell are depressing
I think I need a preachers blessing

I may not be religious
But I need some guidance
Maybe if I stare to the sky
Someone will hold my hand until I die
~ Short and sweet ~
This is a simple poem
Nothing fancy
But I'll be true to what I am feeling
When I am around you
I cant Stop Smiling
I want you to know that I love you
more than anything
Another haiku.
This one might be about love.
If my mind lets me.
Jessi Apr 6
tell me, love
does the world end for you
as it does for me

does it's genesis
startle you awake
the next morning
as you feel for the empty space next to you
things were too good to be true

but nothing surprises me much anymore
and the cups of meloncholy lovers have
overflowed before
into puddles of what shouldn't be

don't make it hurt
my love
be gentle with me
my shield is not yet fully formed
you see
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