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Eleanor 1d
You tasted like butterscotch
Pure and sweet against my lips
Your touch felt like cotton candy
Soft and spindly on my hips
Of that syrupy scotch
Buzzing bees would make a balm
For nights when I taste less sugar
Then comes saccharine calm

You look like the early sun
Dewdrops set much too soon
Your eyes betray the midnight glow
In favor of later noon
When I wake from the dream
With morning numbness too
Feeling nothing but your hand
I see naught but you
Feeling ultra *** last night so I wrote something for a certain someone
lmbf May 28
I had to remember the aftermath exists
Like how the ground dampens after a spring storm
But the sun is slowly rising.

I had to remember all the nights
Spent at karaoke sessions and Friday Night Lights
And how we prayed the morning would never come.

I had to remember all the sleepless summer nights
On my bedroom floor at three in the morning
Half disheveled and bawling
Over people who were never meant to stay
And still there came another day.

I had to walk away from myself
to discover
Why I needed to need me in the first place.

I had to trade in the bright bars of the city I love
Filled with perfumed trains and protests
For a long walk to water
(I used to say “For you, in silence”)
But now the brightness only shines for me.

I had to want the small girl staring at her own reflection
Before she could be torn down by the world’s objections;

I had to admire her Cupid’s bow like the love stories I used to read
Before I could begin to re-begin my youth beautifully.
(based on “Poem” by Lourdes Casal)
SFW ‘19 //
Alicia Apr 26

From being a young child,
It’s been a word you don’t utter in public.
It’s a taboo.
A word that defines you as different.

So when i figured out I liked girls

(and only girls)

I called myself anything but



***, lesbean, wlw, girls who like girls

Anything but that ***** word that no one said.

But in actual fact, I am growing to love it.
The women of history using it as an act of rebellion,
To show their difference from the rest.

The L in LGBT+
That’s me.
happy lesbian visibility day!
nellie Apr 13
heartbreak hotel
sisters chapel
she slithers her hand into his
desperately clinging
spine goes breaking
adrenaline bursting
heartbeat shaking
her blue eyes unseemly, his

her smile aflutter
a place familiar
of saturated lies
ridden, desperate
and clinging
her fate masked not seeing
for she
lays on a graveyard
haunted, unhearing
hurting but not speaking
praying for a
lovers hotel

Ray Dunn Apr 7
Silk coated the plush,
your warm hands to greet me.
Soft caresses of my hair,
from a girl with hands softer.

Sunlight drifting in,
soft gold flakes dancing just for us—
warm open windows
to attract the sounds of society,

off-white, draping robes cover
lace-clad thighs—
smoother than thought possible.
All there for me to caress.

Time in molasses...
nowhere to be,
nobody to please,
except, of course, Her.
Ancient Greece was the peak *** time tbh
Ray Dunn Mar 28
how much i hate pink—
let me get it off your lips.
Soft pink lipsticks are so gorgeous!!! I don’t actually mind pink but luckily poetry doesn’t have to be literal haha
Eleanor Mar 24
Be the Shizuka to my Shefali
Perhaps a little of your scent
Will rub off on me

I'll take the perfume from high life
If others can sense the grime
From stacking strife

When we lie together, hear my heart
For other's heads will spin
When they can't tell scents apart
Here I go again. Feeling *** as ever.
Kitten Yvad Mar 1
I'm in a world where
I’m curled up in your
Raven hair
and I’m free to be here

You’d want to be near me.
You’d stop doing all the
things that scare me and
just hold me
fold me and keep me on your

What could be worse
than being eons away
I could have anything at all
and I’d still be cold this way
You could have folded me
And held me on your person
molded me any way you liked
then told me

Raven’s hair in your
Forrested eyes tell me
“you are mine, don’t ask why…
Because the Night
Kitten Yvad Mar 1
Ow my fire burns
Hello just throw me
Into the sea but
not to loud

I am sleeping like
a little aloe vera plant
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