dana hughes Jan 5
in the glow of the moon she shines
her silhouette everchanging as she moves

the lights reflect her eyes
her skirt flows in the wind

in the shadows of the forest she shines
her body so still as she looks back at me

there's beauty in her smile, and danger
a flicker of something unknown

in the abyss of space she shines
her claws outstretched to meet me

her eyes are so different now
in her cold grip i still feel her warmth

on unfamiliar ground she shines
her silhouette unrecognisable to me now

feathers and tentacles, claws and fangs
my heart is still hers
yes i'm *** and i like surrealism/monsters. what more do you want from me
Beanie Dec 2018
oh, sinning girl,
bless me in your image,
cup my face in your hands,
pierce my soul with your eyes.

oh, sinning girl,
you put a spell on me,
took me into your charm,
wicked and sly.

oh, sinning girl,
i’m on my knees for you,
you’re holy to me,
more divine than heaven itself.

oh, sinning girl,
place your hands on mine,
they say palm to palm is a holy kiss,
and kissing you can’t be a sin.

oh, sinning girl,
you’re from the house of the rising sun,
deep down in New Orleans,
but girl you’re just a sunrise to me.

oh, sinning girl,
they’re after your head,
you aren’t holy to them,
you’re made of fire and brimstone.

oh, sinning girl,
touch me one last time,
let me remember your holiness,
oh, sinning girl.
message me if you know where the line "palm to palm is holy palmers kiss" comes from, it was the (obvious) inspiration for "they say palm to palm is a holy kiss"!
Brenna Dec 2018
what do I see in her?
I see fire,
a passion so deep-rooted and
so strong that it burns anyone who dares
to contradict her
in her I see a blaze of vivid emotions,
intense thoughts,
brilliant words,
and an intelligence so grand that I’m in
utter awe
every touch of hers is heat;
every glance from her gives me a flush
in her I see fire,
for she burns bright as the sun
dana hughes Dec 2018
walking down, feeling the grass cool my feet, a white dress dragging behind me
clutching flowers as if they can calm my nerves
feeling the weight of my beauty and happiness as it plays my heart like a drum
looking up and seeing my loved ones

and oh

there she is.

the dream ends
i wake up again
but i wait.
i wait for her to step out from my dream and embrace me in her arms
i don't know her name yet.
i can't see her face yet.

but i'll be waiting,
here in my tower.
i'm kind of a romantic, and sometimes homophobia gets me down, so i like to imagine a little fantasy to lift my heart.
dana hughes Dec 2018
i quietly hope after years of despair,
that one night the moon herself will bless me,
will she come down from the celestial eternity,
and take me in her cosmic arms,
will she love me the way i love her,
or will she vanish like the night's dream?
this is about being sad and sapphic lol
Brenna Dec 2018
you are ethereal. beauty flows from your crown and washes over me like a tsunami, crashing against my rib cage and drowning my body in your essence. you are the sun; golden, graceful, kind. I cannot help but kneel before you to gaze upon your glow. in a hushed whisper, I rasp an amen.
I wrote this about a month ago. it was the first poem I’ve written in a long time
Brenna Dec 2018
sweet-tea lover,
what a delicate touch
your lips brush against my spine

kiss me, darling
pull me close to you,
sweeten me with your sugar
Brenna Dec 2018
in her eyes I see stars
if I could,
I’d spend hours peering into their depths
and look for constellations

every time our gazes meet,
I search for a shooting star
I make a wish but never tell,
or else it won’t come true

she is like a galaxy
Emily Dec 2018
I woke up thinking about you
In the way the afternoon sun filtered through the clouds
Painting the autumn leaves gold
I looked at the late lavender skies
And saw something magical
When I think of magic and miracles,
I think of you
Emily Dec 2018
Bubble gum and vanilla perfume is what I thought of when I dreamed about girls.
When I imagined myself with my own girl gang. Like in the movies.
Heart shaped sunglasses and matching bikinis.

It is so much better than that.

It is spilled wine and ripped jeans.
Laughter that makes your ears ring and smiles that ache by the end of the night.
She’s rubbing the ashes she spilled into my comforter, and I don’t even care.
She’s drinking a ***** soda out of a mug and stealing a pair of my sweatpants.
She’s teaching me how to properly curl my hair.

Every boy is unworthy.
She gets more beautiful with each passing day.
Intricacies buried deep inside her.
Little pieces of her uncovered bit by bit.

She paints.
She writes poetry.
She has a green thumb.
She likes her coffee black with a pinch of cinnamon.
She prefers foggy weather to sunny.
She loves foreign films.

Only friends who love deeply can fight so harshly.
Only girls who know each other inside and out can wreak such havoc with their words.
Roots tangled together beneath the ground.
Howls that harmonize under the light of the moon.

When I imagined myself with my own girl gang I didn’t realize it’d be a pack of wolves, starving for life and love.
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