mollie 1d
i keep trying to write about her,
but words don't do her justice.

how many flowery pictures can a poet paint,
how many images of love and romance and soft care can you create,
before it loses all meaning?

there's no dancing flower petals when we talk,
no lightning racing through my nerves,
no stars shining their light on us and us alone.

there's only peace, as we laugh our way through a video game we're failing,
as we try to work in each other's company and get distracted in an instant,
as we comfort each other and understand each other, in the way that two depressed, anxious teenage girls have to.

it was her birthday last week. i made her a muffin, and got her some cute socks.
maybe i could've done something more grandiose,
but she held my hands and looked at me like i hung the moon.

we embraced, casually, easily.
the spring sun warmly graced our bodies.
there were no nerves, no pounding heart, no flowers or lightning or stars;
just peace.
i have a crush on my best friend, and i'm perfectly happy with how things are now-- it's nice, not wanting to start a relationship, since our friendship is so great already. she's amazing and i love her so much :) i hope you're having a nice day! spring is in bloom!!! <3 <3 <3
What is the body of a woman?
She is stardust,
Passion and desire.
She is paradise,
Cosmic and enthralling.
She is poetry,
Sapphire and ruby.

What is the body of a woman?
She is hidden,
Sinful and perverted.
She is apostasy,
Sodom and Gomorrah.
She is shameful,
Torturous and gleaming.

What is the body of a woman?
She is secret,
Philia and Eros.
She is repression,
Exquisite and divine.
She is carnal,
My burden and my joy.
Jane Apr 12
How does she make me feel?
Let's start with alive. She makes life seem worth living.
She makes me smile.
Nobody can make me smile like this girl.
When my phone lights up, so do my eyes.
Oh, and my heart.
It skips that beat, the one that reminds me I'm alive.
She makes me giggle.
I don't giggle.
It's her. She changed me.
It's almost as if she takes away the sadness,
even if it's only temporary.
She helps.
She's all I want, and she makes me feel desperate,
because I long to only see her smile,
just as much as I long to feel her lips upon mine.
She makes me feel okay.
That's all I've ever wanted,
To feel okay.
So there you go.
That's how she makes me feel.
McKala Hanes Mar 18
She’s shiny. No, not like a diamond, or a new toy, or when you polish a glass just right.

    … Not even quite like a star.

She’s just…

s h i n y.

To call her a beacon of hope, of joy, of anything would be patronizing, would be dehumanizing, maybe even fetishizing and associating any of those words with her makes you cringe, makes you ache with rage at yourself, but -


She is the agonizing sun in your eyes when you are driving and the sunbeams that feed the flowers in your garden.

both the highlight of your day and also the worst part
for the warmth in your chest, the fire in your heart,

You suppress and deny until you are almost fool enough to believe yourself when you say “i’m not in love, i’m not in love, i’m not in love”
She shines

She shines so bright it hurts, but you want it to hurt, you can’t imagine it any other way

So you burn, and you burn alone, and maybe always will, because the words dancing inside you -

“Hi, my name is - ”
“I like your skirt”
“What was the homework for Spanish?”
“Hey! I noticed the scratch down your arm, I also have a cat - actually, I have three”

- die before they reach your tongue.

                            … she’s probably straight, anyway.
McKala Hanes Mar 18
As she stares at the stars and you stare at her,
You wonder what she sees in them.
It’s the stars that make her smile like that.
You want to wash your hair with stardust,
Wear a necklace of a shimmering constellation,
Shove entire planets in your eyesockets,
And burst into a girl-supernova
So that maybe, just maybe, she will love you, too.
McKala Hanes Mar 18
you look at her and you see a fucking /ocean/
and not an ocean of pain, a sea of sorrow, like you see yourself

you look at her ocean and see coral reefs teeming with /life/ and /possibility/ and /beauty/

you look at her and you see a pristine mountain spring you mustn't tarnish with the pollutant that is you

your fingers ache to be allowed to just graze her surface, calm and still, like a mirror, but you'd leave ripples if you did

to you, she is a river in which you would willingly drown, but to her, you are but a raindrop haphazardly landing where you may

to her, you are just another girl
the first girl i kissed,
was the first girl to write a song about me –
it was then that i had realized,
love knows no bounds.

i felt her lips shake,
like cupid’s quiver,
as he draws back his bow –
intimacy was a flavor i had longed for.

i like to remember this –  
this moment:
before she slipped from my fingertips –
a stranger whose lips,
i had once kissed.

share a sunset with someone you love;
share a sunset with her.

luca Mar 12
there is fire licking at your
      calves. tongue hot
      and heavy (taste me
      where my soul ends and
      my heart begins, i think
      you tell me. find the places
      hidden to even my eyes,
      a prayer, a whisper).


AFTERTHOUGHT: i can shift the heft of the sky and its sire onto my shoulders, shape them into wings under your gaze, let them watch the fire like you watch a ritual (it burns with ancient fury, older than my words could ever dream).
idk what this is
gay ????? as hell???? like me wow
Emily Mar 7
Big hair, don’t care
With cherry cola lips
Hotpants flatter her hips
She’s a roller derby girl
Gonna give you a twirl
Skating in a rock’n’roll rink
She gives me a wink
As she rolls on by
I think she might be bi
Emily Mar 7
Rock’n’roll radio died
Between gasoline riffs
I love Texan poker
She smiled with classic liquors
Realise that I want your lips
Gamble success where strangers bleed
Roadside taboo
Lay bare, please,
I want to give you one hot date
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