Heather Jun 4
I think about that gentle love:
the sort of thing that blooms between two people, the sort of thing
that takes months and months and months to blossom;
like a carefully tended flower, something to be cherished,
and I think that's something I would like.

I would like that gentle love:
the sort of thing that blooms between a woman and I, the sort of
thing that takes time to nourish and care for, like a bed of flowers;
like an ocean of petals to lay on and declare my love for her upon,
and yes, that is something I would like.

And while I may want that gentle love, instead:
I will not get that gentle love, for the world is cruel;
and maybe I will never get that gentle love, but something else—
a short love, a brief love; something I will cherish,
but perhaps it will not be something I would like.
Pao May 31
she fell in love that night
8:12 PM, March 4th 2017
with a latin woman
her curves illuminating
in the ultraviolet lights
of her bedroom

she tasted paradise,
fingers tracing the outline
of her breasts
their bodies interlocked in the heat between them
whisperings of 'i love you'
was all each of them could promise that night of
March 4th 2017
helena alexis May 21
some girls like it sweet,

an innocent angelic face, plaid mini skirts and unbuttoned white collared shirts, who goes to church every Sunday praying to god she’s not a sinner living in a yellow house with a white picket fence and a rose garden she’s an angel with the devil’s heart

some girls like it sour,

red lipstick stains on her neck, tight leather and fishnet tights, come home with bruised knuckles, isn’t religious but she’s on her knees every night
she’s a natural born sinner who is beautifully broken

how you like it
helena alexis May 17
SUN GIRLS: sun-kissed goddesses, some a little darker than others because the sun loves them just a little bit more, writes poetry sitting outside a local coffee shop, always happy all the time, loves the color yellow, wears mom jeans and tucked in t-shirts all the time, is soft and loves love, long hair, mostly in braids or ponytails.

MOON GIRLS: dark circles under their eyes, parties a lot, drinks to forget their heartbreak, red lipstick and black eyeshadow, sleepless nights accompanied by anxiety, owns over 20 different leather jackets, loves adrenaline, risk-taker, a smoker, strong smell of cigarettes and mint gum, smirks a lot, flirty, secretly likes sun girls
we started talking at 14 and 15
texting back and forth
exploring our feelings for each
other staying up late nights on
the phone getting to know each other

we fell in love at 16 and 17
still exploring that side of each other,
the one that liked girls
you were unsure but
you knew you had feelings for me
i liked you more than anything

we grew apart at 17 and 18
not talking as much
barely speaking to one another
you had a boyfriend at the time
and I still had feelings for you

we reconnected at 18 and 19
rekindled our feelings for one another
because deep down we both knew
we’ll always have feelings for each other
we even made a pact that
if we’re both single in 5 years
that we’d be together
and im hoping that becomes reality
to Caley
Heather May 2
words slide from your lips like water,                     (poison?)
                                        (like cherries, wet—   wild)
and you tell me that you love me,                            (do you?)
                                            (what do you          love?)
but you don't look at me like you—                         (love me.)
                        (look at me like you look at       him.)
and here, now, do I realize that                                 (please.)
                                               (that you don't.)
Heather May 1
You've always, always
told me you don't like the water.
You don't like the thought
that you may sink, and sink,
and sink.

And I think, here, now,
with you,
as we look across the pond,
the lake, the ocean,
the water,

that I wouldn't mind if I sink, and sink,
and sink—in the water
with you.
Heather Apr 30
You know
I am scared to love, to be loved,
to be in love?
It is terrifying because
what if I am pushed into
a marriage? With.
With someone who I—
who I don't actually love?
It is all so, so stupid, so
But I don't want to marry a man,
for if I were to marry it'd be to a woman,
but people have expectations.
So, so many stupid expectations.
Alone is a trench you dig by yourself.
Love is a garden that I dug with you.

We shower each other in compliments,
like rose petals that bloomed
so recently, so beautifully,
we just had to pick them.
We couldn't help it,
we admired them so.

Alone is a blue sky without a cloud in sight,
[and it misses them so.]
Love is the lightning and the rain in a thunderstorm.

They too, complement each other,
one conducting the other
in a symphony, full of gorgeous crashes,

one can't help but
be awed,
be inspired,

be in love,
with what we've become.
Love takes work and kindness.
mollie Apr 23
i keep trying to write about her,
but words don't do her justice.

how many flowery pictures can a poet paint,
how many images of love and romance and soft care can you create,
before it loses all meaning?

there's no dancing flower petals when we talk,
no lightning racing through my nerves,
no stars shining their light on us and us alone.

there's only peace, as we laugh our way through a video game we're failing,
as we try to work in each other's company and get distracted in an instant,
as we comfort each other and understand each other, in the way that two depressed, anxious teenage girls have to.

it was her birthday last week. i made her a muffin, and got her some cute socks.
maybe i could've done something more grandiose,
but she held my hands and looked at me like i hung the moon.

we embraced, casually, easily.
the spring sun warmly graced our bodies.
there were no nerves, no pounding heart, no flowers or lightning or stars;
just peace.
i have a crush on my best friend, and i'm perfectly happy with how things are now-- it's nice, not wanting to start a relationship, since our friendship is so great already. she's amazing and i love her so much :) i hope you're having a nice day! spring is in bloom!!! <3 <3 <3
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