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Buddy T Apr 2017
Every day I wake up
And I'm disgusted with myself
But never with you you you

I was never the best
At running
Or jumping
Or finishing work
Unlike you you you

And everyday i hope and dream
But i know

I could never be you
Never be you
Never be you you you

Never be you
Never be you

And maybe one day ill wake up and
I'll be better than myself
Better than her
Better than him
Better than you

Better than you
Better than you
I'll be better than you you you

Could i be you
Could i be you
Could i be you you you

And maybe one day
I'll wake up
And know
Exactly why
You love me

But maybe
Only you could do that
Could i ever be you

Ever be you
Ever be you
Ever be you you you


Never be you
Never be you
I could never be you you you

Never be you
song lyrics
A Tango Feb 2017
Feeling unhappy;
that I'm not good enough
Unconvinced and in despair,
Disbelief in my own
act and decisions

I am doing the best I could
to meet the expectations;
thus I am frustrated

Why am I putting
a lot of pressure on myself
just to seek attention?

I am trying hard
until gratified
Why am I still unfulfilled?

In fact, I am scared
I fear that I may fail
and may not reach satisfaction

It feeds my self-doubt
perhaps I am good-for-nothing
Alexandria Loeb Nov 2016
I'm not
A loser
Number one
I believe that I'm
An insecure girl
The one of the best and brightest of my kind
I am
Dumb and ugly
No, I can't be
The child my parents hope, wish, and want
Because I'm
Not good enough
Never am I

(Now please read bottom to top)
I was feel down and decided to write one of those peons where you read it from top to bottom then bottom to top. I love you all and hope you have a nice day/night
Lauren Wood Sep 2016
To be quite honest this
Concept is strange to
Me I'm just
Myself but
To others my
Mind is abnormal
I ponder things other
Couldn't care less about
I understand concepts most
People ignore
And yet
I feel stupid quite often
Much of my mind is unexplored
I daren't venture into the
Cavernous chambers of
Scorn I have for myself and
Those who aren't intelligent because
Who am I to think myself
Superior to anyone?
i wrote this because i feel like an awful person
Mazzy Ram Aug 2016
The Doubts,
The constant,
Riding on a ferris wheel,
Going up and down,
Riding through the wave,
Then all alone in my cave.  
Going up and down.  
The doubts
Come and go,
Set me free,
Then prison me in bitter sprees.
Oh, leave me be.
There is no room for doubt,
That is the key.
Lunar May 2016
And he told me, "You, my dear, are not a collection of people's memories. You don't need to house and protect everyone; you don't need to display and be proud for what they've done; you don't need to preserve them when all they do is walk over you. There will be moments that you have to guard them, but there will be much more of you having to watch out for your own self. You live for yourself and have confidence in it. You may be broken at times, but it's the fragments which make you much more intricately detailed.  You have the potential to be the main attraction. All you have to do is to let it show. Remember, you are not a museum, but a masterpiece of art."
This is a little write for self-doubt. If you have been having doubts about anything in your life, it is okay and it will pass. You will be scared of the risks, and even your dreams. But I'm telling you: if you're scared, then your dreams are worth the risks.
T A May 2016
What I wouldn't give to hide
and break the glass covering my mind
release the tension as it builds up
relieve the steam
let loose the dreams
smell the new horizon spanning my fate
look across my mind's ocean
and forget all of the commotion
caused by my own brain’s turmoil
fixed in the work of turning the soil
the labor, the toil, spanning generations.
Discovering new fields and meadows of the mind
would help, not hinder
a cerebrum such as mine
expanding further past the shore
deeper into the metaphorical earth of conscience
but instead I await a rescue
for, what simply more could I do?
the lines of capable and not so are thicker than before
and I'm on the side of failure
my continuance is dependent upon my hindered success
my mind and my clothes and my body's a mess
I want the shake and break the glass encasing my brain
crack the display case
do more than what is required
but how can I do more when I can't do less?
How can I derail this train of thought that I will never be the best
and I might not even be good.
The desire of the mind to hide from it's own self-doubt, to increase in capacity of what it wants to focus on while battling the knowledge of needing to focus on something else. This description is as messy as the poem.
Beinghonest Mar 2016
I wonder if you've noticed,
I'm becoming less appealing,
Our conversations are getting very...
Very, boring...
And I wonder if you've noticed,
That I'm becoming less appealing.

You can tell me,
I didn't meant to approach you,
It was a decision made in a split second,
And it seems like my heart's voice was louder than my brain's then:
I'm being honest,
My chest was about to explode,
My heart was a ticking time bomb
And I could only disarm it by giving it a voice,
Converting its electric impulses into sound waves.

But now,
It's been a while since then,
We're drifting apart...
I haven't told you that I nicknamed you zebra because of that cute black and white shirt you had on...
I'm scared that would just trigger the slow end of our...
I mean,
It will make our friendship awkward.
I told my friends I don't like you,
But apparently you like me -
But, I just have a question,
After getting to know me -
Ummm... Have I lost my charms,
Or are you still googly-eyed over the stupid fifteen year old boy that nearly tripped over his own words as he uttered, "You're very pretty"?
I bet she's getting bored, and I feel bad, like I've wasted her time lol :v

-just being honest
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