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Poetry Art Jun 15
maybe you were in love with those conversation we shared by the balcony while staring at the sky

or maybe you were in love with those sweet messages i sent you as soon as i wake up

or maybe you were in love with those poems i wrote for you specially when you are feeling blue

maybe you were in love of the idea of me being there

maybe you were in love with those,

but never with me.
i just want you to fall in love with me.
rumin8 Apr 30
temptation is sweet
careful not to take too much
it'll come out as sh*t
rumin8 Apr 30
caress the silence with your thoughts
search through abyss as I get lost

in my rigid, imperfect proportions
I indulge into careless illusions

listen and lean closely; so you won't miss a thing
see my perspective of the world I am building

seems far-fetched
blinding at best
maybe too much to digest

all this
bottled-up, shut tight
inside a wrinkled piece of muscle

isn't it lovely?
but look again, this timeβ€”π˜€π˜­π˜°π˜΄π˜¦π˜­π˜Ί

head's starts buzzing
reality warping
𝘸𝘩𝘰'𝘴 𝘡𝘩𝘒𝘡 𝘡𝘒𝘭𝘬π˜ͺ𝘯𝘨?

slap some sense to me
this been kept in my notes for too long, i guess it's time for other eyes to see it rather than my tear-streaked ones.
rumin8 Apr 30

make another lie,
for they will believe.

double-faces can't seem to identify,
the hues along with magenta dye.

for youβ€”π˜Ίπ˜°π˜Ά know why,
simply just one cannot untie.

closet doors are shut tight,
queer, no doubt.


make another lie.
for all the closeted ones thereβ€”that day will come, you and me, someday.
Stripped down to the most basic of actions
Can my lips carry my every feeling
needs and wishes
Would you get all of that with just a kiss

If love was an ocean
then my tides just come in
and I'm just killing time
thinking of ways to make you mine....

And maybe I, maybe I could never love you the same
maybe it'd be a mistake to try again
but there's more to this
but there's more to this

If love was the moon
then it's just been eclipsed
and I'm just wasting time
thinking of ways to get you off my mind...

Without anchors, I'm swimming till I'm dying
well that doesn't make much sense
unless you could feel the way I'm feeling

And if love was a wrist
I've just reached the bone
and I'm just killing time
thinking of ways to go on....

I'll be crawling into so many holes
looking for a place to call home
still nothing is the same
as when I was in your space

And if love was a heart
yours is so far gone
and I'm just wasting time
thinking of ways, thinking of ways
to be rid of mine
something different from the usual
Sillo Anderson Jun 2019
Apathy grooms what little faith I drew
Awakening firm, the fitted ground where my love should have known
Meek shame beams throughout my fears
Home is where I ought to be.

Dwelling within a house of gold, and yet I feel no core
Why so low on happiness
Why so masked by forgiveness
Why so ?

Born into moralities of false hope
It's treachery to be your own
And yet god has not pitied my soul.
emmaa Dec 2018
maybe i'm not meant to be anything
maybe i'm just here to inspire the something
or maybe i'm as significant as a leave on the ground
once vibrant and green
now crushed beneath your feet
Buddy T Oct 2016
empty 'what if's
and petty excuses
and looming regrets
'if only i had tried harder'
'if only i had the time'
'maybe, just maybe'
'i could have gotten you'
'maybe i wouldn't have failed you'
*if only
this is not what you think its about, but it still hurts and breaks me. I'm going to bed tonight with tears almost building up and guilt in my stomach. but remember that this is not what you think its about. believe me.
Chloe Elizabeth Dec 2014
Maybe he was right
Maybe we weren't meant to be in love
Every star in the sky and page in all of the books in my collection could never explain us
Maybe we should have fought harder for each other
Fallen to our knees and surrendered when we really had nothing more to give
Bruised and scarred from trying to hold on just a tad longer
Maybe it was our doubts that cut the rope
Perhaps it was all of our maybes that killed us in the end
We didn't believe in the 2 a.m cups of coffee or even the blood in our veins
We didn't have faith in what our future could hold, we didn't even have faith in ourselves
I think he was right when he said we couldn't do it
He was right to turn away and never come back
He saved us from more pain and maybe that's a good thing
Receiving peace in exchange for love

By Chloe Elizabeth

— The End —