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Buddy T Oct 2016
empty 'what if's
and petty excuses
and looming regrets
'if only i had tried harder'
'if only i had the time'
'maybe, just maybe'
'i could have gotten you'
'maybe i wouldn't have failed you'
*if only
this is not what you think its about, but it still hurts and breaks me. I'm going to bed tonight with tears almost building up and guilt in my stomach. but remember that this is not what you think its about. believe me.
Dita H Apr 2016
Don’t disappear
From my sight,
From my mind.
I feel your pulse weakening.
You’re fading away.

You cross these rivers of thought with me,
But do you know where I intend to go?
Do you give care for things like this?
Do you give grace now?
I feel you fading away.

Take the long walk home.
Tell me all the things you know,
All the things, your eyes have seen
All the things your tongue tasted
I want to know all that makes your heart storm
All that makes you dawn like the sun on a bright day.
You’re fading away.

I cannot find in me to make you stay,
Words won’t stick,
hands won’t fight,
legs won’t run,
I am here.
Don’t disappear from my sight,
from my mind.
I feel your pulse weakening
I feel the life in you escaping,
With it all our past and what-ifs.
You’re fading away,
but don’t disappear.
I would like some feed back on this poem, please.  Thank you! C:
Bb Maria Klara Jan 2015
A thousand what ifs, a thousand one years.
A thousand beliefs, a thousand one fears.
A thousand what ifs, to thousands of ears.
A thousand mischiefs, to the heart waiting here.

People know darkest is before sunrise.
But with these what ifs, it's darker than dark.
A thousand what ifs and a thousand one sighs.
What if my hoped flame was merely a spark.

A thousand what ifs, should I try to listen
And think and ponder and even consider,
A thousand more chances in my eyes glisten
A withering hope or a shot of wonder.

And thousands of ways, I could hope to die,
Or live, or feel, or end or begin.
And thousands of times, maybe I'd lie
To think that it's real or too good a sin.

A thousand and more, should the truth be told,
I've thought of and given too much my thoughts.
A thousand less more, it was never gold,
Maybe I never knew what I wanted sought.

People say darkest is before sunrise,
For you I decided to live in the dark.
Maybe I like how I lived a lie,
Or truth, whatever, you've made your mark.
This was written sometime last year, I believe. Even I'm surprised by this now. I just told myself "What the hell did I just write?" I loathe how I can be overly sentimental at times.
Lara Wan Jun 2014
Here I'll say the things I can't tell you
here I'll write down the things you never knew
here I'll try to make you realize
here I'll tell the truth behind the lies

I wanted you since the first day
I wanted you but I just can't say
I wanted to grab and hold your hand
but I was afraid you won't understand
I loved you since we were eleven
and it's been six years going on seven
I loved you but I never told you
I love you still but you never knew

And now I cry because you find someone
how I regret all the things I haven't done
I wish I could start all over again
I wish I could change how things end

I should've kissed you when I had the chance
I should've picked you when we had to dance
I should've sang along when you played a song
I should've but all my chances are gone
If only I were brave enough to risk it all
but I guess I was too afraid to fall
I loved you but I let you go
I love you still but you'll never know

— The End —