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Sep 2016 · 1.3k
Scribblings With LOVE

When you think
Maybe, we ~
For the time-
Being cruel to us
In most heartwrenching
Wonderful impossible

love, Love,            
Never was I yours
To come at your

Blushed a little bit
Over my sunlit cheeks
Holding in my hand

A Damascus Rose
For my beloved~
For you

A jazzy blues done
None plus no one
Gets the whole bush
Unless walking hand in hand
Through garden divine
Icecold queen n' king
Siddharta within our seams
Yet, I turn in my dreams
And look straight
In those lovely

Portruding in me
Fireflies lit
For me
To you

Cosmos exists as a play

Of darkness through

Hurting me
For a begining
You gently touch
My wrist, holding
It with desire
And say
- Here
Are -
My twin~flame!!

This Day Is

. . .

Pulling me close within
Your chocolate
Emerald wisdom
Vishnu Inevitability

Emitting radiance
Embraced for as long
As we need to please
The almighty & amazing laws
Of physics

In approval of
= =
Woed by
Thunderous pounds
Blood in our veins
Burning like the
Ocean waves
Rhythmic pace

Dreamy foams as
Overwhelming Us

Navigators of
Our starry midnights

Building the arch of
For the rest
of the

Our tent
Under satin~silk
Is heavens

& Serene
Sep 2016 · 891
For the Chipmunk in My Yard
For the Chipmunk in My Yard
By Robert Gibb
I think he knows I’m alive, having come down
The three steps of the back porch
And given me a good once over. All afternoon
He’s been moving back and forth,
Gathering odd bits of walnut shells and twigs,
While all about him the great fields tumble
To the blades of the thresher. He’s lucky
To be where he is, wild with all that happens.
He’s lucky he’s not one of the shadows
Living in the blond heart of the wheat.
This autumn when trees bolt, dark with the fires
Of starlight, he’ll curl among their roots,
Wanting nothing but the slow burn of matter
On which he fastens like a small, brown flame.

From What the Heart Can Bear by Robert Gibb. Poem copyright ©2009 by Robert Gibb. Reprinted by permission of the author and Autumn House Press.
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Sep 2016 · 375
I absolutely love you!

It's yes ~ for me!

Sep 2016 · 1.5k
Humble Bumblebee
Genuinely a human being
is suppose to listen to bees

Bees are little bumblebees
Dalai Lama is the
Cutest of them

Endure good~ness

With a mission
Working sweetly
Wonderfully unselfish

For a greater  cause
Forgetting about the fame and the flattery laurels
Achievements and Archibalds

Focusing on liveliness of a recent call n
Frivolous flattering sounds
Are gentle blessings

You'd recon that I adore your
Intense passion for
By the looks
By shut eyes  eager to be soon open for a glimpse of

The listeners are performing
With slightest ****** mimics
With crossed legs open
Changing a position
Scrathes on head
Inwardly borne self dialogues

Your soliloquy
Is the sea of
Love, life


By the memory
Bits of your heart beats

When the tin noise  
Of your crying
Tears tears

When you dream of the mortal coils descendant
As a halflings brought together through
Dissolving into the golden

You've seen two

I've seen one amongst many

Each a divine gift

Within wholeness


No peace
When you dissapear

And I yearn to visit a cultural event
In total darkness (if i shut my poetic eyelids and cover them with both palms) then maybe only the blood's tiniest brooks within my fingers may start the signal for the motion pictures inside the ideal world

The World's Spinning
In a  Absolutely Poetic

Let me embrace peacfulness
Within the secret garden

Let me taste of your
Nectary thoughts

Let me lead you through
Thundery waters

Silk veils and lyricism

Let me lead you through
Fire and ice n'all that is

Let me . . . oh . . . Let me

Aug 2016 · 1.9k
Life is love ~ Haiku ~
Wisdom is gained through
Subtle intuition ~ love
Aug 2016 · 1.7k
Damn Good Vitruvian Zionist
Probability lurks behind the veil of your
Vintage velvety hair locks.
       Why don't you let them grow
Fond of the silk windwhirled fingertips

       I'm falling apart like the society's white lies
When I first saw the picture of your oldtime lesser plie
          Bohemian rascal poetic spirit

Do you still believe in soulfull foolishnesses?
     Where do you play your music??

Let's chill under the Flatland area's arbol

   Abbreviations of your blown up ****** desires
Are being revolutionized and mutinized by these

Enchanting  darklings

Dear dear darling
deep  romantic eyes     &
Suddenly I'm lost  inbetween days
Do you want it!!!?
~For You Fantastic Homeland Poet ~
Dreams, dreams
Visions come as favela blossoming into a forthcoming
For all the Earth citizens
  Having a cosy home
     Clean waters
Creative life

Without existential suffering

Share people! Share!!! Goods, love, smiles ...

**Rejoyce, be grateful, embrace tight!!!
From one <3 to another <3 Unity of   friendly-bio-dreamers
Aug 2016 · 987
* *~ Haiku ~* *
* * *

Yantary night falls
On Earth ~Soil~ Golden from slumber~
Wakes up ancient stars

* * * *
E t h e r e a l
When strangers arrive be nice to them. Offer kindness. Recommend beautiful places, delicious homeland cuisine and exquisit wine and healthy beverages.
Mar 2016 · 518
Ohm          Mani padme       Hum
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Haiku ~ echo through Time

Soulful vocals shine
Across the din Universe ~
They drone and drone . . .

Mar 2016 · 1.5k
Languid a chirp chirp
of a feathery fellow.
Sudden stop - The crow!
Written by
Impeccable Space
Poetic love
I am at peace
Grasping gatherin"
Marble extracted pieces

Dust all over deep  ye
shallow crevices  cry
A white dove's  fly
free of sorrow

I'd love to seal a millionth
tears on your lips kiss my farewell

I am the deep Space
I am the Brahman
I am the fine firmament
You are all best
Such is the truth

I am blood flesh body consciousness
Such is the Truth

I am the firmament
Go down on fantasy
Burn your fleshy
Languish fingers
And see where they land

Into the neverland anythin" is
Laying the sea **** as it were
A forest's tapestry ready
To recall the roll over
The magic Moss
and the razor sharp
entwined stares are infatuated
entirely, submerged in carnal
Pleasures and driftin" as
Smooth as our palms
explore the desired
Flowerin" as
Shapes of heavenly
Shape shifti'n
Shinin' within our legendary
Black holes of perception

Rays fall exposed to the
Acoustic fractures resemble
Ray's glimmerin' under
Undulated  brilliancies

Hey you, painter, a wordsmith of a happy fiddle tunes
All over the the land, ripe harry hills, bush berries and burgundy
Grow infinitesimal promises

Step aside for a while, apparitions of your wildest abstractions
Mean nothin" Come and take my breath away by the hand
And swim me to Swimmers' simmerin'

Endless Time is a ****** illusion
A Reckless hope drivin"
Without a licence

Riot rascals
And ******* concortions
Emanate radiant embarassed
Spirallin" shy blushes
To hide and die of this word: Anguish

I'd swallow the swell day
I'd let you know your golden and crimson
Deep Thoughts of Goodness

Precious precious Indigo
Ageless darlin'

Step a bit further
And see it (for) yourself
Coolin" within
The open space spiced
Dee light danger liasons

Ferocious I'm borne
Ferocious I give off
The light

I dye
I diamond you
I die dao the way up to you into the uncountable fervored Future

I burn I burn

I am the Sun
And the stars and the galaxies
I am The earth
I am the forest the mountains
I am the lake
Call me a fake
And mockin" will explode
Around your sweet grinin" face

Do not agree that we only read
Some make bread with sour cream
Some make cookies with a bit of green
Some throw flat stones upon the mild surfaces seen

Mirrorin" their minor inspirations tryin" to put others down
Hey, here is your crown! Bittersweet! Clown!


Scented oils linger in a sanguine air
Upon your tangible surrender
I fall and kiss your kiss

Rivers run wild flowering seeds
Rivers carry them to Toward n" a while deeds
Within cosmic symphonies by Oceanic all blueness

Blatant and Blissful
Ponds dormir

This all comes and goes
like ripples    
Upon the jade pond
This comes and voes like a vessel
Transports all beings

All beings engage in their essence

While the noble sage
Disillussions own Self:

Subtle and ethereal body

This I am
This I am not

The wise
The names
The forms
The invisible
The intangible
They do Keep on goin'
Manure for the soul body mind.
Manure for the truthful seekers.
Major influence by Deepak Chopra.
Minor influence by the truth which lies in each and every one of us.
Hope you enjoyed the conducted narrative. Take for granted only what you percieve to be (your) Truth. This is poetry! This does and doesn"t speak of love. Tho" it aims to divine blissful revelations.
Step upon rose petals
One by one gently
Don't hesitate

life is a continental dispersity
                            Grab your depth
                             Onto what's left
                              Unsaid and do

                                                       Transfix the sunrays
                                                        G­ather them in a left
                                                         Hand, handful burn
typhoons of tender typographies churn

Grab the liar by the hair roots
And pull yourself out of muddy
Feb 2016 · 1.0k

Northpole looms North

Where playful Dolphinus´sparks

Fly to Aquila

Feb 2016 · 1.8k
Soundless Motions

You  came to me
as a vision
as a mirage
as soft shadows
landing low

Warmly loving
the hot bouncy
and their
delicate dance
across Dali's

soundless motions
obssesive mushy
desserted sands
of time's

fractal falling

back into
the theatre of dreams

Tuning a
midnight to
those silent, evanescent
to be played
once more
and adored on longplays

Spiraling and spinning
in my memory
like a skilled
reindeer wafting
wet air through fresh
nostrils, a defiant elegance
fluttering around as colourful
wings move the magnificent
leap of a sinew lyinx
to tremble
among spring greenery

Got to develop gentle moves.
Silent. Soundless. Elegant.
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic soundlessness
Feb 2016 · 2.0k
Medeia & Jason
The archaic Mythologies
Were well depicted ventures of Human
Spirit to verily present acts of the absolute Nutness
An astute of a compelling question Still
Much relevant in today's lmplicit
Deconstruction of  Committing
A moral Excession.

Old Greeks came to a betwixt paradox when compairing
the two ulterior motives:  
~ a completely mad passionate love
~ a sharp cold blooded oportunistic love
Feb 2016 · 581
Bright Man, Soft Locks Man
~ ~ ~

Bright man, Soft locks man

~ ~ ~

My bright man, noble man
my tall petit prince king.
Your hearts beauty is this
woman's sweetiest dream.

When you think of me,
when you think of us,
on the night we first met. . .

Do you reminisce well -
or do you reminisce hell!?

How brave you were - after
indulging in the potion green;
embracing me, for the first
time - tight across my
right shoulder.

And there - I wished for the first
time - you were my life's boulder.

And you laughed and laughed loud,
happily drunk, and infatuated with me;
as I were with you - darling - already!

And then - you exclaimed exuberantly:
This girl is so cool - guys!
This girl is so cool!
You really are cool- girl!

And then - I blushed a little. . .
And then - I rushed a little
just to let you know. . .
who I really was.

And I said
back to you
I am a woman.
And I said back to you
I am a mother of a child
Sweet beyond compare.

And you laughed and you laughed
Like a sweet tempest approaching
In the beauty of the darkest night;

To sweep me off my feet
to sweep me off the board
to land on the new shores
to find myself drowning in
your charming embraces

I don't believe you -  girl!
You're pulling me off!
You want to trick this honest,
playful man, who ain't playing no game!

You want to trick this honest,
playful man, who ain't playing no game!

My soft locks, noble man
My tall petit prince king
Don't you see the ring?

How shy your First
words seemed to me
about Star Elysium
Infinite lmmortality,
written paths to be. . .
new age books covers
and a scent of Poetry.

I saw stars in your smile
and you saw a devil in me;
overwhelmed with energy ~
This ******* life's intensity!

Then I asked you,
Yes, you - alluring strange man!
Yes, you - the arogant thinker man!

Do you know
for how long
do we know
each other;
Thinking on
one bohemian friend
standing by my side.

And you pretended
you didn't have any clue;
And you pretended
whilst we knew. . .

It was the story about us
It was the story about us
Waiting to finaly meet

We knew so well
Oh yeah- we knew!

This love was written
With flooded ink of times
Flowing in our blood

This love was written
With flooded ink of times
Flowing in our blood

To know your mine
To know your mine
Kiss and hug me for another million moments
Kiss and hug me for another million moments
A love story written as a
token of our love
Lyrics for the future melodic rock song.
Feb 2016 · 934
Light ~ Haiku
Thunder lit the lake
In the blackness of the Night
To see the Earth glow

floral effervescence
     wafts around you

          thy theo black temperament rose iq
          ushers lulabies as playful amor kru
          apollo is falling for the aquamarine
       rays, reflecting the sea's craved ardour
     and our love is like a cyclamen oleandro

  the fascinating, dissolving, poisonous sleep
  inwardly unaware of the whitest clouds oro
  seducing the beauty of a ceruelan absolute ~
   if i were the wave i would foam your dream
    if you were a black panther i'd be your kaa
       for a day to experience your mighty paws

     to tremble like open window shutters, strickened
       by the fire, by light, by thunderbolt's love flame

       oh, come on, come on sweet man of the fantasia
       i've got to tell you i ain't foolin' around those dim
      alleys at nights like this; luscious calls lure hello
       at least, hear my hearts deepest throbbings, hear

     them, embrace them, conquer my world's cream
      taste the strawberry sweeteness on a tip of me, u
       trickle your tongue against my open buoyancy
       write kaligrafic words of love's invisible tint
        beautify the untouched pergament, maestro

        write like there's no time nor tomorrow's no;
       inaugure every christmas crickets flash mob
       within you and awaken me from a slumber,
       deeply rooted, lovely and mild as wood's chi
       and I will cherish you, praise and love long
        forgotten wild forest's animals as panacea
        for the dissolving salt upon a love wound  
          which torchered your solitude for who's

         pleasure, for what reason, for a slick slap
          of an epic trustful faith as lux aeterna
             crashing the myth of a love superior;
          a desolation of waning touches soma

         hiding its fragility in madmind's attempt
       to overcome what's earth's given inferno;
        to die in a lustful blazing heat of creatio

          contemplating about heavenly key lock
        how to forge a golden key to your anima,
      gracefully giving a hand to her emperor
      to dance on a verge of an existence' folie
       to blossom upon hushed world's meridian
         in dreamy space n' time, first darlin' flush
        the prime animus dances, dares, waters~
written and imagined
by impeccable space
aquamarine poetess
Feb 2016 · 1.2k
Two glasses of Tea
The universe that i know contains infinite infinities
The more i travel the more i see and more you think

There's an abyss of abraxas in dylan dog's comics
Here's an enstraged ghost of che on the motorcycle

We made it plausible for the pagat ultimo's elegance sake
We seek for the most Beautiful to crash us like soft waves

The immortal Beauty is the terror for the mortal passangers
The immortal Elegance is shown as an unforgettable life's style

You want the depth, you play games, cast spells, and reinvent
You want to become a persona grata, the gravity ***** you in

Today i thougt how nice is to draw a bit for a change
Today you didn't like to have hollidays from a belief

I have to acknowledge the worthwile sands of time
I have to succumb to universal subconsciousnesses

Mine unimportance is a hanging shall on a tied stallion
Mine thoughst fly high as two falcons toward your star

Thine tea is served with blood, sweat, and entrapement
Thine turtle is a giant alive planet, a colourful mounted

In one century importance becomes irrelevant.
In actual now do you consider ways to trick this fact?
Intelectual labyrinths of mind lead to a well structured illusion.
Inspirational people have borrowed the ignitors from celestial Divinities.
The prophecies have an odd habit
To lurk inbetween scribblings  and  then mingle
the good wishes into a mashed goofy mind ala moi

God - how I wanted to meet you. You, the noble scholar
An oriental dreamer. Son of a man who made comics
Look nice. Now - I have anticipated a longing long

Or a notion you have read his words. Yet. It's not about realising; This wilderness.
The paper relief is not equal to a ravishing beauty..your wisdom, your passionate thunderstorms within your mind and a non dual complecancy to : your eternal gazes ...
I would be honoured to experience this wondrous mildness
Your arms holding me tight and loosely addictive.

Oh - to melt within your yang.

Imagined by Impeccable Space Poetess
Feb 2016 · 934
Seven years of a parlor vow
Venomous slithering silk gown
Adressed the chandeliers in the
Marrakesh's dusky evening, just
To outshine the simmering glass

There were gentelmen and ladies
Chit chating politely, uninterested
Awaiting on a dinner to be served.

He noticed the scarf, she thougt to
Herself. Unending in memory are
Hoffman's grand thrilly fairytales.
I wish he'd gather the bold pirates
Of his conquering intentions and..
Imagined by Impeccable
Space poetic beauty
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
This is a subcultural song
This is a subcultural song

Free energy efficient enthusiasts
Replaced the iroquois punk style
Alternatives, noisy *******; ear
Damaging drum bass boxes in da
Clubs. Ravishing rave parties in
Mini skirts, glam glossy brass on
Ecstatic strobe-light synthesis - a
Synthetic mainstream paradise
Submerged to hypnotic sucklings
On the colourful plastic pacifiers
A gummy retreat before waterless
Collaps. A dehidrated dream that
Tried to shut the world off by the
Tendrils of regression resemblance.
Adult babies aboard going back to
The false long forgotten innocence.

There is no subculture in being above
The depth. Superficiality seems a posh
Pose and a good hiding reason for socially
Awkward childish rebels without material
Issues. The sore tissue of contemporary art
Is people don't believe in subjective objective
Selves anymore. What authorities put on the
Shelves there - it has to be good-when on the
Real deal discount. You think im not of such
Kind. Sheepishly blindfolded herd lives some-
where else. I pity them. Mock the socially meek,
Unajust, fat, poor or a greek profile. It has to be
A button hot child candy nose to **** her or to
Call a beauty per se. Per american dream team.

***** are hot untill they have pneumatics, man
Are man if they whirl the banknotes under bank
Accounts. ******* act like man in disguise greedy
For more. I inhabitated all this inherently ugly
Preachy words instead of puking into a labdab
Lavatory and cleanse myself from repulsively
****** cultural intermittent artifacts. And how
Can i not subdue to its overwhelming pressure.
I'm just an indigo child of flower children. Don't
Throw me the bones fueled with the black golden
Marrow. I'm a new alternative peasant, growing
Carrots and celery at bio degradable villages. . .
Its not a contra cultural venture if your socks
Are made out of industrial cannabis, and yet
There's no need to. Think. Love. Play music.
Listen. Breathe. Live life as if yours favourite
subcultural song is repetedly on...going along
Feb 2016 · 950
Azam Ali

Chill electronics

Fervours me forth

From the frost mornings
Over crushed relations
Over the lost margins

Across the horisons
Ending heated desserts

Alienated from lonsome cries
We travel on the cloud called ninth

Of a everydays man turmoils
Turning into naught

Becoming a hoop
Around allured
Swell membrane

Top to bottom
Willing to


Works with

the lucrative


My elation
Our abdomination
Each pace on the drum

Is  a hollow awareness

Is  a primal bite

Into a predestined

Prerogative ~ the
Love's ethnicity

Till ambushed silk

Start to jingle

Floral essences



Dark curls

Azam Magnetic Magma

Charming one thousand
And one
Free from misery
Mystery Nights



Ambiental Ali

Opened space


Sounds Alluring Affirmity

The woman's
Darkling alto
Swims into me

Dear saphir's lean
Permeates into me

Were they thinking
That you can get some good news about this one
A blossom
a blossom
intrinsically linked to
tree roots trunks - petals -
with or without you?

Were you
Passing your past
Where the - within'you

becomes more difficult than the one you can see

Wraped gently around

Whenever you're ready for I
Am not sure about glances

Why or how or when
Could've found and lost impossibility
To bond deeper than thou

Beautifully lurking around
Any corner of this honey dew
Dripping on every
Sweet corner of this
Earth ~ molasess and maple
Pancakes ~ perfectly
With another
Seemen home toasted
Creamy Cheese


How To Bow Properly?
To awareness~ To automatically repaired
Spell checker's wicked authority
Abundant celebration
As passing days

The last invisible
Appearance of the darkling
Fireflies Beaming
To stars up above ~
Many times un~authorised
Molders of our dreams;

Sky high and heavens
White blue sync with
Ebony and Ivory
Imagined by
Imeccable Space
Feb 2016 · 1.3k
Bq dps
Body wash the earth's atmosphere
Question is how I have to admit

Did he do it for your thoughtful response6
Poet endspoems and I would post it after
So what~~~I have no idea who he was
perfect timing person allowing you to you dear friend of mine
Feb 2016 · 956
Risclarity fanaademao
We belong
Neber der. Todo
Love eterlna
There are still
people in the
Clean eyes

The people
Who have
A pleasant

Their pure
Scent is
Another simile
For goodness

I've lost my
Bronze shiny

Anaforas in
Before spring
Blossoms do

Me and you
Are a rolling

Cosily unbound
Wraped around
The ancient aquamarine

As the numinous, dire
Paragraphs of our lifes
Know also of the succulent
Sweetness. Inspiration.
And everything.

I am. You.

We collide with marvels.
Rainbowy bubble plops.
The world is back again.
Trickeling over tenderly
Undulated membranes.
Also the eyelid seas.

United in the ephemeral,
Ever changing images.

Desire and goodness.
The day and those nights.
Imagined by
Poetic writer
Jan 2016 · 927
Jan 2016 · 715
Velvety black vine
Lotus flew over the
Surface of my

The synergy
Surrendered to

Of your being

Of love rains

Caressing my gaze
for the first time
struck by magic

And fires rode
In awe,

Upon your
Tamed times

And absolute
Seeded pine

Written like a wild
dew drops glow on
a black tulip.
Jan 2016 · 559
surpass the passage
In the
To drain
Are we
This is
The Day
The day
To Seize
Jan 2016 · 660
Who are you stranger?
How do you like
To stand in the
Frosty meadow

Minding the free air
Portions penetrate
Your dim auroras

From the laced sit
Of your Hollander
Cold icicles grow

As your gazes
Melt and meet
Barzoi and me.

Walking around
In the morning
Sun. You-stand!
Its a beautiful Sunday!
Jan 2016 · 1.9k
Smudge Stitch Witch
Falling into the jangce jang
We sing with a clear

Pass me the passport
Sail on the roads
Of perpetual

Dream of baobabs
Dream of saharas

Crush as snake eggs
Thou lamentations

Make me a poet
Surpass me as teardrops
Mingle in every waterfall

Augure my autumn
Argonaut my silken
Wool crave me as a mad

Call me a beauty
I'll be your beast
Jan 2016 · 1.3k
Terra Rossa Pan Flute Plains


Epic opening

Tenderness becoming
Gentility of the fragile souls
Floating upon floatable

What's solid?
Our steps
The little
Mild frost
Of a season

Wind chimes violin
Goose bumps beauty

We have tinted Ink
And gave lives to
Cosmic tinkerbells
We made vows
Across love abouts

Across the plains
Of Josephine's
Linnen laced
Edged swirl dress
Swinging below
Zodiac crisp

To have
A life made
Out of
Barefoot origins

Ticklish Grains
Got into our Mild
Dreamy oceans
Terra Rosa

Come va?
Is hour ship sailing
Is our sip sang?
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
Jan 2016 · 793
True love poetess
A little nostalgia lost
******* the picture!
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Apparently blessings soon wither
Where your star shone

In the darkening sky
There's a Taj Mahal!
Undulating endless
Asimetry of

Floating above
The placid

Glimpse ~
My wet hands
Kyoto protocol
Hair in a Thankfury
Violet Versace

And your smiling coasts
Me wrapped in a black coat
Lush lucrative dynamics
Zarathustrian imperative!

Covering your manly

Dig a grave in my
Hollow submarine
Diminishing distance

Was I, to call your firm hand's
Grip ~a lesser degree in Hiking,
Or a postponed poetic height
Thumbs entwined. . .

Spirited as a killer
Eagles mudra
You stare at
My profile

Well ~we stand
Opposing as a lovers
Of A grand Poetic

Name surpassing the time
Awaiting, courting, questioning
Via simile to the blood under
The Bask's barret

No, the ring I've put aside,
My hands are bare tonight!

Bewildered, I´ll stumble forth
within a bright new day to
complete your sermon.

You usually brake the cliche
Walking hand in hand
With Affar Authors
With Dead Spirits
With Alive Authors
Playing dead, unknown
Within the journalists eyes..

When they whisper

Wisdoms to your son's father

When they sturm und drang my sweetest

The softest spring is coming forth and
I know where to find you. In southern sighs.
Dreamy. Uncatchable.

For one very special poetic lover of poesis.
Jan 2016 · 795
Inbetween Moments
"Sorry seems to be the hardest word."
I feel your wonderful eyes.

He was a greating glider
Knowledgeable, nice and
Sweet. Had a nasty divorce
Flooded with ***** accusations
Nailed and tortured by himself
For the things he wouldnt do..
He was clean.

Tears within us turn to ice. And they should burst.
I've never cried over you.
I don't know you.

Perhaps. I did.
Once upon a time.
For real.

He is a quick thinker
A worrior with an ancient
Soul and a progressive

A Black pearl.
Shelly aboard
in disguise.

Soft as a kitten
is his heart.
I love him.

"Let love rule"
Rise and shine.
A perpetual creation.

Monsoons and many moons
Have passed like a metaphor
Core. A divine traveler.
A colourful world
It is.

He reads thankfully

And humms songs
Of devotion. And he
Writes perfectly.

Harvest moon
He loves modern music and dancing.
He writes.

He dreams about another tattoo
across his heart. We share air.

She was touched
Today. And there
Were sparks sizzling

One long frozen
Moment. Reaching
The most intimate

Not uncharging the potential.
There was a simple question:
"How did you spend the day?"

"With the beautiful artist
In bloom. Drawing."

Shyness. And the

He glows.
Written by
Impeccable Space
Jan 2016 · 798
Add A Vow Dear
Wanted to write fluently
About million worlds
With beautiful wovs.

I couldn't.
There's a dark pressure
In gloom. Doomed mind.

They do. Me.

I'm transmitting.
Harmonies. Cacophony.
Endless caches.
Smitten And Written by
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Ad Homunculus
Have you lately realized
How much self absorbed
Heterosexual amorphous
Hominem ad narcissists
Love their oneorientation
Love their self esteem pen
Love their uncanny purse
Love their rightful rituals

They abide to admiration
They wear polite persona
They share unrelentlessly
They know salt and peppa

Immortal talent n'crowd
Inspiring dear friend days
Interrupting pink panther
Integrity by wild abandon.
Jan 2016 · 650
Koan conundrums -
All phenomenona derive
From life's blushed presence

Art thou
Thy soul
Of souls
O to thee?

Or that
Tide thus
So, most
Beams o'er



O, Yes!
My Bride-to-be,
Spinning fiercely
Like a dervish in
This galaxy!



My flames! My core!
Held together by my
Own attractiveness, I
Assure, I need not thee
Tis myself I do adore!
Fantastic mysteries
I keep thus pure!

Woo me to Love?
You seem assured
Of your Self as well!
But you must make
Haste to hence take
This, my body, O!
Heretofore to meld.



My lust forsaken
Broken, taken!

See how hot
These fires
Thus burn,
All my Love
To you I turn!



Be gone!
Be gone!
My Love
Must be earned.



O what woe!
And melancholy!
Ease my malady,
Be my Lady!



Perhaps one day
I shall, but as of
Now, I turn
Thee away.



I shall do
My utmost
To burn
So close
So perhaps
It will be so.


Rigel silently

*Sigh, you
Persistent thing;
I wish to cradle
You, soon too.
This is a satire dialogue of love unrequited between two fiercely burning, vainglorious and  divine celestial stars Rigel and Sirius desperately falling in love, not admitting it.

Written and imagined by ~ Jamie L. Cantore & Impeccable Space Poetess ~ as a divinely sweet, hardworking, inspiring collaboration. Let there be light! Life! Humour! And our creation! All rights intimately reserved. ;):-)

Thank you so much, Jamie, your a dear poet to me<3 lmpeccable Space poetess.

Hope that You~fellow readers have
enjoyed our little celestial story.
Thank you for reading and commenting
"Thrilled Tokens of Desperate Love"
Jan 2016 · 557
Beware! Poetry
Langston was a late bloomer
She kissed me with a devotion

8 The angle shoud be 99 per cent

Not snoop ****** round
Blink think nonstop sexed Up
   'tea at five' Hi
Jan 2016 · 878

Nibble Nippl Peaks
Scribble. COdes
Dee der di da dee lite
Missed ski slopesmmoley

Jolllllly Joker

And handfast sticks
On the rollo-blade runner
Buzzz offfff pepper brocolli
Jan 2016 · 373
Experimental & Happiness
Better quality lies in Sadness.

Regarding poetry, darknesss, wrath and despair.
It's a certain beauty into them. No doubt.
Jan 2016 · 346
For God's Sake
Play me some good music!!!!!
Jan 2016 · 578
A ballet

     B r o k e n


  A.  Hurricane
     like emille

maman droplets

    On the floor
          Emily !

    This little girl's

*This little grls no more...
Anorexia Nervosa
Jan 2016 · 484
But my wings bear
Pearly dusts
Crashed musts
Vengeance evocatives
              Perpetual blasts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--!!!!!!!!!!!!!!****!!!!­!!=========#=!!÷!*!!!!!!!!!!!!-!--------------- **-yyyyyyyyyy¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥'¥°°¥°¥°°°°¥°°°°°°°¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥':'( :')

฿฿฿:'( ฿฿Ω฿Ω฿:'( Ω:'( :-\ Ω฿฿฿฿฿฿:-\ Ω:'( :' -( Ω:-$ :-$ :'( :-$ Ω:-! :'( :-) :-) :'( :-( :'( ;-) θ:-( θ:-D :' -( :-D :-$ :-( :' -( :-! :' -( θ;-) ฯ;-) θ;-) :' -( :' -( Ω;-) ฿:-)) :'( :' -( :-D :' -( :-D :-D >:) :-D >:) :-D :-} :-$ :-D :-( 3:-$ ฿:-$ :-$ :-\ :-} :-} :-\ :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D =:O =:O :-D ++++:+"+"@"@"@";.;*;×;₩₩₩€!!!!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<3<<<<<<<<<<<3{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{
I'm a eternal lover love bone

Circumference not obligin
Jan 2016 · 360
Nothing to say

Tremendous ardour
       Affection.     That.

         Leaves me in blooming
      Startled. Drifting. ~~~~~~<>~~~~~
                 Those **** fallacious
                           g r.  a f f i. TNT NIl y

           - Don't mess with me boy! -
§₹goi. N for @ visual.
Nottttin toy say muc÷
Jan 2016 · 1.4k
Quintessential Question
Unknown and known
Poetic terms that you
Delicately paint across
The screen

Unreal and real
Canvas 's

Is like n *****
Is a lovely simile
Is a metaphor for a fantastic
Is a statement
Of falling in love
With your words
With your work
With the You
Aetheral and crystalized
Snowflakes through air
Briefly temporal, anchored
On the misty treetops of my
Unreasonable reason
Holding on those
Unleaved, yet loving
Widspread branches
Waver and yeald...within
Blizzards of swirling
Of my and thine mind
Growing from souls
Spontaneously, naturally,
Without a question!?

Rays of our universal consciousness
Gently melt snowflakes into the water
That sleeps and slides awaken slipping

Downwards the lichened tree barks toward The ground, appointing and connecting
North, South, East and West
Where they rejoice the seasonal
Foundation of fastbinding spins
Thine and mine
Tiny dot particles asking eachother
Inviting the most beautiful
To appear
The foundation of love...
Dance of life. . .
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