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Kelly Mistry Aug 14
Power comes from many places
In many forms

From other people
From things
From knowledge
From history

My power comes from within
A wellspring in bedrock
Without limit
Without end

I can feel uncertain
Still my power flows within

It has always been there
I know
That it always will be

I don't know

Where it comes from
What it's made of
Why I have it

But it’s there

I do know

Who I am
Who I will always be
While I am also
                    Forever changing
                    Forever growing

I search for
How best to use this power
How to share it
How to show others how to access their own
        Buried deep
        Forgotten but
        Never lost

Vulnerability is the key
To sharing power

Join me
I will share mine with you
Share yours with me
Just Grace Jul 1
Tinkered lullaby
Pastel my waking life
Love notes, in melodies
Score my nights
Loop endlessly
Delicate feathers
Primal heartbeats
Serenade me into insanity  

You set the tempo
I lay the drums
You do that bittersweet color
My voice will ache, though
Catch it, mood-layer
Send it
Repeat, player

Green room,  your living room
Headphones, lie on the floor
Give me your most beautiful dystopia
Inspire me, please show me more

I can’t see you, so join me in the liminal place
Melancholy, ache
Love me through the waves
Plush vibration, touch my face
Float me through your dream
Whichever path it paves

When it crests over
Your eyes are the conductor
Make my skin reach, my body rise
with the orchestra swells
We haunt and torture
Layer upon layer
I’ll never truly sleep

I'll look for you
You'll look for me
Then I hope we land.
Wahed Jun 29
Sounds like a battle cry,
Shall i ready the armies,
For battle, then?

This will be an epic, remember.
A battle of fear and desire,
In moonless nights,
In the depths
Of souls of men.

Ready the armies please brother,
Our soldiers filled with love.
This epic, eternally remembered.
Our call coming from up Above...

In the midst of moonless darkness,
Light shall shine from within.
Our desires directed to the Oneness,
Fear cannot remain!
A collaboration with a soul i am yet to meet...
Betty Feb 24
A bond of light

Finger strong

Yet soft as the touch of skin

A silken thread forged in the heat of breath

Milk fire

Burning souls

White Hot

Cool as midnight

Blue Calm

Smoky and intense

Joining hearts and minds


Flying free at last

Liquid Sunrise

A burning arrow

Of dragon flame

Between us  Part of a huge collaboration 55 poets on different aspects of love. This is my bit!
Amanda Jan 16
She made their beds daily
Busy as a bumblebee
She bought provisions
Cared for
All for free

She loved her messy family
With her heart
Put them first
From the start
A collaboration made with my mother. I wrote the first stanza and my mom wrote the second
Steve Page Jan 7
Big Art: The art of collaboration.

Big bouncing, cushioning,
resonating, in-phasing.

Small piece-by-piece-making,

patch-working, ingredienting,
combining, conjoining,

- collaborating.
Rifting off a phrase heard on the radio.
F A Pacelli Aug 2019
more collaboration
     than competition
more compassion
     than callousness
more creativity
     than conformity
Amanda Jan 2019
You were the smallest baby when you were born
How could we have guessed you'd be such a thorn?
You put the twinkle in our eye
It reminds me daily when I look at my thigh.

I hate moments we argue, hate when we fight
You have been so wrong but mostly you're right
Can't imagine giving birth to a child
You sacrificed lots to make sure I smiled

I dedicated life to my daughter
Little did I know that would stupidly start some slaughter
Now you go begin life on your own
I stand back watching how much you have grown
Very confident and bold
More valuable than silver or gold

I did not ask to be brought into this world
Hands tiny, innocently curled
So much time has passed since then
Now you're not just my mom, you're my best friend!

Raising you taught me so much
With more ahead in store
Every day that passes I
Love more and more
Me and my mom did this collaboration together i thought it was pretty badass
S K Anderson Jan 2019

It’s little more than a quiet thought.
The impending feeling that the loneliness
was a creation of my own imploding self-conscious.
I wouldn’t have hurt you voluntarily,
so what outside force could know my mind so well?

It’s little more than a spoken word.
The rumble of the oncoming storm could be felt
from as close as 1.6 miles away,
where the darkness of your room invaded the
not-so secret spots of your heart.

I’m prone, to the truth in your words.
I’m not used to the idea of confronting my thoughts
And sorting them out to you.
Is it that I spoke wrong words? Or I stopped before they meant anything?
You mean so much, and now you are out of my reach.
I did the first two stanzas and Austin did the third. I really like it, it's the first poetry collaboration I've done.
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