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Descovia Nov 14
These words that have pull and plunge your being into an intense trip. Watch the words, fly off the page and take you through time faster than any Uber or Lyft.
For this neat little trick, we employ the words that grip.
The ones that squeeze and then some that suddenly hold until the reader drips. Fill their bottle with a cuffing concoction, with every verse, they'll take a sip!
Descovia joined forces with Alma/Rota to deliver a compelling masterpiece for genius minds!
Descovia Nov 2022
Snow has covered everything
The unsettling comfort
composed of these
Lonely and cold times
Turns a heart to stone to indulge
In these harsh winter nights
Brought me to become more
pensive than ever before
Because on days like this
I remember how fragile I am!
That time is precious and
I could just melt for you
any given minute!
I’m just a frozen drizzle,
collected on your eyelashes
Just like this snow on this green
The stars that fill the sky of majestic wonder.
Continous love resonates strongly within my inner being. I breathe in your light and it consumes all tainted and misconceived by voices of lies!
Your embrace made me feel secure.
The warmth of your glow gave me infinite energy!
But, soon enough I’ll be a melted drop of snow...
Like the ones on Christmas trees
after the season is over
You will be my glittery ornament,
that embraced me once upon a time
On a snowy day on Christmas Eve.

- DESCOVIA & Instagram: Cinnamonbunpuns
Descovia Nov 2022
Just like this beautiful weather,
everything brings changes
The signs, I no longer ignore
a woman like you is worth waiting for.
I embrace the beauty in moments as these.
She is my twin flame, her light, it's powerful.
It's heavenly, it shields me, my soul from freezing
and bounding itself to ugliness. Her warmth is all I need
Ricky & Descovia collaboration

It combines
Ricky M. Martinez's Quote:
Just like this beautiful weather,
a woman like you is worth waiting for.

Descovia's: Everythng brings changes. The signs, I no longer ignore
I embrace the beauty in moments as these.
She is my twin flame, her light it's powerful.
It's heavenly, it shields me my soul from freezing and bounding itself to ugliness.
_Her warmth is all I need_
Descovia Aug 2022
Maybe it's best if I did disappear
My involvement in life
Improperly positioned in existence
Questioning all within
never will it be clear
I miss you my dear.
Wishing you were here.
Reminding me of all in sight.
Kissing your lovely lips.
Making everything better.
Telling me "Everything going to be all right"
I been feeling off, and in need of recovery.
Praying and hoping, you love me and it's true.
Immensely, my heart beats and yearns for loving you
Looking up at the sky
Emotions take on a toll

Weighing heavy on my fragile soul
Heart accelerating faster than speed of sound
You are nowhere to be found.
Nobody else, I rather be with is around.
I begin to cry...
Because being without my love...
It's like depending on happiness from drugs
Is comparable to separating two beautiful doves.
All things remind me of you in the world
In every shape and form everything does
You are the world to me
You embracing me in your arms
Is the only thing that matters, truthfully
I desire you to remain forever with me
The way it should always be
xoxoxoxoxoxo Love,
Descovia Aug 2022
As I lay here thinking of you
All my thoughts grey and blue
I wish I could see you, I wish I could.
Then maybe my life could be understood
But still I'm down thinking of you

Eye for an eye
Heart for a heart.
Tooth for a tooth
Wondering in consistent circles
I am running and ripping myself apart.
I only want to be part of thoughts
That gave me peace to
live for my truths.
It's all in living color.
Yet, I feel grey and only see blue.
I have a reason to hold my head up
Although I am down in my
feelings, thinking of how much
I am missing you.

Cassandra & Descovia
Never stop pushing for your own happiness.
At the end of every day along with your goals
Nobody else, will root for you without issue
unless it's your own child, sibling or that person is legit.
Honor your aspirations and keep living.
The world needs your story.
Descovia Aug 2022
Hear the silence
Look into my eyes
and hear what I'm not saying
For my eyes speak louder
than my voice ever could

Your eyes speak louder
Than my powerless voice ever could
Emotions and memories resonate
in eyes that I treasure more than riches
Many lifetimes, where I connected ties.
I am surviving, I never felt
as if I've been living
Watched stars fall from heaven skies
You do not need words to
validate your love for me
Calm as the ocean tides
Peaceful as the color blue.
I can hear your love screaming to me
All I have to do, is simply look at you.
You bring many things to life
Together connections are aligned
It's composed by the strength of your presence.
It surrounds your essence
all of this, it makes me stronger than
diamond and gold both combined.
What more is there I can say?
The loudness of your loving heart
can be heard from miles away
I rather dance on landmines
Endure the darkest side of my mine
Massacre and desolation.
Cruelty, blood and rapine.
Before adventuring to any realm
where your soul does not reside
Your joys and anguish embedded in a strong heart
powerful enough to make the strongest cry
I will go through it all.
Determined before dubbed disdainful.
My spells will bind the wicked and
wrongfully make me gainful.
I rather it be this, before I bring harmful
intentions to my beloved earth angel.

Cassandra & Descovia collaboration.
Descovia Jul 2022
I fade into you,
Ashes of my former self, carried away by the wind

Break away from me
Cravings continuously calling for me again.

I can’t go anywhere
Without the feeling of needing you there.

I can’t see anything
Other than what I can taste from pain.
Clearly. The cloudiness in my lungs.
Menthol or Full Flavor. I know it's wrong.

I miss you
You're dangerous for me. I love it.
I can’t remember your face
The filters, makes no difference.

I want you in my life, although you're taking it's place.
I feel your love

It's only temporary, I can say and it's more than enough.
To give me exactly what I need from the buzz.

It’s not there anymore like you
True, what is there once in view.
Our relationship. Is bittersweet.

Hazardous and playing with fate.
Thinking you are helping me be safe.
You're only putting my everything at stake.
You fade away
In the haze, I am still attached to old ways.

If I keep this up, no telling how this will turn out.
This is not an addiction, but if I quit...
I burn out

Dark Descovia & Darko Collaboration

Yes, we both composed a killer poem on smoking cigarettes/
Andy Chunn Jun 2022
It’s not easy to be a bee
Our crowded view of life
Sometimes the only thing I see
Are trouble, toil and strife

We search to find the source of food
Then hurry to the hive
We hype the others in the mood
With waggle dance and jive

The queen, protected and aloof
Not like all the others
She is the sign and living proof
When smoke comes and smothers

Work and waggle, my daily chore
Then search a place to hide
Being a bee is so much more
When dodging pesticide

I’m a worker, and not a drone
I hope that you can see
When you harvest sweet honeycomb
It tough being a bee
Havran Apr 2022
Some scars appear
as immaculate smiles
painted below weary
eyes that know
nothing but to
quietly turn away.

Some scars,
the air
in one's
to sulfur,
the veins
like an
Some scars,
leave a heart
in rot,
a mind

Turn back now,
toward that mirror.
Stay foul, rotten
and helplessly hurting.
Some scars heal
in complete surrender.

And I know
how the past
can be
a difficult thing
to forget.
Bruised knees
bleeding elbows
were far easier problems
to fix than matters
the heart.

But don’t forget
in each somber
embrace of defeat
is your soul
lying in wait,
resting to rise,
your judgment solely
superior yet finite.
Take it slow.
Pain fades overtime.
Scars simply remind.

And I wish you had none of it,
but let the marks on your skin
be a testament to
the wild call of adventure in your heart.
Let the heaviness in your chest
tell you that there have been
instances in your life
where you have chosen to be brave;
that sometimes
—when you let the love in—
the hurt also enters,
completely uninvited,
and sometimes it's
the one that stays.
Sometimes we
take the leap,
and sometimes
we don't walk away
from it unscathed,
but that doesn't mean
you are not all the good
that is found in you
—that doesn't mean
you weren't enough;
You are the sum total
of all the things you love
and care about,
and no amount of hurt will ever take that away from you.

You are a constellation of scars born from mysteries and imperfect Ever Afters,
and one incredibly unforgettable journey.
~M.C & D.A.
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