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A devout spiritual
Birth and death
A mere passing
To closely watch this beautiful world
Temporary the presence
Learnings and memories
For the soul
Depth of this life
The fragrance of ancient soil
The mountains rock solid
And the journey of the *****
Under the luminous sky
Yet, a belief in the higher power
The divine, supreme being
Ever so deeply rooted
Beyond the cycle of life and death
Lord Shiva
To draw strength and endurance
Some wisdom
To walk the path of truth
Not through rituals
But being closely guided by the divine
In deep reverence
Ten thousand times
Om Namah Shivay
Uprooting the fears
Gently placing faith
In place
Belief in self
In the power of the divine

6th January 2021
Only, sharing  my experience 🙏🌿🌿
Billie Marie May 2020
The mind collects moments
bad ones and weepy ones
moments to spark fires
and ignite engines
moments to roast the heart upon a spit
to watch the ****** sizzling juices of love
drip down and burn off into smoke
the mind is a storehouse
though vast isn’t spacious
its compartments crammed
full to popping
under the strain
of all the moments in time it collects
to make the body recall
and you gawk at the wreckage
in wondrous amazement

moments in bubbles
floating past on repeat
mind digs in the toy chest
throwing up dreams
more moments of nothing
to hold you away from me
two nations at war for my soul
and all three are me
what mind fudgery
and horrific intent
the whole point is you
just you, nothing else
think what that reality means
whatever you like
life isn’t a playbook of rules
some other person can write
real life is lived
and what can that mean?
other than whatever life looks like
when you’re living through me

each time you can’t see the forest in the leaves
the moments you seem to pull back out of me
are only a specter of what isn’t true
only a reminder to remember your Truth
and turn once again to the Self that is real
and is one with the whole of all life that is living
can you gain joy from rehearsing old stories?
of worries and woes and doubtful discoveries
of fake images and faulty dreamscapes
then go on, by all means, let mind keep collecting
and storing away
for some other fake day
you can’t really be living
if you keep letting mind
give you moments to see
instead of real life
living in your True Self
and you truly seeing
Then, words come slowly;
nothing behind them but space.
Om Guragai Apr 2020
The time has come and it’s all opposite
Just a thought I had that I’m composing
Don’t be proud of the aeroplanes and other structures that we’ve build
We should’ve controlled our pollutions and let the nature heal
This is where we should realised how the humans have failed
That animals were always treated badly, now we know how it feels to be jailed.
John McCafferty Mar 2020
Clear the mind
with forms of breath control
Vibrations emanate
Serpent flows in swirls
It curls around the centre line
Seven points along the spine
From base to crown
Varied hues are queued
where energy is key
Use the force
to elevate your qi
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Om Guragai Dec 2019
Like the value of the currency
Feeling low and down currently
Better you chase your dreams young man
Life doesn’t come with warranty.......
Om Guragai Dec 2019
Gazing at the moon I can seen reflection
My dreams and my wishes fed by depression
Taking to myself hoping the world doesn’t hear  me
Like the raindrops in the oceans my visions couldn’t be seen clearly ...
Om Guragai Dec 2019
life led you through burdens, seemed like it was time framed
Struggled to feed the family like the role from the movie blood diamond
Wishes and dreams seems to be blowing in the sky
Without those darkest times, your courage wouldn’t be founded .......
Om Guragai Dec 2019
Like the fragrance of the flower
Like the electricity in the towers
How can we ever take a glance at your love Ma (Mother)
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
Om, the centre of gravity
No argument
No denial

Genre: Spiritual Abstract
Theme: Gravity is oneness. Oneness is Om.

Note: What are we seeking? When open eyes see physicality, closed witness the truth. What we saw in him, he is much more than what he looks like. When one is too much, yet the million is not enough. When one realizes everything dies, yet not everything lives. When at the end, we remember the beginning, the point we start. Find the connection, beside oneness.
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