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madyson shaye Nov 27
I want to ask you questions that you’re not going to want to answer. I miss the parts of you that you’re hiding away. There’s a guy that is rocking back and forth to our left and you show me him with your eyes; I want to trust you more than anything in this world.
Do you think of her? Do you miss her? Have you spoke? I’m scared I don’t believe you.
I drink wine now, I loathe this day. My skin is itchy and I miss the way your cheek feels against mine, you’ve never felt this far and one time I slept away from you for a full month-
Is this right? Is this real?
I miss your skin. I miss feeling connected with you, I miss being able to feel secure. I miss when I saw your hands move and didn’t wonder about her, I miss the purity, the simple,
I never was supposed to like the taste of wine. The guy is rocking. The guy is rocking.
슬기 Nov 20
I'm high from my train of thoughts
The thoughts, that's slowly killing me
And became the monster under my bed
For the past couple of years.
Rowan Sep 22
Here’s to the girl who hates repetition.
Here’s to the eyes that always wander and
Here’s to the nights where she lived on a little longer.

Here’s to the skies that bloom with ambition
Here’s to the heart that races over the word no and
Here’s to the girl who never might know.

Here’s to the gun in her head, loaded with ammunition
Here’s trigger rusted with wear
Here’s to the heart strings yet to tear.

Here’s to the broken and shattered rendition,
From hells unbidden and noise unridden
Here’s to the girl who remains hidden

Here’s to the walls lit with a fiery ignition
Here’s to the times of late night fruition
Here’s to all that ****** repetition.
my friend hates repetition so I wrote this for her
L Sep 17
M: "Thats my favorite tree, the one with the weird branches." (arms)

L: "Oh, the one without a head?."

M: "Yeah."
Last evening
Meant everything.
Níla Sep 12
Please don´t ask me
why I look so sad
I could only say I´m tired
though I´m sad, oh so sad

I wander through the night
wish for wind to come and take me
on a trip that last forever
or at least this deep dark night
CP Aug 26
I’m in the pool dancing and then I’m not
My mind is far and my body is static
I stand there but where?
I’m so lost but I haven’t moved

I’m at the bar talking and then I’m not
My mind is travelling and my body is marble
the words stop coming because I’m not here
But where am I?

I’m reading, devouring the chapter and then I’m Not
My eyes glitter over and my body remains

I travelled away but I don’t know where
Any empty true nothing
The world moved and progressed
The people around me walked and talked
But I stood there fixed
Thinking of nothing
Going anti clock wise in a wave of progression

I’m disassociating again. I don’t know why I don’t know where
And all I seem to do is glare
maybe into the nothingness , maybe into the past

I’m writing rhymes in my pad and then I’m not
the pen and the lines evanesce
I’d like to come back.
Seanathon Jun 10
If I could show you the depths of my heart. The softness of my voice when the trees are in ears, and my thoughts aligned and unified like the stars.

If I could share with you just an hours time, I would give to you...no, grant you this. A passage through the valley of mind where the still light shines.

If I knew you better I'd still be afraid.
If I knew you less I wouldn't be scared.

Because as confusion, and wishes, and unspoken thoughts rain down like the April days which fell away. So also does my head now fall in earnest hope, that your words, however few, will never be stripped away.
From the Sleepless Feet collection.

Raw and real. As I'm continually challenging myself to be.
E McNamara Apr 19
I'm always here for you
Here, where I always am
Ready to be your shoulder
Or to be your laughter

And at the end of the day
My shoulders slump
And my smile decays
I always each out first

But, you're not good at texting back
To me
See, you're not good at being here
For me

Surrounded, I always seem
But only because I surround myself
Not because they surround me
So here I am

But don't worry
I'll always be there for you
Even if
You're never there for me.
It's exhausting, being happy and ready for everyone but yourself.
Cana Mar 8
My favourite place is in the breeze
Or in between the sea and sand.
My cup of coffee close at hand
The cooing doves a gentle tease

Another place I like to go
Is up amidst the mountain snow.
A cup of schnapps to warm my heart
And make a man feel mighty smart

Where’s your place?
where do you hide?
A quite space?
Or a love that died?

Choose to write a beautiful thing
Something sweet, sweet as sin!
You’re all awesome and loved. Whether you realise it or not. I want to know in the comments where you write.
Saint Audrey Mar 7
The world always seems to leave me speechless
I don't understand, the things that you needed
Can we trust what they're showing on TV
If reality's a lie

So drag me back to the classics, I think
I need something for this ache
So take me back to yesterday
Today's one day too late

When I don't trust the words of the ones that hold me close
Its getting close enough to be a threat, I think

The air you expel leaves me so **** breathless
With all of this time, I expected advances
So tear down with disregard
There is nothing for me to hide

I wish I could read in a mix of context
Believe you me, this isn't a contest
Tear down this disregard
I've been running short on time

You keep running once you hit the ground
I'm barely here, but you keep screaming at me
Or at least, what used to be
You're late to the party being burnt down in your name

I'm leaving footsteps in the ashes
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