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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
If you love someone you suffer in silence

Want someone you care for to live free of the pain that is harming you

Close in walls to keep them safe from your fires

Life is then never given the chance to twist them the way it twisted you

Let that person stay out of danger's way
They are better off lightyears away
I prefer to keep my issues to myself
JakeY Sep 2020
Beyond the known into the unknown.
We aim for the Stars that don't twinkle.
Trajectory, to infinity and beyond.
Light-years of light-years, the destination we seek.
Nylee Jul 2020
You are not my sun
Not even my moon
In the dark sky
You are just bright star
Light years away
K Balachandran Aug 2017
million lights entice,
yet night loves far away moon.
baffling, love's choices!
K Balachandran Jun 2016
An original creation, that's what  you are
in vibrant colors nature carefully assembled,
as you sashayed through your time,till here
now all across the front page one can see you
arousing  pleasure that moves me deeply,
done in bold sweeps of a brush immersed in joy
making onlookers stand agape, thrilled
mumbling inanities as none has the grasp
of the quicksilver aesthetics that rules you.

And I, obscure , at the best like a crop circle
done in the secret hours after midnight,
or a cryptic mural on a dull wall, long past it's prime
doodled by an interplanetary traveler gone astray,
a drawing in grey fading slowly in to oblivion,
yet to be deciphered is the benediction,
it carries from light years far away,
it will be gone soon as the light from galaxies far
want to make it their own, little by little each night
Am I not transient  and  to be forgotten soon?

But you are steadfast and adamant
very rooted in your reasoning
sprung from a center devine, we both
claim together.
                         "Am I not a woman and lover first?"
Your eyes, gleam, exuding  a timelessness that speaks to me.
"I would only dream of lying naked under your
sweet heaving heaviness, to receive the nectar,
the transient ecstasy that gifts me the precious seed
that'd grow to heights immortal,on the bank of the milky way"

Soulful vocals shine
Across the din Universe ~
They drone and drone . . .


— The End —