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M C Oct 9
A watched *** never boils
It just stews and spoils
Raw emotion roils
with hidden meaning
that coils inside hats
made from tin foil:
Salute the loyal
All hail the royal
Society demands toil
Cars demand oil
We all carry addictions
Fun  burdens
Potato chips on shoulders
or maybe running when we're older
from the past
or what's ahead
Shatter the lie; we started off dead
Even living is a distraction
Even disgust can be attraction
Nothing is connected.
The world turns by effect from action
Choose illusion resurrected
share life with those affected

Looks like my mind flew the coop
so I'll shut up and serve some soup
they float in rusty rouge waters
as fog steams upward, obscuring
various uncanned flotsam

white shapes of vocabular form
disperse into random orientations
entangled by processed seagreens

i saw the letter 'k' rise to the surface,
only to slip below again as other
consonants recomposed

with a single dip of my spoon,
seven of these lifted from
their salty wakes form
a simple line of


"unremarkable soup"
© 2020 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
an idea posted in 2008
Hush Hush...
the mushroom
an ascetic
gives no room
for the thoughts
to mushroom.
Shall we be quiet!
But to meditate together
under it's
umbrella's shade,
Matsutake Soup
And Mushroom skew,
Hush Hush.  Together,
we reshaped and danced
after reformed flavours
Matsutake Soup is one of the unique vegetarian cuisines in China. It is a great experience when under a rainy and stormy day to have tea shaped soup
of a repeat image he did employ
which was akin to an advertisement
this being the artist's own singular ploy
did he do it for some little amusement
in galleries these very works can be seen
where they will feature an alike object
as if the viewer needed a copy screen
to understand the picture's subject
a dozen or more on the white background
they displayed a famous maker's name
who did blend the tasty liquid's abound
that was captured in a pop artist's frame
on this night I've written about the man
known far and wide for depicting a can
And he told me:
Burn the soup with you
It is a privilege that no one else has ...
My boyfriend and me, trying to cook a Menestrone soup :D
Poetic T Feb 21
Let me be
     The soup,

That dampens
       Your croutons.
FloydBrandon Jan 24
Good gravy
Somebody save me
A seat by the fire
Now may we
Drink on the daily
Bake ourselves dry

Why are we so obsessed with the idea of flying  
Get what you came for
Leave when you’re high.
Swim underground
Rain symphonies down from great skies

Trip into your acid brain
These are the days we pay for
Shape yourself diagonally.
Senses fail in the fourth dimension
Love yourself tragically

When you told me
That you love me
Did you mean it
Or lie
Through your teeth.
Breathing is easy
To tell you the truth
I would rather be haunted by floor bread  
than die in your soup.

Good gravy
Somebody save me
A seat by the fire
Now may we
Drink on the daily
Bake ourselves dry
Colm Jan 16
I cannot clear the palate of my mind with all of this noisy taste embodied.
Mind Soup - In Ears
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