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Allesha Eman Feb 1
You've left me here
In pools of honey and vanilla
Dreaming of London fog
Holding onto chamomile evenings
With every last breath
Orange pekoe on my tongue
Thoughts of you like jasmine flowers
Warm water and green tea
Something hibiscus and peach
Floating like little worlds
Surrounding me as I drown
In this romanticized life
Watching you swirl your spoon
In everything
We said
Was not our cup of tea
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2021
As I Move Out,
Butterflies Welcome Me,
Seeing Their Punctuality,
I Bow To Thee,
Further I Keep Moving
To The District Park
The Aroma Of Golden Flowers
Fully Fills Within Of Me.  
That miraculous Gift
I Get From Cassia Fistula
That Are In Full Glory
Because Of Its Flowers,
The Cuckoos Coo
And The Peacocks Dance
Fully Drenched I Am
In The Coolest Showers.
Walks before sunrise not only refresh us but also enrich us with new experiences. The experience may differ from person to person; but they sure add some extra in their store of experienced.
Sarah Synk May 2021
I like a warm cup of coffee,
The taste of coffee is amazing.
Coffee gives me gratitude for waking up in the morning.
I like the smell of coffee-
The sound of the brewing machine.
At maximum,
I have three cups of coffee a day,
Which only makes me sane.
-Do you like coffee?
The sea brings you to me
To the aroma I smell
Fresh air in there
The sun sets its light to you
And I get that reflection
It is so beautiful
When your eyes and mine staring each other
The seagull flies between ours
The sea brings you to me
And I sail until the wind blows my love to you
Indonesia, 16th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Hammad Oct 2020
You were long gone
before I could knew
and yet
I am still talking
to Aroma of You...
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2020
Coffee is just
A mere coffee
Until you sip it
Then it's love

Who offered it
Genre: Observational
Theme: Coffee Culture
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
I love that
Aromatic field
We run in
Coming back

Scented like
Each other
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2020
And I like
All those people
Who knows
What coffee smells like
What coffee tastes like
Who harvests coffee
Who makes coffee
Who serves it
And use medium
To discuss it
At the mean time

Something more
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Coffee Connects
Paul Butters Apr 2020
Whoah! A stinky ****
In an enclosed room!
Out we go…
To pure fresh air
With a hint of salty sea.

Smell that fresh-cut sappy grass,
Those rustic woods
An acrid hint of fox
Dog and cat
Someone’s perfume lingering in the air.

Things are cooking:
Bacon to **** for,
Baking bread,
Spicy curries
And glorious fish and chips.
Roast beef and lamb
Fast fried food
And coffee
Pervades the air.

Garden blossoms
Traditional roses.
I finger a mint-leaf…

But something is burning!
Not the same as the smell of rain.

But don’t ask me.
Ask instead those dogs and cats
With their super-sense of smell.
For Max the Labrador Collie
Always inspects my feet
And heaven knows
What he makes of

Paul Butters

© PB 14\4\2020. ("Fast fried food And coffee" added 18\4).
Just ONE of our senses....
Ali Hilout Mar 2020
Feeling the scent of thee;
It came through me abruptly,
Consuming my sense of smell completely;
My core quivered as I inhaled and exhaled fluidly,
Gave me affection, fondness and serenity.
Thy scent brought life to a forgotten memory;
A memory I chose to lose willfully;
Yet, attached in a corner of my mind unknowingly.
I just followed her blindly,
She woke me up every night unexpectedly;
I was captive to her voluptuous allure thoroughly.
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