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Hammad Oct 29
You were long gone
before I could knew
and yet
I am still talking
to Aroma of You...
Coffee is just
A mere coffee
Until you sip it
Then it's love

Who offered it
Genre: Observational
Theme: Coffee Culture
Mrs Timetable Aug 16
I love that
Aromatic field
We run in
Coming back

Scented like
Each other
And I like
All those people
Who knows
What coffee smells like
What coffee tastes like
Who harvests coffee
Who makes coffee
Who serves it
And use medium
To discuss it
At the mean time

Something more
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Coffee Connects
Paul Butters Apr 14
Whoah! A stinky ****
In an enclosed room!
Out we go…
To pure fresh air
With a hint of salty sea.

Smell that fresh-cut sappy grass,
Those rustic woods
An acrid hint of fox
Dog and cat
Someone’s perfume lingering in the air.

Things are cooking:
Bacon to **** for,
Baking bread,
Spicy curries
And glorious fish and chips.
Roast beef and lamb
Fast fried food
And coffee
Pervades the air.

Garden blossoms
Traditional roses.
I finger a mint-leaf…

But something is burning!
Not the same as the smell of rain.

But don’t ask me.
Ask instead those dogs and cats
With their super-sense of smell.
For Max the Labrador Collie
Always inspects my feet
And heaven knows
What he makes of

Paul Butters

© PB 14\4\2020. ("Fast fried food And coffee" added 18\4).
Just ONE of our senses....
Ali Hilout Mar 31
Feeling the scent of thee;
It came through me abruptly,
Consuming my sense of smell completely;
My core quivered as I inhaled and exhaled fluidly,
Gave me affection, fondness and serenity.
Thy scent brought life to a forgotten memory;
A memory I chose to lose willfully;
Yet, attached in a corner of my mind unknowingly.
I just followed her blindly,
She woke me up every night unexpectedly;
I was captive to her voluptuous allure thoroughly.
Mena Mulugeta Nov 2019
Praise belongs
to the Lord
who has
awaken my soul
from death, my
life now is like a sweet
Jesus saves
Mark Toney Nov 2019
My kitchen time ending, dishes drying in stacks
My family is telling me it’s time to relax
In the background are voices urging me to stay
So I pause, wait and listen for one more lovely thing
That my friends and family might say...

My kitchen is filled, with the smell of fresh pie
Made year after year, from old and new recipes
The air fills my lungs, with the smell of fresh pie
My mouth wants to eat every pie it sees

My mouth wants to eat like the child
Who experiences pie the first time in their life
My mouth wants to savor fresh aroma of pie
From the oven before cut by the knife
To boldly eat pie like the person who won't let calories get in their way
To eat, through the night, like an inmate released the next day

I go to my kitchen when I’m good and hungry
I know I will eat, like I’ve eaten before
My kitchen is blessed with the smell of fresh pie
And I’ll eat one more
12/8/2018 - Poetry form: Lyric - Inspired by "Prelude/The Sound of Music" sung by Julie Andrews and written by Oscar II Hammerstein / Richard Rodgers - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Julie Grenness Sep 2019
Yes, it was an incredible aroma,
I walked past a shop called, "Pizza of Roma",
In our little Oz suburbia,
I'm having pizza, not to disturb ya!
Tantalizing scent is this,
Yah, pizza, full of bliss,
Ah, aroma incredibilis!
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