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lullabies are counterproductive
do not bother to sing
for i will wake up,
and stay up-
to hear you finish the entire thing
i saw the stars in your eyes in red stars
the supergiants on the brink of death

you should probably go see a doctor
the final exams killed us all
Oh merry townsfolk of mirth and glee!
You have crossed the bridge beyond the sea

To a land where no one knows your name
Contesting to bring your town some fame

Giving evaluations & tickling some nerves
Finally waiting 'til the best judgement serves

Win or lose? Reflect your journey and you will see
No matter the situation, a winner thou shall be
Shane Leigh Jan 28
Less than poet knocking,
against the table.
What say you to a drink?
Oh, don't mind me,
I'm having a good time -
listening to your babbling is just ...
Refreshing is the wine isn't it?
Or should I say ale?
Yes, ale. You won't get drunk off ale -
much like your ramblings on about how,
what was it?
"My dearest's eyes are brown, like honey in the sun."
More ale?
I'll keep to my wine,
while I listen to your ...
Thank you.
Hello and Enjoy !! (:

© Shane Leigh
When my first girlfriend broke up with me,
she was as cold as Ben & Jerry's. (Yes, the ice cream.)

The message her digital pigeon did carry?
"I've Ben with Jerry."
follow up poem:
"I Got a Frosty at Wendy's"

It melted all away
Nothing cold can stay
my first girlfriend broke up with me

was as cold as

the very vacuum of space
she said

                that I ****.
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