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Michael Flynn Feb 2020
From when I first awake,
Till when I close my eyes.
The first thought is of you,
Holding me close by.
I dream of your touch
I long for your taste,
Your silken skin and warm embrace.

Burning passions never-ending,
Keep lit the souls hearth.
Embers flaring. a deep shade of red
Sparks ignite,
Full of carnal delights.
Light House Dec 2018
Bite down harder...
-- with great ardor --
with the strongest sense ..of urgency.
Inked Quill Jul 2018
She looked at him
In the dimly lit room
Sensations blooming
At her plush lips
Every inch of flesh
Taken impatiently
His playing hands stroke
His intention clear
The moves playing
Of rhythmic ardor
Inked Quill Jun 2018
It's painful
Not being able
To touch him
Bare fingertips
Eager to kiss him
Taking his essence
Tapping impatiently
Bidding time
So addicted to him
My drug
My necessity
My very base of existence...
dina Jun 2018
how's it been,
living life
to the fullest
while wrapped
in someone else's arms?

how's it been,
turning away
from someone
who loved you
with ardor greater than she thought?

how's it been,
the times you've had,
which were so real
that leaving them was unthinkable?

how's it been
now that we've caught up?
meeting up with an ex was less embarrassing and nervewracking than i thought. instead, i was enveloped in so many words that i had to spit out at them to make them able to comprehend what had happened to me.
K Balachandran Nov 2017
a blazing eyed girl,
fueled by her love's ardor,
cool it by a smile!
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