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Carlo C Gomez Feb 2020
Reti opening
Or Pirc defense?
It generally leads to
Closed positions in a classical system:

No one questions what is vogue.

We're nothing more than pawns
--the cat's paw--
Familiar with all sorts
Of unpleasantries.

The Queen Bride,
So modern and comely,
She can do as she please
Until her game runs out.

Pawn to f4.

Your King is not long for this world.
Better learn a new strategy, stat.

The lookouts inform
The time hath come
To steal her majesty's
New clothes,
And pretend not to see
What we see.

For whatever words we may use
To clothe our fears,
The fabric cannot protect
Us from them.
Scarlett Jun 2018
Secrets under her skirt
crimes under her shirt
Nothing compares
to fashionable hurt
its cool to be mentally ill as long as you're pretty and relatable **a biopsy of media and movie portrayal of mental illness and the romanticising of suicide**
adriana Apr 2018
I vogue with a tearstained face, but you'd still **** to take my place.
Beau Grey Apr 2017
I envy her.
I'd write that
she changes lovers
as often as her clothes,
but I've seen her
hold on to clothes
much longer.

I envy her.
She knows love
straight out of
a Vogue editorial.
The kind where models
wear only jeans
and ****** each other
with their polished,
photoshopped beauty
and ****** eyes.

Then you see
the same models
somewhere else,
seducing some other model,
and wonder
how their brains
can keep up
the oxytocin

I envy her.

My lover and I,
we're full of holes,
like my father's
light blue Levi's
from the eighties.

I don't envy her.
We're full of holes,
my love and I,
but full of patches
because a good pair of jeans
are worth mending
when they fit you
like a glove.
Beau Grey Nov 2016
I told him
     “I’m going to buy lots of make up,
some expensive clothes,
                              you know,
          the ones that come with logos,
and get a proper hair cut.
That’s how you like your girls,
          isn’t it?”
He walked over,
planted a kiss on my head and said,
“I like them smart,
                which you’re not being right now.”

And I think that was the best thing
                        he ever said.
Venomous slithering silk gown
Adressed the chandeliers in the
Marrakesh's dusky evening, just
To outshine the simmering glass

There were gentelmen and ladies
Chit chating politely, uninterested
Awaiting on a dinner to be served.

He noticed the scarf, she thougt to
Herself. Unending in memory are
Hoffman's grand thrilly fairytales.
I wish he'd gather the bold pirates
Of his conquering intentions and..
Imagined by Impeccable
Space poetic beauty
Impulzez Jan 2014
I go mad that I might see the world around me anew
Growing up and being taught everything even the things I fear
Yes the things I fear, love and hate… we are all first taught it all
What to fear, what to love, what to hate.. this is my understanding
Of the madness I encounter everyday…

I go mad that the world around me may accept me for a sanity’s insanity
Dressed in naked’s flesh and being glorified as the highest fad in vogue
For even my flesh feels no more shame, as Adam and Eve felt same

Oh! I go mad for the love of Steve rather Eve becoming Adam’s ribs
How beit?  “From the beginning it was not so” why make it so now
Will Jonah’s good luck bill save our nation’s repulsive ills and acts?
How long will mercy deter us from the brimstone exodus of the Gomorrah’s?

I go mad for loved ones that show love for the personal preferential from loved ones*
How much of this personal preferential love actually makes the world go round
Brothers killing brothers, how cold our love has waxed...

— The End —