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I observed outside the windowpane in contemplation while marveling at the nature between the radiant sunray, and the blooming myrtle.  My coffee was brewing in the French press I have owned for as long as I could remember. The view of the garden gave me the impression of a pastel dream, some melancholy longing for some forgotten reminiscence.
Yellow and mauve, weavers and their cottages, harvests and wheat
fields, The Potato Eaters, The Cafe de la Care, Vase with Twelve
Sunflowers, the Yellow House, The Night Cafe, Fishing Boats on
the Beach at Saintes-Maries, The Poet Against a Starry Sky, Gauguin's
Chair, Memory of the Garden of Etten, delusions and hallucinations,
"acute mania with generalised delirium," Theo boarded a night train to
Arles and arrived on Christmas Day, "le fou roux," an ear cut off, an
asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, cypresses and olive trees, Two
Peasant Women Digging in a Snow-covered Field at Sunset, The Sower, Sorrowing Old Man, Dr. Paul Gachet, Wheatfields with Crows,
"melancholy and extreme loneliness," 2,100 art works, 860 oil paintings,
on 27 July 1890, Van Gogh shot himself in the chest with a revolver, according to Theo, Van Gogh's last words were "this sadness will last forever."
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet and human-rights advocate for his entire adult life. He recently finished his novel, A CHILD FOR AMARANTH.
You know you’ll never have to win me over
Or convince me that loving you is worth it
What a relief it is to know that
Our first impressions didn’t even matter
And who your lips touched doesn’t bring my heart down
Because none of them have held your heart yet
I’m not sure what you’re looking for in all those blonde heads
But I guarantee that you’re not going to find it
And I’ll wait for you to make your mind up
To have the brilliant inspiration to fight for us
I promise to be here when the time comes
Please don’t take too long
Kaitlin Jan 14
The shadows on my walls
Echo me.
Do they watch me?
Sharp figures dance in lamp light
The long shadows on the pavement
run from me.
Will they wait for me?

So many ways to cast
a shadow
in dewy dawn-light.
in ecstasy.
Are you only what you leave behind?
Tess M Nov 2019
it really does
matter if you try
it only
matter s
what people
George Krokos Aug 2019
From a very early age we start to form some wrinkles in our mind
with all of those impressions we gather in life of an unusual kind.
It's those things we think, believe, say and do as we live and grow
that form the basis of our problems of which maturity does show.

Especially all of those wrong thoughts, beliefs, words and actions
indulged in that cause or bring about much of our dis-satisfactions.
Very often we don't really know or understand what's for own good
and hold onto those things that we need to let go of which we could.

We all become attached to certain things that so form our behaviour
which can cause all those problems we seek help for from a saviour.
Whether it's to do with some physical, emotional or mental distress
we often wonder how we find ourselves to be in such a current mess.

Too much of a good thing that seems to be alright for a period of time
may only start the ball rolling towards an unlikely or unhealthy clime.
And as we tend to give in to so many temptations each and every day
our mind develops wrinkles that over time come to plague us and stay.

We're all usually born with what is known as a clean slate of a mind
that's gradually filled up by things as we live, grow and learn we find;
particularly with regard to the circumstances that come with our birth
and family situations through our parents on this planet called Earth.

There are also things that come to us unexpectedly as we all live
which may cause various problems and even some setbacks give.
But it's really how we handle and cope with what life throws at us
and take advantage of any opportunities that will result in our plus.

The wrinkles in the mind which may form during the course of life
have the hidden or likely potential to cause someone a lot of strife.
Especially when they're formed in the mind of one at an early age
and aren't smoothed out by the one concerned at some later stage.

They resemble the grooves on a vinyl recording that are played with
a record player's needle passing over them producing the sound pith
of recorded music or song that have been damaged by some means
playing the same part over repeatedly and its progress contravenes.
Written in July 2018. Please see also another recently posted poem titled: "The Wound That Took Ages To Heal" which is also posted on HP.
Lilywhite Jan 2019
Honey catches flies;
So gently coat all you sow
Smile, diamond eyes
Saphira Rose Nov 2018
I've given my heart to the one that I love.
I've given my joy that I do not have.
I've given the child inside of me the dream that I've always wanted to be.
I've given the dark my life, and I have given my friends a fake light.
It was not given in order to give, but in order to impress the mindless
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