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Arianna Mar 30
circles swirl            
flightless doves,                          
out of control,                
Fingers unbound;

                          Cloak of silk
                                             and motion,
­                                        and around,
                  ­            at the core
                   with red threads,
            bellies branded
with tallow from the temple lamps.        

They dance: mute birds, wings clipped
          and tossed about
                                in flurried vortexes
            ­                        the
Lilywhite Jan 20
Honey catches flies;
So gently coat all you sow
Smile, diamond eyes
Saphira Rose Nov 2018
I've given my heart to the one that I love.
I've given my joy that I do not have.
I've given the child inside of me the dream that I've always wanted to be.
I've given the dark my life, and I have given my friends a fake light.
It was not given in order to give, but in order to impress the mindless
Arianna Oct 2018
"I glance:

           and the blind


                                        waning gibbous

                                                       shadow dragon

                                                           Leers back..."
The moon looked like a half-opened eye the other night, and it's stuck with me. *shrugs*
George Krokos Oct 2018
I can see you but do you really see me?
How can you know what it’s like to be?
Surface impressions can be so very deceiving
if the onlooker is by a narrow mind perceiving.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
PMc Sep 2018
A kind of man’s woman
a startling figure, carried well
well into her
(not to be spoken of) age

Wielding the kind of handshake to shake the world
with eye-catching stature to amplify strength of character
a hand shake with promise
strong, not arrogant
purposeful, not side-tracked
somehow elegant without being pretentious

Application of an undeniable grace, a composure recognized through trained eye
confident, yet curious
dedicated, yet flexible
complete packages are so rare, so uncommon, so worthwhile finding in
times of fake hair, fake nails, fake news

My Yin/Yang were caught guard down,
offering Shrek-like devotion to a park-side folk music princess

She need only shake hands, introduce herself with no ulterior motive
unencumbered by small talk, past pleasantries

Chivalry would have me drive her to the ends of a flat earth
and we’d only just met

Tomorrow is my tomorrow
My one and only chance to make
a second impression.
In the end she had not shaken my world personally, although I think the world will be hearing from her in some way.  A remarkable young woman.
Her eyes a flicker flurry
In my drifting dreams
Leaving cotton mouthed gentlemen
Ablush as she beams

A mystery of the ages
So very hard to find
She shows what she's been wishing for
With a subtle sort of mind

Hide not when she approaches
You get just that one cue
To show her you're the honey bee
And shes the morning dew
3 lines to the woman who dances in my dreams
Ella Aug 2018
They Judged endlessly
    Decided instantly
We spoke.
Who is this person?
Clothes ?

Endless lists don’t determine who a person is
Please. I beg of you,
Look beyond the list.
Today I learned how to write a FOUND poem. You take a quote or short story and using only those words, you make a poem. Let me know what you think !!!
Doug Miura Jul 2018
**** happens to everybody
How one reacts is different
Attitude is everything

Look at it as a lesson
Learn what not to do
Be smooth

The world's a stage
How you act
Affects what you get
I got hit by a car & went from $300,000 to $12,000 , $25,000 a month to $1,000.  Living in a high crime area I blended & how I acted brought me respect.
Wearing a suit everybody knew I had a gun; I did not.  Attractive is mental; 2 women a week used to visit.  A woman that made $60,000 a month dropped over, & slipped into my bed.
Amenah Jun 2018
You're surrounded by the musings of their echos,

Snippets and snatches of conversations that cut through like a wound;

Some harsh words may shatter Your entire constitution,

Some condescensions are meant to bring You down from the horizons You kept Yourself afloat in.

And You know what's the Worst part?

They assume You're unaware of these Whispers they carry of You.

These scarring malignancies that they slowly inflict on You without Your knowledge.

You must feel entrapped in the haze of confusion,

Your eyes frantically in search of Light,

But Your ears beg for silence,

Silence and solitude from the scathing Murmurs.

Constantly You must be feeling an unquestionable burden,

With no idea of where and how it gravitates.

But it's there that's for sure!

Suffocating is the dark with no end,

Nerve wrecking is the commotion that plagues you incessantly,

Maddening isn't it?

But let me tell You something,

The Torture You're going through, it's not a compulsion.

Afterall, nobody asked You to suffer.

Indeed, they rather wish You eternal Misery.

Sanity must have asked You countless times but You always brushed it aside.

Stubbornly clinging to what You believe makes You whole.

But is it really doing that? Or tearing at the seams of Your soul,

Dilapidated and ragged is the once brilliant vivacity I knew.

Tainted and smothered of its grandeur.

I urge You, Let go of this Obsession before You become It...
A poem from my collection Wanderlust Galaxies
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