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Amanda Sep 2018
You and I were broken
Waiting to be paired
With another that would
Cause an irreversible reaction.
I envied the way your atoms were
Always bursting with energy
Inside of you that you often
Took for granted.

If you were oil, brash and bold,
I was water, invisible and quiet.
We tried to mix, but nature wouldn’t
Have it.
Continuously trying and failing to turn myself
Into an element that could be useful
To you,
An element that when combined with yours
Would instantly create heat and light.
A burning reaction
Full of love and ****
Mixed into one test tube.

But we failed the test.
Maybe it’s because guys like you—brash and bold
Don’t belong with girls like me—invisible and quiet.
America Aug 2018
a cactus and a boat
were millions of miles apart
when the boat suddenly smelled the danger and went all those miles to see the little cactus

the cactus had grown up hating affection
rejecting every single touch
and the boat was determined to change this

so the ****** ****** ****** boat went onto the land
and somehow got all the way to that cactus plant
and when it got there it expected a hug and all it got
was ****** arms and a broken heart
Ian Aug 2018
With each step I take,
I slip further into Earth,
A trench of regrets.

This place is my post,
My never ending routine,
A prison of thoughts.

Cresting waves of guilt,
An endless stream of questions,
A sea of troubles.

Towering mistrust,
Lost amidst my constant worries,
A forest of doubt.
oddmanout Jul 2018
As the storm rolls in it finds me in solitude
And provides me with rain to not be rude
For maybe then I will not be forlorn
But it can't wash away my lover's scorn
Therefore the drops do not benefit me
They are not sentient so I am lonely
Nonetheless there is comfort in the feel
The pour touches me and ensures I'm real
Unpleasant as I am drenched to the foot
Helplessly I admit I must stay put
There is no liberation from downpour
This is not my first I have dealt with more
As I lay on flowers I can feel rain
And wish that I could conclude all my pain
river Jun 2018
greenery is the
new scene,
the flowers bloom
the birds sing in
the daylight,
and, i, too, emerge
from all of the cold
and dread and
hollow earth

through the cruel winter
i felt much too many
out of sync, dissonant days,
where i crumbled
such as the dirt
and whenever the
sun would kiss me
good night, i, too,
would melt away with
the day

greenery is the
new scene
i have emerged
from all of the cold
and dread and
hollow earth

i stand tall
just as all of
the yellows, purples,
pinks and reds
grow beside me

next winter,
i will be in
harmony, too,
even on the
crisp, bitter days

river Jun 2018
where do your flowers
if at all?

in a meadow?
the cracks in cement?
beneath the snow?

tell me, where they grow,
do they sway with
the wind?
or do they wilt
under the sun's
harsh rays?

tell me,
do you flowers
bloom at all?

i know you're so dark
but dawn rises
just choose to
open the blinds
Sean Achilleos May 2018
You want to scream
Pull your hair with fists clutched tight
Boiling over inside
A pressure cooker ready to explode
Your lid is ready to fly
Like an electric guitar reaching a screeching ******
You want to bash everything to the ground
Red lipstick words scribbled on white painted walls
Words of scorn
Words that warn
Debauched in madness
Seduced by sadness
One big ball of crazy
Devouring everything in sight
Goat or sheep
Blood will bleed
The coming of the Lion
Written by Sean Achilleos
09 May 2018©
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Austin V Apr 2018
What a fun little thing
You are to do
Never would I have imagined
I meant this much to you

Let's play the game
that we all know to well
For what we should say  
To cast that lovely spell

To capture those eyes
Which hold the sky
To touch the hands
Smooth as satin

We spin those words
So perfectly sweet
To tell that one
They set your heart a beat
Jessica Adams Dec 2017
I'm always running
But going nowhere
The night is at my heels
And doubt is in my heart
Racing my own mind
It knows me too well
Waiting at the next turn
Though I thought it was far behind
The soles of my feet pound the ground
The soul in my core pounds the walls
There is no stopping
When they linger just behind
The figures in the stands
But the air is heavy and quiet
If not for my quaking breaths
They do not cheer
Expressionless in the dark
Their expectations are clear
Like the beads of perspiration
Gathering on my brow
Only strong enough to run down my face
Once they are together
But I am alone
Round and round the track
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