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Maria Hernandez Nov 2020
A light's purpose is to shine
when and where you need it.
It lights up a spot in a room
very bright.
Unless it has little to no power
then it doesn't, it dims.
But you can't have it on
for a long time or else it dies.
Lights make things visible
without it, you'll be in complete darkness
your world would be invisible.
People are like lights,
they will be there when you need them,
but if you take advantage of their energy
they will break off their spirit.
You can't turn them on and off when you please,
hearts are damaged and insides burn like fire.
people don't come with unlimited life guarantees.
On the way to rainbow road
Where does it end, no one knows
A land filled with tragedy and misery
Such is the life of hollowed drones

Joining those wicked
Devils night commenced
Sinners laughing
Praying suppressed
Repent, repent, this is hell
Repent, repent, I'm possessed
Repent, repent, I'm in heaven and this is bliss
Feel the serpents kiss

The moon fades, soul sold away
just another star who's been led astray
Guided by demons
Everything will be okay.
Woke up at the end of the rainbow
A place filled with those hollow
Surrounded by a million faces
Echoing are bloodied voices
Something is in the distance, it's light
But it won't make a difference

Hands reach out from all sides
They grab a hold of me
The light in the distance fades, gone is the little boy inside
Fractured memories, lost humanity
In my cage where no divinity resides

Broken mirror, now
A sinner.
InkHarted May 2020
a man wonders why
like a cage a single meaning is trapped
to a symbol of many faces
like moonshine being time for a romance
for it is also when the predators hunt,
a man wonders why like a fox the world is written
and like a rabbit we fall for its snares
people ignore to see our symbol of peace
murdering a wee lil worm,
how is it a prison is meant to keep things locked inside
when its actually keeping people out of our reach
how religion breaks war
and love fosters hate
why are we blinded like bats
and why are we deafer than snakes.
by showing forth even the poets blindness to his own usage of symbolism as he uses similes and metaphors to show there are no such things proves the theme of the poem as a paradox and self-contradictory piece
The higher I go
The more things become bizarre
I don't have a lot to show
But I know I'll make it far
Even with all these scars

Everything is swell
here in hell
We are united
And we make the best of it
Not corrupted, just illuminated
A true free spirit is he
Who is not morally restricted
We do not judge
Only love

Feel no guilt
Become an outlaw
Do what thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the law
So mote it be
Society too shall see.
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