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Jeremy Betts Feb 4
Let's talk honestly shall we?

It's easier to have a face to face with the devil
To communicate with the dead and summon evil
Draw a circle, scratch a pentagram in the middle
With a flame dancing on the peak of a candle
Flickering at the outmost tips of the symbol
Sandle wood incent lit, hit a gong or crash symbol
Then a little rhythmic hum to conclude the opening ritual

Pretty simple

The theatrical aspect varies culture to culture
But the critical structure, the essence, the flavor
The nature of "just call and I'll be there" is there
Let's be honest here, you don't get that with prayer
You'd have better luck with a comatose soothsayer
A blind palm reader, or and end of days sandwich board holder
The one on the corner screaming about unspeakable horror

Just think about it

What do you got to do to talk to your lord and savior?
Is his policy open door?
Does he have your back while going through your personal war?
You're trying to survive the unjust life he made and you're in store for
He just stands back and tallies the score
This is straight from his written lore, though purposely vague on what's real and what's a metaphor

What are the odds you're right?

He designed you to never be able to directly interact,
Explain that
It's a wildly overlooked fact
It's what knocks his believability off track
You look at him and you go blind as a bat,
Why would he do that?
His voice will cause your ears to bleed if your head doesn't explode on first contact
He didn't have to design it like that!
The only answered prayers are those of musicians, athletes and the beautiful people who can act
The rest of us? Good luck Jack
If he hears your prayers then most of the times he's just like, "naw, fuuck that."
What's up with that?

Pretty convenient

Shying away from universally decided "just don't bring it up" topics, politics and religion of course the two biggest examples, will hurt societies (globe, country, state, county, city, town or cul-de-sac) more than it wil divide them. There's extremist on every side coming from every angle but they must not be allowed to roost at the top lest we forget how long and dire the fall would be.
Thanks for reading, I appreciate you.
Heavy Hearted Apr 2022
Red & blue sage in remembrance of you
Gladiolus, carnations-
pink poppies too.

While foxglove protects
With larkspur and flax,
The windflowers wilt but always grow back.

White lilies for hope
And forget-me-nots true,
an innocence captured in their ambiguous blue.

Griefs Pink and white orchids,
Support’s crimson rose-
the healing of hyacinth,

flowers & prose.
written in  tribute, to the family of a good friend.
SelinaSharday Feb 2022
Waaater... wataaaa, waterrrr, running..
It represents healing and cleansing..
save(nurture) my nativity.. save my mentality save the soul in me.
My heart strings..
thoughtful gentle things.
My purest form it brings.
I can submerge in it all worldly activities..
hide me.. soak me, soak my actions..
cover reactions..
got some  water.. get ya some..
waterrrrrr, she's a wave of satisfaction. she's a mathematical a mystical rafter.
Shelter to seek after.
Water sets me free... water brushes.. water blows my knowledge.
It sustains my power...
Water is the mother of soul.
water cleanses makes us whole...
Ohhh Ohhh Ohhhh water..
drip drop waters what you got.
good what ya got..
It's everything...
Listen to It's.Water@soundcloud !!@It's.Water by SelinaRos3y
The poetry flow on water.. from birth to life surrounded in water, relaxing, hydrating and nourishing.. The water we need. To the symbolic spiritual supernatural Gift of water.. and the water we be.. The water of Life we need..
Maria Hernandez Nov 2020
A light's purpose is to shine
when and where you need it.
It lights up a spot in a room
very bright.
Unless it has little to no power
then it doesn't, it dims.
But you can't have it on
for a long time or else it dies.
Lights make things visible
without it, you'll be in complete darkness
your world would be invisible.
People are like lights,
they will be there when you need them,
but if you take advantage of their energy
they will break off their spirit.
You can't turn them on and off when you please,
hearts are damaged and insides burn like fire.
people don't come with unlimited life guarantees.
On the way to rainbow road
Where does it end, no one knows
A land filled with tragedy and misery
Such is the life of hollowed drones

Joining those wicked
Devils night commenced
Sinners laughing
Praying suppressed
Repent, repent, this is hell
Repent, repent, I'm possessed
Repent, repent, I'm in heaven and this is bliss
Feel the serpents kiss

The moon fades, soul sold away
just another star who's been led astray
Guided by demons
Everything will be okay.
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