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in the time that you see this i will be asleep in the bed all ******* in my thoughts like you said that i would and you always have been right that eventually i wouldnt stand in this fight and thats always been true thats always been you and you know what to do to make this all go through so just say those "nice" words to the back of my head sleeping soundly on top of my pillows of dread dreaming that the sounds like my heart would be

i dont want to hear it anymore i dont want to hear it anymore i dont want to hear it anymore i dont want to hear it anymore
i never wanted to hear it anymore
and thats why i blast the music until my ears bleed
to drown out the noises you keep sending raging after me
and i want to be free
see the world
see the free
and be me
but you keep chasing after the ends of my sentences begging to be apart of some world together
like this will last forever and that you have to fit yourself inside before the page runs out of lines to include us both in the same half a centimetre space
connected with no room to move
no room to breathe
no room to be free me or just simply be

so by the time that you see this hopefully i will be asleep and you will be asleep and you wont come to tell me your "nice" words again and wake me up to your screaming and we could all just go to sleep once without a fight of whos right and how youre right and new and true and how my blue is too much to live and breathe and
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018


You got me.

What now



What a



You showed me
Ya hurt me
hope it helps
Ginger R Jul 2018
A single shot to the head
All it takes to be dead
We belong
Neber der. Todo
Love eterlna
There were millions of other people that could have been here on this Earth in your place, but it was you that made it. It was you against all odds; blind and in the dark, you chased Gods Love and won.
We all love to be Winners and Champions. It breaks our heart to be called a Loser; that's why God made the beginning of our Existence a big race against millions, a race like you'll never be involved in again (millions entered, one (you) and only one (if your not a twin), Lived on, while the others perished. No one can or ever should call someone else a loser (we are a World of Champions)...because no race is more important than the race to Existence, and nothing won is more Valuable than the reward of God's Air, His Water, Grass, Mountains, our Universe, the Ability to and be Loved, but most of all and more importantly...God's Gift of Individuality and Choice.
We all are Winners, Champions of a Great Race Forgotten.

To call some one a loser is to call Our Great Creator and the manner in which we became to be, a lie.
By Anthony BamBam!! Thomas
I'm on a mission to create outstanding people through reviling Proof of God's Love in our Design and Life

— The End —