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In the days
Of hardship
And misfortune
resort to fortitude
And moderation
He hugged me
Tears running down his face
I felt him shudder
For the whole human race

Just who condemned him
Has always been clear
The righteous
The believers
The possessors
Of fear

Yet sympathy
I felt
For the Devil
Because forgiveness
   Runs through my veins...
Traveler Tim

We pay our debt sometimes.
A happy couple,
You and me,
A painter paints,
Both of us,
Into the Sunset.
HP Poem #1150
©Atul Kaushal
Tree, I have come to shelter and with the rain to weep
I am soaked, barefoot with mud running through.
Soft the moss, cool and cold
to soothe my heart that bleeds.
Our waxing nights of love and moons
now fallow, a field that burns.
****** our hollow bed
of haunting, silent screams
too soon the fiery devil
too far my lover
the spring.
Dear beautiful people thank you for reading my poem, and thank you too, for your kind words.

if it's any consolation,
i won't ask to see you again
if it makes you happier,
i'll pretend you don't exist
but you should know,
that i am never going to forget
thinking of The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot by Brand New.
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